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The Best Pin-up Hairstyles For Short, Medium length, And Long Hair. (With Vintage Hair Don't Care)

Vintage hairstyles can be very time consuming, especially if you don’t even know which hairstyle to wear! I spoke to Mrs. Dupuy; A vintage beauty enthusiast and instagramer with new-found passion for vintage hairstyles. She has been sharing her tips and tricks on her instagram page and has agreed to answer some of the most common questions concerning modern vintage hairstyling.

Q: Why did you decide to start wearing your hair in vintage hairstyles?

A: "I have always loved vintage styles but never really took the time to try them myself until I was stuck at home during the pandemic. Prior to that, there were two instances in which I was inspired to try them myself: one was having a hairstyle for my wedding day and wanting something classic and old Hollywood. We had so much fun coming up; it's a unique style together.  But the first time I had to prep my hair for a vintage style in rollers was when I was an extra for a 1950s TV show. That was the first time I ever saw my hair set in a truly vintage style, and I couldn’t help but think how can I create this on my own. So once the pandemic happened and we were all stuck at home I began researching and acquiring a few basic essentials for starting my own Vintage hairstyles."

Q: What's your go-to pin-up hairstyle?

A: "My go-to vintage hairstyle is wavy pin curl brush.  A simple yet glamorous style that was very popular in the 1940s. This is also a great way to prep the hair for a number of vintage styles including victory rolls, updos, Chagnon, pompadour or a bumper bang."

Q: What are your pin-up hairstyle recommendations for short, long, and medium length hair?

A: "For hairstyle recommendations I would turn to the starlight some old Hollywood for inspiration featuring a number of popular cuts for different hair lengths. For the shortest hair Ava Gardner provides a great inspiration with her Italian cut as well as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe who also looked lovely with shorter styles. These shorter styles could be set with pin curls and brushed out and can also feature a curled bang. 

For more medium lengths, Lamar and Rita Hayworth with their glamorous wavy curls are the first people I would turn to. While they both have naturally curly hair, this look can be made possible by setting the hair in small pin curls. Hair can be cut in a long Middy haircut to reproduce such styles.

When I think of a long vintage style, the first starlets that come to mind are Veronica lake, Betty page and Bridgette Bardo. Whether the hair is wavy and sleek or long with a Betty bang there’s no limit when it comes to a Vintage hair length.

Q: What are your pin-up hairstyle recommendations for Bangs?

A: "There are many ways to incorporate bangs into vintage styles; they can be worn short and cropped like Audrey Hepburn medium and curled into an S shape like Marilyn Monroe or long and wavy and set in a style. Betty bangs can be cut for an edgier pinup look and faux bangs can be created on long hair by making a bumper bang."