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“I Wanted Black Pinups To Be Included” Black Pinups Magazine Owner Candace Michelle Talks Pinup Fashion Media And More

I cannot express the importance of representation enough. Especially for black women such as myself. Black women are told constantly that they need to conform to a Eurocentric standard of beauty to be seen as feminine or glamorous. If you have straight hair and a lighter skin tone, it’s seen as more docile, quite, and traditionally feminine. If you have darker skin and kinkier hair, you’re seen as ghetto, unkempt, loud mouthed, and traditionally more masculine.  
Which leads to women of a darker skin tone being underrepresented in the media. Especially vintage/pinup media.
It’s very said that this ‘50s mentality is still held by the small minded few - but, there’s a women that goes by the name of Candace Michelle, who wanted to show the world that black women are and can be just as glamorous and feminine as any other women (whether the mainstream media chooses to acknowledge it or not.)
I spoke to her to get her views on this topic.

Q: How did you start your magazine and why?
A: “I starte…
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5 Things Every Pin-up Girl Needs In The Winter

Winter is almost here. And for some of us, it already is (weather wise) So, it’s time to put away your capris and peasant  tops and switch them out for something a little more...practical.
But that doesn’t mean you have to dress down - you can still be as extravagant as you’d like! (even in 20 degree weather!)
Here are five must-haves for any pin-up during the winter.
A Good Turban Instead of some plan looking hat, try investing in a turban made out of a warm material; such as velvet. Choose colors such as gold, dark blue, or black so it matches with most of your outfits. 
An Over The Top Coat
Invest in a good faux-fur coat. This way, you can dress up any plan outfit you may have on underneath so you stay warm and stylish at the same time!
A Comfortable Corset

“I've Never Felt Better In My Own Skin” Pinup Model Nicole Rhoslyn Talks Balancing Motherhood As A Pinup Girl And More

Ah, motherhood. It’s one of the hardest jobs in the world but also one of the most rewarding. One of the most common questions I get asked is how to maintain a classic vintage look as mother. Well, here’s the answer: I have no idea. Because I’m not a mother myself. For me, it’s easy to maintain my look; because I can devote all my time and attention to myself. 

So, I’m not even going to pretend to know what’s like to maintain such a time consuming look while changing diapers, getting up for night feeds, etc. Many women stop dressing themselves up when they become mothers. Often because of the time and effort it takes.

There are also other factors: such as a lack of self-confidence due to how their bodies changed during pregnancy. Many of these changes include stretch marks, c-section scars, weight gain, etc. They don’t realize that you don’t have to give up your femininity just because you’re a mother. You just have to find more efficient ways to embrace it.

I spoke to Nicole Roslynn. A …