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Monday, June 20, 2016

Bill ward (Pin-up art)

Just some art from one of my favorite Pin-up artist bill ward.


"....and the next time you stay out all 
night with the boys, i'll make you 
come shopping with me again!"
"just looking.."

"is-int it a nice view?"

"you're steady, dependable and a perfect gentleman-but
i guess a girl can't have every thing!"
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Is vintage Pin-up style affordable?

I hear girls say all the time..

"i would love to dress like a Pin-up girl, but i can't afford it!"

Pin-up girls are not millionaires or are rich or anything, sure we might buy a pear of louboutins to treat our self's once in a while, but most of it is knowing what to pear your clothes with  what flatters your body shape, taking time to put together your outfits it's  like the quote said...

"it's not what you have it's what you do with it"

You could have the designer dresses and handbags, but what good is all that if you don't know what to do with it? 
they are lots of shops you can shop at online besides "Pinup girls clothing "
even though i love there clothing if you can't afford to shop there here are some affordable online Pin-up style stores you can shop at..

they have clothing from all eras 
from the 1920's to 1980's
most of there clothing stays out of the three digit price range.
have look for you self!

the pretty dress has stunning dresses most them are not over 200$ dollars 
Go and check em' out!

They make 1940's 1950's style clothing they also make clothing for plus size women,
 so go 
and get your Pin-up on!

Some Pin-up girl's even buy vintage clothing (not vintage style) but true vintage clothing, from sellers online for a cheap price or go to thrift stores to buy their cloths and  clean them here is a post from Missvictoryviolet cleaning a true vintage dress she had bought.

So lets recap.

You can achieve the Pin-up look if you..

  1. know how to style what you have.
  2. know where to look.
  3. take care of the clothing you have.
Have fun shopping!

Body shape Gide for Pin-ups!

Now if you're looking to dress like a Pin-up girl you've got to dress in  clothing that flatters your body shape.

1. tall rectangle or square shape
if you have
narrow frame, small bust,
choose jackets and tops, with detail at the collar
and neck line like this Pin-up below...

Person unknown
for dresses : chose princess cut or high wasted styles.

2. hourglass
if you have
big breast, small waist, and a round full bottom.

choose shaped styles that accentuate the waist work 
well with an hour glass figure and high-wasted styles.

betty brosmor

Here are some things to help you get started. ...

3. top heavy triangle
if you have 
full bust, flat bottom,
wide shoulders, and a undefined waist.

Wear things that suit a top heavy silhouette like halterneck dresses
 V neck shirts, pants slim hips and bottoms.

Rosina Revelle

Here are some things  to help you get started... .

  4. Oval

if you have...

 narrow shoulders, small bust thick waist slim legs,
and you are tall.
then wear 
straight asymmetric styles,chose things with a cowl neck line,
wear skirts with a faced waist band.
art by al buell

Here are some things to help you get started..

There will probably be a part two to this, so stay tuned!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sly ones (Pin-up art)

"have you gotten rid of that awful beast yet, georgen?"
"wrong number!"
"for the tenth time WRONG NUMBER!"

"shoe size"

This reminds me of an anime i watch
 (black butler) when he lifted her leg up to "check" for something...
he ended up gettin' some action later if ya' know what i mean..

"i really don't see why you take me fishing harold-i've 
got my dress caught in the hook again!"

"when i said take me home i meant mine"
"i'm sure that fly won't bother you anymore,miss"

Friday, May 27, 2016

Pin-up book worms. (art)

"sloth" art by B. Charoy.

art by dan de carlo
 "i went to the library, not bent on getting books: i just
 trailed a cutie in because i liked her looks:
 i found her in the reading room and did not hesitate;
 though she was a little peach, i came out with a date!"

Monday, May 16, 2016

Some Pop art!

I can relate to this, being a single vintage nerd....
who has crushes on anime men..
and i'm way to shy, to actually accepted any offers..
but i have the internet!


must be nice

Me every day

Just something to laugh about.....

I don't know if this is the name of a guy, or they just really like a curtained
how should i put this..  Part, of the male body....


She must be talking about hot dogs, or she wants to taste a lot of guy's 'hot dogs"


really? i wouldn't blame  you...

i just can't.. "OH SWEET DICK!"
she won't..

"OH DICK!" lol i just can't even..



Saturday, May 14, 2016

Frahm Pin-up art

frahm's Pin-up's are sweet, alluring, adventurous,
playful,  just over all delightful Pin-ups
i really love their style!

here are some Pictures i found of frahm's art, i found.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

My vintage style bike...

 Just recently i got a vintage style bike, and i get a lot of complements on it so i just wanted to do a blog post about it, so i chose this vintage style cruiser is because it has gears it was really hard to find a stylish cruiser with gears but i found it!
at last! it did not come with a basket so i bought one it's removable so i don't have to carry a purse with me. people think this bike is pricey but it was around 200$ for me but low and behold after i buy it i find it at a cheaper price! hears the link
My vintage cruiser...

This bike is made by schwinn.

Now on to the basket.......
like i said it's removable, so you don't have to bring a purse with you.

and it's made by schwinn to!
hears the link to it..
The basket .

So that's my vintage style bike tell me how you liked it!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Jennifer lopez recreates a Vargas girl.

I was just looking a her album cover, and i noticed it looked like alberto's  Vargas girl's
and i love it (and the song of course!) 
download the song..
on itunes .

if you would like to know more about the artist
here is their wiki page....

On a side note here is some Vargas Pin-up art.
alberto vargas  


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