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5 Vintage Style Tips That You Have To Know About.

When thinking about the vintage look, your mind naturally wanders to thoughts of big dresses or an Aubrey Hepburn hat. Fashion choices are undoubtedly a major part of designing a winning style. Still, you should not forget that success is underpinned by beauty rituals too.

Here are five simple steps that will allow you to build the foundation that makes subsequent fashion choices pop like you never imagined.


As already mentioned, hats and headwear can play a significant role in building your vintage look. However, this should not detract from the importance of a winning hairstyle. The right choice can shape your face, set the tone for your outfit, and generally boost your confidence. This interview I did with Mrs. Dupuy will provide clearer insight into the best pin-up hairstyle for hair of varying lengths. When you equip yourself with 2-3 suitable solutions, you can build the right look day after day.


Your hands are a central feature of all non-verbal communication. Therefore, their appearance can have a telling influence on the vibe that you create. Coffin press on nails deliver the shape that can suit a range of vintage dresses and jackets. When you choose the right color, they bring your outfit to life while also drawing attention to rings, bracelets, and other vintage jewelry. By choosing the press on versions, you can easily switch things up as and when required.


A winning smile is essential to any look. When considering the vintage appeal, it’s likely that you will opt for bold reds to stand out from the crowd. This works particularly well with red or black outfits and is synonymous with the styles from the mid-20th century. However, you must take care when applying the bright lipstick or it can smudge or leave an uneven look. You want the transfer of lipstick to be limited to when you purposely leave an esthetically pleasing kiss mark.


Eyelash styles have changed dramatically throughout the decades. The vintage styles of the 1950s focus on creating thicker, longer lashes. This can be done through mascara, fake lashes, and a host of other strategies. Either way, the focus is on bringing attention to the eyes and their natural color - or the look of your colored lenses. Therefore, it’s best to use nude eyeshadow rather than bold blues or attention-grabbing greens. The natural appeal is your best option by far.


Advancements in foundation have seen many people turn their back on blusher. However, adding a little color to the cheeks can bring your appearance to look while also harking back to yesteryear. It is important to match the look to your skin tone, but a peachy look is usually a fairly safe bet. You can go one better than the vintage appeal, though, by using cruelty-free blushers. When coupled with plastic-free applicators, you’ll have even more reason to smile about your style.

Follow these steps by finding a great vintage outfit, and you will master the look in no time.