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"It's My Goal To Re-label Gloves As An Essential Accessory To Any Wardrobe" NYFW Designer Dorthy Gaspar Talks Gloves Vintage Fashion And More

Before the 20th-century, gloves could symbolize a woman's class. Wealthy women had smooth, thin, and healthy looking hands (due to them not working or helping with house choirs) while housewives had more homely looking hands; so they would often wear gloves to cover them. Gloves became worn as everyday attire throughout the '30s, '40s, and '50s - Women would often wear them with formal attire, to sports events, and for manual labor. Now in present time, gloves have become less popular and are mostly worn in the winter. I spoke to Dorthy Gaspar - A designer dedicated to helping people re-discover the glamour that gloves can bring to an outfit.
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A Look Into Japan's Hidden Pin-up Subculture With Kasumi Yoshino

Pin-up style clothing was first popularized in the US throughout the '40s and '60s. Women first started rebelling against societies very strick standers for woman's fashion in the '20s - Women started wearing shortening their hemlines and wearing much bolder makeup. It really took off in the '40s during WW2, when women like Marylin Monroe and Rita Hayworth starred in movies with their alluring figures and bold choices of clothing for the time. Rita's famous for her blood red cat nails that she dawned in a movie she starred in - Which made thousands of women ditch their boring clear or plain nails for something that was considered too daring at the time. Soldiers would often sneak off to see them in movies and have their pictures pinned up on a wall in their room. Hence the term: "Pin-up girl." The style still lives on to this day and is now celebrated all over the world.
I spoke to Kasumi Yoshino - A designer who owns a shop called Psycho Apparel that&…

Velvet Vintage: Be As Bold As Your Lipstick

Accessories can make or break any outfit. You'd be surprised how much the right accessory can liven up your outfit, it can take you from looking like Plain Jane to Jessica Rabbit. I spoke to Vanessa Tiffney Smith - A jewelry designer known for her bold vintage-inspired designs about how she developed such a passion for it.
Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your life and how you started designing?
A: “Well, growing up I was always drawing or creating something. My mom was an artist and seamstress, she ran her own clothing company and my dad was a builder and always showing me how to make things. I think creatively I turned out a real amalgamation of both parents! All throughout school, I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer, so I studied Fashion Design at both Mackworth College and Derby University. From there I continued to make my own clothes, launched my own label 'ROXY by Vanessa-Tiffany' which would sell in a couple of independent stores in town, and another colla…

Norma Jean Vintage: When Hawaiian Charm Meets Old Hollywood Glamour

When you think of Viva Las Vegas, you think of rock 'n roll, pinup pageants, and lots of Hawaiian style dresses - And you'd be right to. Since it's around that time of year again I wanted to introduce you to Sandra - A designer popular for her tropical/pinup inspired designs that are often worn to the fun-filled event. I spoke to her to get to know more about and her designs so you'll be able to rock 'n roll in style!

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your life and how it lead you to start your shop?
A: “That’s a great question… If you were to look at the first and last half of my life you would think it was of two completely different people. The most popular comment at my 10-year high school reunion was, “Sandra’s wearing a dress!
I attended college on a softball scholarship and was a member of the 1995 National Championship Team. At that competitive level, I had no choice but to focus all of my attention on playing so that’s what I did until I graduated. Once I…