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Pinupdollcollection: Enhance Your Pin-up Collection

I was shopping around for affordable good quality pinup dresses when I came across Marta's shop, she's a dressmaker from Szeged, in the Southern part of Hungary who decided to fuse her love of sewing with her love for pinup style fashion When she couldn't quite find clothing that matched her taste. Thus creating her shop "Pinupdollcollection" I talked to Marta to get know more about her, and her shop.

How did you get into pin-up style fashion?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
I guess I started to adore the ladies on 50s graphics when I was at primary school...many years ago! I didn't realize what style it was at that time only that it was something most beautiful and full of feminity ever. Later I got interested and learned about what era and style it was. At that time back in the 90s, this style was unavailable in Hungary so it took many more years till I was able to get my very first dress, a real vintage salmon colored circle skirted beauty (still preciously preserved in my wardrobe), and then there was no stop to it. So, basically, pin-up was the style I adored and considered perfect even before I realized what it exactly was.

Is there an active pinup community where you from? If so are you involved with it?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
There are retro-rockabilly community organizing dance events from time to time locally, but I am not very much involved. Sometimes I go out for the dances, though but unfortunately no other connected programs are offered.

How did you get into designing?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
I have always admired 50s clothing and back in the 2000s, I discovered the possibility of ordering online from abroad. Even though I ordered many dresses I had a lot of ideas what I would want to wear but could not find corresponding pieces. Then it occurred to me that I should probably make it for myself. That was the point when I bought my first sewing machine and after seeing the first results and thinking realizing how much possibility there is in creating dresses, I decided to learn how to sew properly. Since then there is hardly any day without designing or sewing.

How did you get into designing pinup style dresses?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
Pinup was the only style that inspired me for designing and dressmaking, so basically I have never made anything else than that.

Why did you Start Your shop?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
After making many dresses for myself and turning it to my everyday clothing, I received a lot of compliments and inquiries to make dresses to order. This gave me the idea to create custom-made dresses and also go online to make it available for anyone who likes my designs.

What kind of fabric are your dresses made of?
They are almost exclusively made of cotton. There are different varieties and qualities of cotton I use that makes prices really varied. I prefer US cotton above anything else due to the high quality, great hold that is perfect for the big skirts, and beautiful prints. I also use many cotton fabrics from Europe and some from Japan. Rarely I use other fabrics, like jersey, polycotton when the print is irresistible.
Any new designs we can look forward to?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
I am planning to create a collection with the absolute classic 50s look, an elegant line with detailed designs. From really high-quality polished cotton floral fabrics. I already have the fabrics in my warehouse and the beautiful designs in my mind.

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This Nineteen Twenties Inspired Shop Is Sure To Delight You

The Nineteen twenties was the era when women started to gain more freedom not only in what they choose to wear but also basic rights. So this style of clothing will always symbolize to me the freedom that I often promote on this website. I'm sure you can imagine how delighted I was to find this shop based in Thailand Called LaVieDelight. I spoke to the owner ThongBai to find about more about her and her delightful shop.

Can you tell me a little bit about your background and how it led you to start designing?

Flapper girl,1920s,LaVieDelight,pinup life, how to dress like a flapper girl,
I went to school to study social and political science. But I have always loved working with my hands, especially sewing, the passion that led to a full-time course in dressmaking in 2009, followed by a part-time leatherwork course in 2011 and 2012. Since then, there was no return. I haven’t had a formal fashion design training, so I read a lot to educate myself. I prefer keeping my work at a handmade level, as opposed to mass production, so I choose to work only with things that really speak to me. I love the freedom one gets in a creative world.

How and why did you start LaVieDelight?
Flapper girl,1920s,LaVieDelight,pinup life, how to dress like a flapper girl,Dr.Colleen Darnell
Model: Dr. Colleen Darnell
I have been using Etsy as the main marketplace to sell my handmade products. So far, I have had 4 Etsy shops, each offered different types of products ranging from bags, jackets, skirts and dresses. After a couple of years of experimenting with different types of products and ways to sell them it was clear to me that it was vintage-inspired clothing, especially from the 1920s, that I wanted to focus on. So I closed all my Etsy shops in order to open a new one in 2013 to sell solely my 1920s-inspired clothes. The shop was called The House of Recollections, which was changed to La Vie Delight in 2018.

