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"I Found The Vintage World Has Shown Less Prejudice Than Any Other Society" Black Women Talk About Their Experiences In The Vintage Fashion Community

When pin-up girls became popular, there wasn't much diversity; due to racist photographers thinking that Black women weren’t sexy or photogenic enough to be pin-up models. The pin-up community now seems to embrace women of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. But is it really diverse and accepting as it seems? I asked five Black pin-up models questions concerning their experiences as African American pin-up models, and for the advice they had for aspiring pin-up models of color.

"I found that the vintage world has shown less prejudice than any other society. I'm not sure if my debut came at the right time, when society is moving to a more exceptant space, or my ethnic diversity has just simply been embraced - but it has been nothing but love. My modeling career is really starting to take off, and I'm getting a lot of bookings!
I'd advise all Afro-American pin-ups and generally, all pin-ups believe in your magic. Stay true to yourself, work hard, and educate your…
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"I Think It’s Possible To Look Glamorous At Any Age" Vintage Style Blogger Niki Redcliffe Explains The Art Of Aging Gracefully

One day, I was invited to have lunch at one of my friend’s houses. Once we were done having lunch, she asked me to come into her room where she had a rather large closet full of clothing from the early ‘40s and ‘50s. She pulled out a rather expensive looking fur coat from the 1940s and gave it to me “I want you to have this. I’m too old to wear it now.” She said as she carefully folded it into a bag - giving it to me. "Why do you think you're too old? I think you'd great in it." I said - Hesitantly taking the bag.

"I'm not as young and beautiful as I used to be. If I wore something like this now, I feel people would just think I'm trying to hold onto something that's no longer there." You could tell she still had passion for glamour, but felt she wasn't worthy of it anymore. 

When you're a woman, you have an expiration date. And when you reach it, you're forgotten. Pushed to the side for another fresh face to take your place. You'…

Blending Indian Tradition With Old Hollywood Glamour: Kiran Talks About Her Experiences As An Indian Pin-up

Many pinups of color incorporate their heritage with the vintage looks they recreate. Adding a modern and refreshing touch to such non-inclusive beauty ideals and standers of the past. Showing that glamour is for all kinds of women. Not just non-women of color as racist photographers and movie directors of those past eras would think. Today, we meet Kiran. An Indian marketing expert with a passion for history and all things vintage. I spoke to her to get to know about her vintage fashion journey. And how she beautifully mixes Indian culture with Old Hollywood glamour.