Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The lady in Mink.

A full length coat 

is a must have in a Pin-up girls closet.

A vintage style coat goes a long way in the winter.
fur coat, mink, vintage, pinup, vintage blog,

One of my favorite coats looks just like that lady's coat above.
i even have a scarf that looks some what similar to the one shes wearing.

Mink,coat, pinup,dan de carlo, vintage,pinup blog,

I have all kinds of coats but a good fur coat
is one of my my go to like i just have to go out the hose but i'm
not wearing my best outfit, i''l just trough a coat and some nice flats maybe a hat (if it's really cold) and there you go.

Of course this trick only works in the winter/fall.
unless your one of those people that like to wear coats in the summer.
then in that case it works all year long.

I have some fashion books
that talk about a good full length coat
fur coat, fashion,mink, modern vintage fashion blog, full length coat
From the book of  fashion 

pinup,fashion,art,pinup fashion blog, modern pinup blog
From the book of  fashion 
So if you're looking for an easy go to look vintage for the winter/fall
Go with a good 1960's style coat.

What's your favorite kind of coat?

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The cherry on top! (Pin-up art)

Now we all have those times where we have an stunning outfit but we need something to make it better, to make it dazzling, head turning, like the like a ice cream Sunday. it's good with out the cherry but it would taste better with it! so today we will be looking at Pin-up's who have that extra something to spruce up their outfit!

Pinup,pinup art, fashion, vintage art,humorama pinup,
Art by dan de carlo
"your right it's to tight, i'll take it!"
Pin-up art,humorama pinup, vintage art, pinup
art by al ellis
"just take your time and look them over carefully and i'm
sure you'll are that they are real gems!"

pinup style,vintage art dan de carlo, vintage
art by dan de carlo
That fur scarf is the perfect addition 
 to her curve hugging dress.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Frederick's of Hollywood.

today we are going to be looking at vintage 
fashion ads. if you want to by vintage style lingerie go check out they're website

"Mating season"
i cracked up when i saw that xD
Mating season, pinup art, vintage fashion,

"Marry a millionaire look"

marry a millionaire, vintage, art, fashion, pinup,

"travel magic"
travel, art, vintage, vintage pinup, pinup girl, fashion
"your curves"
curves, pinup, blonde, art, vintage, vintage fashion,
"be you"
vintage fashion, pinup, vintage girl, classic
"suits simply sensational"
"fun mates"
 Frederick's of Hollywood, pinup, pinup 1950,
"inches vanish here"
waist train, pinup, fashion, art,


Friday, August 12, 2016

Red heads only! (Real Pin-ups)

To day we are going to be looking at some  stunning redheads.
i did a post about redheaded Pin-ups
but it was on Pin-up art you can check out that post here.

Now who could do a Pin-up red head list without lucy?

june blair
a stunning Pinup model and actress
best known for being a play-boy playmate.

june mccall
This OG pin-up model  was to stunning to pass up on this list.

she makes great videos on vintage hair styles etc.

go check out her videos!

doris mayday

a gorgeous Pinup model you should check her out!

this lovely lady is a performer and Pinup model.
go ahead and give her a fallow!

Any stunning redheads that are not on this list?

Vintage romance.

here is some vintage romance Pin-up art.

1. hickeys
  1. squeeze with finger tips
  2. cover with heavy makeup 
  3. leave them alone


  1. keep a cool head
  2. tell him off
  3. let your hair down

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sky high (Pin-up art)✓

Heels are a big part of a Pin-up girl's wardrobe,  
Well who am i kidding, most girls have at least one pair of heels in their closet.
here are some Pin-ups in heels!

sky high heels

diary of a french maid
ultra high heels!

Looking for some perfect vintage style heels?
here are some stores that make lovely vintage style  shoes!



Blondie (Real Pin-ups) ✓

Today we are going to be looking at some blonde bomb shells.
now, i did a Post on all blonde Pin-up girls but it was on Pin-up art check that post out here.

Marilyn Monroe gif

of course Marilyn Monroe
is gonna be on this list.

Now i'm doing this an any particular order.

Misty Ayers
Misty Ayers

veronica lake 
chicagochicveronica lake     missmosh
a stunning actor.
her outfits are always stunning
check out her style blog!
Miss mosh always looks posh.

Mamie van doren
joi lansing 
joi lansingMamie van doren

model, actor,  and a singer
a stunning model actor and singer.


a Posh model and artist


a stunning curvy Pin-up model.


a style and beauty blogger and Pin-up model.

Any blonde Pin-up beauty's you didn't  to see on this list?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pin-up's & anime!

So i watch a lot of anime if you didn't know, now ya know, and i just notice all theses girls look just like Pin-up's even Lucy from fairy tail has done some Pin-up shoots. So i put some anime girls and   Pin-up girls side by side. and see if you guys see the similarity's.

Betty from an Archie comic

Jenny from fairy tail

Pony tail ? check! black and pink bathing suit? check! blonde hair check hour glass figure? check!

Lucy from fairy tail

Betty from an Archie comic

fairy tail lucyfairy tail lucy

big brown eyes, blonde hair, the angry look on their face it just looks so similar not to mention the towel.

Lucy from fairy tail

Veronica from an Archie comic

lucy heartfilia

Now the girls don't look to much a like but their outfits sure do!

robin and nami from one piece 

betty and veronica 

do you see it?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Before and after (Pin-up art)

Ever wonder how the real Pin-up's looked like?
here are some side by side pictures by the artist Gil evlgren.
real pinup girlgil elvgren




Witch one is your favorite ?

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