How did you come to love 1920s fashion? Of all the eras why did you choose to recreate 1920s style fashion?
Flapper girl,1920s,LaVieDelight,pinup life, how to dress like a flapper girl,Dr.Colleen Darnell
Shortly after I finished my dressmaking course and began sewing clothes for sale I realized that with only two hands and 24 hours a day,  I’d better make something that really gets used and truly appreciated. The answer to this was to offer reproduction, not replicas, of vintage clothes that replace the ones you cannot get, or that are hard to get, in the market. I appreciate true vintage items. But often what is available is not in a great condition or not in the right size. And I could offer a solution to this.
I chose 1920s fashion because of the fun, the value and significance attached to the world history of the years 1920s. My dresses would be attending great parties around the world, organized not only to celebrate the current situations, such as birthdays and weddings, but also to appreciate the value and culture of the Roaring Twenties. A grandmother of the groom would come to me, many months before the wedding, asking me to create her a dress for her special family event. A mother would write with excitement for having found my dress, for it to be a perfect dress for her daughter during a school show. Then people would send pictures of them in the dresses, with compliments how they loved and enjoyed wearing them. I just love my work and would not change it for anything.

I see your company is based in Thailand, is there an active vintage clothing community there?
Flapper girl,1920s,LaVieDelight,pinup life, how to dress like a flapper girl,Dr.Colleen Darnell
Vintage clothes are also very popular in Thailand. However, it is more of Thai traditional style clothes than western fashion.

Will you ever recreate different eras such as the 1950s or 60s style clothes?
Flapper girl,1920s,LaVieDelight,pinup life, how to dress like a flapper girl,Dr.Colleen Darnell
Most probably not.  I love 1920s fashion and wake up every day to do what I love.  I have a big plan, a dream, in front of me. There are so many styles or sorts of 20s clothes that I want to recreate. The ultimate goal is to offer wedding dresses.

Which design do you currently have up for sale do you recommend buying the most?
Flapper girl,1920s,LaVieDelight,pinup life, how to dress like a flapper girl,Dr.Colleen Darnell
Model: Dr. Colleen Darnell
We begin to use more silk for our clothes and I would like to recommend one of them, especially the one with the tiered skirt. They are so sweet and flattering. However, I would rather like to invite everyone to visit the shop and browse through to see our selections of styles, fabrics and colors. Get in touch if you have questions on anything. And if you would like a recommendation, just tell me what your needs and wants are and I will do my best to help meet them.

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The Lost Story Behind The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

I love brands with good quality designs. But I love it even more when that brand has a story behind it. It makes me feel like I'm wearing a part of history. When I found this brand called "The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury" not only was it the amazing photography and clothing that captured my eye but the story of how this shop came to be. Back in 1939, Lillian Wells (the original owner) started sewing at only age 14, though she had little to no education to her name and had to learn how to sew to get by.

Like many young women, she had dreams of meeting the love of her life to settle down and have children with. Sadly, that never happened. But she did leave a name for herself. Designing for Royalty and Aristocratic families from far and wide becoming widely known as "The Seamstress of Bloomsbury" I spoke with Jack of The Seamstress of Bloomsbury to get to know more about her, the current owner Mike Stephens, and their amazing shop.

Your about page really intrigued me can you tell me a little more about Miss Wells? How was she like?
Pearl Jacket in red Click picture to buy.
Model: Greta Gardner Photographer: Helena Bromboszcz
Miss Lilian Wells was generally known by her clients as 'The Seamstress of Bloomsbury'. She had a small workroom in Hamilton House in Bloomsbury, London, where she made beautiful dresses for wealthy women and their children. She was an amazingly creative woman with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of textiles and garment patterns and construction, and she shared this information throughout many years of friendship with Mike Stephens, the owner of the current 'Seamstress of Bloomsbury' brand. Mike used the Seamstress name as a tribute to her for all her expertise shared with him over the years.

How was it like working with her?
Lilian Wells, pinup life, The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, vintage women's headwear,
Lillian as a bridesmaid at a client's wedding she's on the far right.
She was the most generous and lovely person, never too busy to answer questions or help with advice on garment patterns or construction. And thoroughly knowledgeable in where to source everything from specific buttons or fabrics or trimmings, and even knew many small garment manufacturers who were able to make specialist items.

Now that her designs are passed down to him, what elements of your style or inspirations does he try to incorporate?
Mabel Dress in navy floral click picture to buy. Model: Greta Gardner Photographer: Helena Bromboszcz
We have a very comprehensive collection of her original designs and patterns which we dutifully copy as closely as possible, incorporating the original Hooks/Eyes and little Press Stud fastenings wherever possible. The only major changes we make are to the size specifications (as we have no restriction on fabric etc) and women are generally a different shape today.

