Monday, December 5, 2016

How to travel like a Pin-up girl.

So if you're reading this post I'm guessing you saw how fabulous Dita Von Tese or  Betty Grable look when they're traveling and wanted to know how to not look like a car/jet-lagged mess when traveling. 

travel,pin-up travel, vintage fashion,vintage,vintage style,
Art by Bill Wenzel

  • Keep your makeup bag in your purse.
I can not tell you how many times I have gone traveling and have overheard a girl say "left my makeup bag in my luggage! and I need to touch up my makeup!" at least have your compact, red lipstick and mascara in your purse  for easy access for touch-ups and a little tip if you have bags under your eyes or your eyes get red have you favorite cat-eye sunglasses in your purse too (you can thank me later.)

dark dress, vintage dress,fur, vintage fur shawl,vintage style,

  • Have your hair in a head wrap. 
Now if you plan to fall asleep in the plane/car nine times out of ten your hair will get messy and instead of taking extra time to fix your hair up you can have in a wrap like this : 

vintage head wrap,pin-up girl,vintage makeup,vintage style,

It saves you the time and sometimes embarrassment 
if you're traveling with people. 
  • Keep it simple.

Don't wear your highest heels or your tightest dress, keep it simple with flats and a black or dark-colored dress that you can dress up or down.

Black dress,vintage outfit,1950s,vintage style,

I hope these tips helped! toolless! 

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Casual days (Pin-up art).

1950s,lingerie,vintage fashion,vintage undergarments, vintage lingerie.
"which dress
 should I wear?"

vintage dress,pin-up,vintage fashion,1940s, vintage dress,
"Well don't borrow my dress
if you plan to resist
 that much!
Art by Forney Mumford"

Dog,pin-up,vintage style,vintage style outfit,
Art by bill Wenzel"

hour glass body,vintage pinup art,
"how do I look?"

 I had a laugh while going trough these
, I hope you guys enjoyed!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Vintage fashion illustrations(1950's).

vintage outfits,vintage fashion,vintage style outfit,fashion, vintage fashion illustration, 1950s,

vintage art,vintage fashion,vintage coat,vintage fashion,illustration,1950s

vintage fashion illustration,vintage art, pinup,1950s,

vintage fashion illustration,pinup,vintage art, 1950's,

Now I've tried to find the name of the artist but I couldn't,
so if anyone knows the name of the artist please leave it in the comments below!

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Marc'Aurelio (Pin-up art).

black pinup,pinup girl,black Pin-ups,
Just taking a peek.
So I was searching the interwebs and I found this Pin-up artist, and I fell in love with his work
So I thought I would share.
Vintage nightgown,makeup,vintage makeup,redhead,
Powder room.

Pin-up,travel,in style,vintage travel style,
Travel in style.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Coby whitmore (Pin-up art)

Some of my favorite art by Coby Whitmore
Sudden affair.

Coby whitmore,vintage style art,Pin-up girl,
Cosmopolitan magazine 1957
"Crime, the law, and you."

coby whitmore,Pin-up art,vintage,
Cosmopolitan magazine 1950s
Coby whitmore,pin-up art, vintage style art,


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vintage shops of the day #1

I was looking around the interwebs for some good vintage retailers and I found the following shops so I thought I would share them with you guys!

Pin-up of color,black pinup,black pinups,pinup girl,

 For all your vintage luxury needsVintageLuxuryz: has all kinds of bags from different luxury designers like this one: 

louis vuitton,vintage louis vuitton, handbags,

She sells lots of vintage Louis Vuitton bags so if you want to feel like Gpsy Rose Lee go check her shop out!

  • For all your vintage jewelry needs, check out:OurBoudoir:they have stunning pieces for sale like this one:

  so if you wanna feel like Jayne Mansfield go check out their shop!
  • If you're looking for a vintage shop with variety check out  :ShopCherieVintage: they have so many cute vintage items like this dress here...
ShopCerieVintage,vintage little black dress,

This dress is soo elegant it looks like something Joi Lansing would wear.
I hope you guys enjoyed my list!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Look of the day #3 Did someone say fur?