Can you tell me a little bit about Mike's life and how it led him to start designing?
Lilian Wells, pinup life, The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, vintage women's headwear,
Vanessa dress in red Click picture to buy photographer: Helena Bromboszcz Models: Rockagirl and Greta Gardner
Mike had no professional training but was fascinated by the fashion industry and was introduced to a small Greek-owned clothing factory near Old Street in London. This is where he met Lilian Wells who would visit the factory every Thursday afternoon to solve any technical production problems the factory may be experiencing. Mike was in awe of the creative design and technical knowledge Lilian shared and spent many Thursday afternoons at the factory learning the skills needed to develop a small range of his own clothing. After two years he put a collection together under the name of 'Sugar' and found an agent who sold them to Top Shop and several other major fashion retailers ... Mike was on his way, and eventually became a very major designer/supplier to Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, River Island, H & M, etc, etc.

What eras or past designers inspire him and why?
Lisa dress in pink click picture to buy. photographer: Helena Bromboszcz Models: Rockagirl and Greta Gardner
The 1940's were a glamorous era and the favorite of Lilian Wells, and also of Mike's parents and grandparents and this naturally inspired him too. The 1980's saw a resurgence of fashion interest in the 40's with designers such an Ossie Clark, Paul Polly, Stirling Cooper, Biba etc, etc developing beautiful 30's +40s inspired designs, and this also inspired Mike further.

Which one of her designs did he enjoy recreating the most and why?
Sweetheart dress in lilac pink click picture to buy. photographer: Helena Bromboszcz Model: Rockagirl 
The Dolly Dress, the original piece was made for a wealthy client from Paris (we presume she was called 'Dolly' as the pattern was marked with this name) and we made a very small quantity of these as the fabric had to be specially embroidered. We sold a beautiful pink one to a UK woman to wear on her wedding day, fabulous.

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Meet The Designer Bringing Vintage Broaches Back To The forefront

Headscarves, gloves, even hair flowers are frequently worn in the pinup community. But it seems like broaches/pins have been forgotten. But not entirely, I spoke to this self-employed mom from Mami Florida who fused her love of pinup fashion and pins together. Thus creating "Bobby Pins Co" to get to know more her fun but somewhat risqué shop.

Can you give some back round on your life and how it led you to start designing?
Gabriela Companioni
Well, I’ve always loved art and creating things ever since I could remember! I’m also a beauty school drop-out so that’s a fun fact!

Why did you start Bobby Pins Co?
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Click picture to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off!
I started Bobby Pins Co partly as a fun creative outlet and partly out of necessity! I was working retail when my husband and I found out we were going to be parents, it was important to us that I could be able to stay home, so I started Bobby Pins Co so I could work from home! I’m so blessed that I’m able to stay home, help provide for my family, and do what I love!

Of all the things to design why did you choose pins?

Click picture to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off!
I’ve always loved brooches and I use to collect vintage brooches as a kid! Enamel pins seemed like a fun way to incorporate my art into a brooch like an accessory that anyone could wear in many different ways!

Why and how did you get into pinup fashion and lifestyle?
I fell in love with retro fashion and the lifestyle as a young teen! It started with music, I loved oldies (from The Andrew Sisters to The Supremes and everything in between) it evolved from there and really took off when I discovered the pinup community online!

Which is your favorite design and why?
This is tough because all of my designs are my favorite when I first make them! I get such a rush when an idea comes to my mind and I’m finally able to execute it! So I’m going to have to say my favorite design is the next one I make!

You also make key rings and T-shirts, but I see you only have one T-shirt Do you plan on making more T-shirts with different designs?
 Click picture to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off
Click to buy and use the code 'THATPINUP15" for 15% off!
I would love to have a larger range of apparel one day but right now my studio, office, stock room is my dining room so I have limited room for stock. Pins and accessories are perfect because they’re small!

Your designs can be a little…. dare I say. Risque... Did a particular pinup such as Bettie Page or Pinup artist such as John Willie inspire you?
 Click to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off!
Click to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off
It’s true some of my designs are on the risqué side and it’s ironic because if you ask anyone that knows me I’m actually a pretty modest and shy person! I think it’s because art has the power to give me the freedom to do and create whatever I want! Even if I’m normally reserved or insecure, art gives me the ability to create the opposite or whatever I want! Also, I do love Bettie Page and John Willie’s art so maybe that’s it!