This look was inspired  by.
mink,coat,vintage,fur,vintage art,

black pinup, vintage fur coat, vintage fashion, fashion,fur coat, vintage coat, coat,vintage, vintage fashion trends,

  • Coat brand : tissavel
  • Gloves brand : Fownes

vintage girl, vintage dame,vintage fur coat,

So I was searching the web and I found the pictures above 
and I thought about my burgundy gloves and my brown fur  coat
 and figured I could recreate the looks above.
I love this coat because it's soft like real fur but it's not
It just looks a lot like real fur. tissavel's coats look and feel just like the real thing!
I found a good seller on Etsy, they had a coat for sale and it reminded me so much of what betty or Wilma from the Flinstones would wear! 

fur coat,vintage coat,vintage,vintage fashion,

isn't it cute?
If you search the web you will find some good vintage sellers 
I found my coat on eBay they're selling lots of fur coats on there
I'm sure you can find one that suits your fancy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Look of the day #2 Orange dream.

This look was inspired by...
vintage art, David wright,pinup art,
Art by David wright

Just an outfit I planned on wearing this on a sunny weekend

vintage style outfit,vintage fashion,vintage art,

  • shoes from unknown brand but you can find some like them here. 
  • shirt from LAURA and JAYNE
  • skirt from unknown brand but you can find one like it here.
  • I made the scarf myself with some leftover fabric but you can find a scarf like it here.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Dots and spots.

This look was inspired by...
pot a dot skirt,vintage, fashion,

I found this photo on the internet and I was like. "I have the same skirt!"
And I was walking downtown at the time and I saw a lady with the same skirt on,
(In my town a lot of people wear vintage style clothing.)
so when I got home I went trough my closet and there it was in the very back (forgotten)
So I put on some nude Heels, got one of my vintage style laptop bags and went back into town
I've gotten lots of  compliments on it.
so if you're looking for a good vintage skirt check this one out!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vintage gold compact review.

Okay so guess who just bought
a new compact?  
vintage makeup, vintage blond,classic girl,

My old one was looking a little worn so I got 
a new one. 

I bought this compact on eBay
 I forgot how much it cost but the brand is Avon.
compact,vintage compact, vintage girl, vintage girl compact,

I love the little detail in the middle, 
it looks kind of like a snowflake.

compact,vintage compact, vintage girl, vintage girl compact,

The pink Powder Puff  is soft and feels nice on the skin.
the powder smells really good  sometimes I just open it to smell it.
I have yet to try out the powder on my face but I have high hopes for it, I just use this compact for Reapplying lipstick. 
compact,vintage compact, vintage girl, vintage girl compact,
Overall it's a nice compact and I will be buying more like it.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The lady in Fur.

A full-length fur coat 

is a must have in a Pin-up girls closet.

A vintage style coat goes a long way in the winter.
fur coat, mink, vintage, pinup, vintage blog,

One of my favorite coats looks just like that lady's coat above.
I even have a scarf that looks somewhat similar to the one she"s wearing.

Mink,coat, pinup,dan de carlo, vintage,pinup blog,

I have all kinds of coats but a good fur coat
is one of my go to like I just have to go out the house but I'm
not wearing my best outfit, I'll just trough a coat and some nice flats maybe a hat (if it's really cold) and there you go.

Of course this trick only works in the winter/fall.
unless your one of those people that like to wear coats in the summer.
then, in that case, it works all year long.

I have some fashion books
that talk about a good full-length coat
fur coat, fashion,mink, modern vintage fashion blog, full length coat
From the book of  fashion 

pinup,fashion,art,pinup fashion blog, modern pinup blog
From the book of  fashion 
So if you're looking for an easy go to look vintage for the winter/fall
Go with a good 1960's style coat.

What's your favorite kind of coat?

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