Click here to start shopping at Bobby Pins! (Use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off!)

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This Vintage Clothing Collector's Shop Is Truly A Rarity

I'm always searching for new shops for my dear readers to check out; When I found this shop called Roselein Rarities it's a shop that sells true vintage clothing and with the gorgeous vintage apparel and expert photography, I could tell this shop is truly a Rarity. I spoke with the owner Kyana Taillon to get some insight on how and why she started this amazing shop.

  Can you give a little background on your life and how you got inspired to start selling vintage apparel?
I've always had a soft spot for old, interesting clothing, so when pin-up style photography started to become "the thing," I was inspired to acquire more pieces for my professional photography studio-lingerie, dresses, hats, you name it. When I had to relocate my business, I found it the opportune time to consider my options to focus more of my time on my collection. I still wanted to photograph people, mainly women, but I wanted to include my other passions, as well.

How did you get into collecting?
I remember finding a pair of plaid corduroy bell-bottoms for a young child at a thrift store after I graduated high school. I couldn't pass them up, even though at the time I had no idea what I was going to use them for, or why, but they were so cool that I hung onto them for years until, years later, both of my boys were able to wear them. (Yes, they even wore them voluntarily!) I still have them and I treasure the unique relic from another era and the memories they possess.
How did you get into photography?
It wasn't until my last years in college that I found photography the right fit for me. I was in the graphic design field and worked as a magazine editor so the two sort of meshed together as I needed imagery, which turned out to be the perfect combination for running my own business.
How did you Start RoseleinRarities?
Starting a shop on Etsy was fairly easy; I just needed to decide what to focus on. The first thing I sold was a 1920s red wool swimsuit!

Why did you start StartRoseleinRarities?
I've always found a great satisfaction in working for myself. I love to be in charge of my own schedule (though many times self-employed business owners tend to not know when to stop!) and to be able to stay at home with my young child. Now, seven years later, I have an entire house that holds my large collection!

How did you get into pinup/vintage style fashion?
I've always felt that, fashion-wise, I belonged in a different era. I was voted "Belongs in the '70s" of my high school class and I'm sure they would all attest to my, shall we say, "creative" dress. Being involved in theater likely contributed to that, as well.

Which item do you currently have up for sale do you recommend buying the most?
I actually have the dress for sale that I'm currently using for my shop header--a black-velvet sleeveless gown from the mid-century with red embroidered dots and flowers--but, I'm secretly hoping to keep it because it's one of my absolute favorites! That's my main problem in this business is wanting to KEEP all the amazing treasures I find!

Which vintage era of fashion do you like the most and why?
Currently, I am completely obsessed with the 1930s. The draping dresses accentuate curves without restriction and there's a classical Greek inspiration in many of the designs. Pieces from this era are of an interesting time in US history when women often had to improvise to be able to afford clothing when fabrics were scarce, so it offers an added challenge to me to find the rare pieces from this era.

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Nursing Student To Fashion Designer: Monika Quintero Talks About How She Started Her Million Dollar Alternative Fashion Empire

Being a student while managing your own business is hard. But doing so while raising two young boys can drive you half crazy. In this case, that turned out to be a good thing. I chatted with Monika Quintero (Pictured below) owner and CEO of Demi Loon and Rodeofox, Demi Loon is more on the alternative Gothic/Pinup fashion brand While Rodeofox is more on the Country Boho side. To get to know more about her brand and how she started her Million Dollar Alternative fashion empire:
How did you become interested in pin-up fashion?
Mickia Quintero, pinup life, Demi Loon, pinup fashion designer, Where to buy pinup style clothing, where to buy rockabilly clothing online, where to find rockabilly clothing,
‘‘I always had an appreciation for unique styles that stood out from the rest. I loved the textures and prints found in vintage fashion, that modern styles didn’t have. I first became interested in pinup & vintage fashion during high school. I would walk to the local thrift stores and buy vintage dresses & tops and have them tailored to fit me. One of my favorites go-to’s at the time were button up tops that I would tie at the bottom for a crop top feel. Finding these tops in gingham or plaid prints made my day, it was like a treasure hunt every time I shopped. Another casual favorite of mine were old band tees I’d slash up and tie back together turning them into cute fitted tops which I’d style with high-waisted pants or denim bell bottoms. I really gained a sense of fashion, styling, and vintage during this time.
What made you want to start designing?
Mickia Quintero, pinup life, Demi Loon, pinup fashion designer, Where to buy pinup style clothing, where to buy rockabilly clothing online, where to find rockabilly clothing,
‘‘I first got into design as a way to help get me through my nursing degree. I had quit my 9-5 because I needed flexible hours for school. I started by selling slashed vintage tees and vintage clothing on eBay. I’d gather my merchandise, get dressed, put my camera on auto-timer and take pictures in my garden, then quickly list those items for the week. After a while, I wanted to start tailoring some pieces. For instance turn long vintage dresses into a mini’s and men’s vintage tees into halter tops. But I am terrible at sewing so I began to pay my mom to alter pieces for me. I was more than thrilled when everything would sell through and many of my auctions would go insanely high. I literally became addicted to selling online. Find cute stuff - alter - sell repeat. (Keep in mind this was around ten years ago when eBay and Etsy were not oversaturated).
Why and how did you start Demi Loon?
Mickia Quintero, pinup life, Demi Loon, pinup fashion designer, Where to buy pinup style clothing, where to buy rockabilly clothing online, where to find rockabilly clothing,
‘‘After almost two years of altering and selling vintage, I had learned a lot about design and what a customer wanted. I had so many ideas and I wanted to create my own line. It was also getting really tiring taking photographs for just ONE unique item. I was spending so much time taking pictures and that would never allow me to grow. I wanted the ability to create new pieces with that same vintage tailored look and have several sizes and quantities available. At about the same time I came to a fork in the road, the classes I needed that semester were impacted and I could not get in. I took it as a sign and instead enrolled in a computer graphics class. On the very first day of class, I doodled out the Demi Loon Bat Heart Logo we still use today! The name Demi Loon came during a run on the beach where I looked up and there was a perfect half moon in the sky…a Demi Lune. I changed Lune to Loon because I thought it was half crazy that I was going for this venture.

Demi Loon (translation half crazy). And it was…I had no idea how to the legal business set up and I had postponed it for so long. I literally google searched and went to the library to research everything from how to trademark, to getting my business licenses. I wanted it to be more than an “eBay” business so I began to treat it like one. After a few years of 50 hour work weeks, 3am nights, and a lot of faith I dropped out of school and decided to go full force with Demi Loon. I launched, learned how to make graphics for tees and fabric, market my business, and I designed my first collection all while raising two boys.

At this point, I asked my mom to become my official pattern maker and pretty soon the visions I had drawn on paper were a reality. The collection was a huge hit and we could barely keep up. I had to employ several seamstresses to keep up with our orders and help to keep up with the website. Pretty soon pinup boutiques, tattoo shops, biker vendors for Sturgis as well as some of our amazing online resellers began to reach out because they wanted to carry our brand. It was such an exciting time because I began to see the results of all the hard work and sacrifice. We now outsource our cutting & sewing to local companies in Los Angeles.  We also manufacture some of our own textiles such as our cherry logo fabric and Skull Baby fabric. I have aimed to keep our manufacturing local so we can keep a tight watch on our production process and quality.

What eras of pinup fashion inspire you the most?
Mickia Quintero, pinup life, Demi Loon, pinup fashion designer, Where to buy pinup style clothing, where to buy rockabilly clothing online, where to find rockabilly clothing,
‘‘I wouldn’t say I have a favorite era for inspiration, it's more so details that I love from different era’s which I like to incorporate into my designs with a fresh take. For instance, the 50s has the best inspiration for tops, fabrics and makeup styling, 60s has great mod dresses and caftans, and 70s is great inspiration for graphic tees. I am also really into Victorian goth details “a la Marie Antoinette” which I think are so regal and feminine. Our designs have little tastes of these era’s which makes for a dark pinup edgy look.
What design do you recommend buying the most?
Mickia Quintero, pinup life, Demi Loon, pinup fashion designer, Where to buy pinup style clothing, where to buy rockabilly clothing online, where to find rockabilly clothing,
‘‘That’s tough for me to answer! I love them all but I suppose it depends on the occasion. But for the sake of answering, I would say I am really into our long sleeve corset tees at the moment. Specifically, our Vampira Corset Tee because it's super comfy and easy to wear. The lacing adjusts in the front and its casual enough to wear with jeans for a day look and also transition into a sexy night look. I also must say our Deadly Plunge Dress is a perfect statement dress for an occasion/ cocktail party look. The fabric holds you in for great body contouring and combined with built-in bra and lace up back is just perfection.

Don't forget to follow her @DemiLoon and Click here to Start Shopping at Demi loon! Use my code "THATPINUP" for 15% off!

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