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Fit For A Queen: Her Majesty’s Milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan Talks All Things Headwear

Headwear is very important in the vintage fashion community; it often adds that last dramatic touch that is needed to make the outfit come all together. Many women don’t know the first thing about headwear, or how to wear it.
Headwear (more specifically hats) is dated as far back as the late 1800s.They were used more for necessity rather than a fashion statement. Even though many would assume otherwise, due to their extravagant designs.
They went in and out of style for a while until their popularity seemed to plummet in the ‘60s. They are now often only worn inchurches for religious reasons or in the winter for necessity.
I spoke to Rachel Trevor-Morgan, a Milliner granted a Royal Warrant to design for the Royal family.  I wanted to know how she felt about hats not being as popular as they once were, and the advice she has for women who want to start wearing them.
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“I've Never Felt Better In My Own Skin” German Pinup Nicole Rhoslyn Talks Motherhood Pinup Fashion And More

Ah, motherhood. It’s one of the hardest jobs in the world but also one of the most rewarding. One of the most common questions I get asked is how to maintain a classic vintage look as mother. Well, here’s the answer: I have no idea. Because I’m not a mother myself. For me, it’s easy to maintain my look; because I can devote all my time and attention to myself. 

So I’m not even going to pretend to know what’s like to maintain such a time consuming look while changing diapers, getting up for night feeds, etc. Many women stop dressing themselves up when they become mothers. Often because of the time and effort it takes.

There are also other factors: such as a lack of self-confidence due to how their bodies changed during pregnancy. Many of these changes include stretch marks, c-section scars, weight gain, etc. They don’t realize that you don’t have to give up your femininity just because you’re a mother. You just have to find more efficient ways to embrace it.

I spoke to Nicole Roslynn. A v…

Japan To London: Japanese Pin-up Luka Watabe Talks About Her Experiences As A Pinup In London

Before the Meiji era, Japan isolate itself from western culture. People only wore traditional japonse clothing; such as the kimono. During the Meiji era, Japanese people started to slowly adapt to western culture and fashion.
Japanese men started to wear suits, and women of a higher class started to wear western style dresses. Western attire for women was only worn by women who were married to diplomats or of a higher class.
Kimonos were still frequently worn, but combined with western accessories. After WII, western clothing was seen as a symbol of sophistication; Japanese women started to wear western clothing in everyday life, and men’s attire became largely influenced by western culture as well.
Some women in Japan still wear vintage western attireto this day. I spoke to a Japanese women by the name of Luka Watabe - a vintage fashion enthusiast and singer that’s originally from Japan, but living in London, what her experiences is like as pinup in Japan vs London.

Q: You’re originally …

Four Stunning Retro Seasonal Looks For Women Of Color

Black vintage fashion enthusiasts such as myself, often have trouble finding inspiration or tutorials for us. Representation matters. That’s why I always encourage vintage fashion enthusiast to share their looks, tips, and advice. You never know who you could inspire.
Today, I’m going to show you five individual pin-up looks that are sure to inspire the inner pinup in you!

This saucy little faux leather number it perfect for a night out in the fall. It’s sure to keep you warm and stylish as you go out for drinks with the girls, or if you have a hot date you need to impress but you also don’t want to get hypothermia while doing it.
You know what they say: The bigger the hair, the closer you are to god! This tropical vacation look is sure to make you look as hot as the summer weather as you relax on the beach or if you decide to go salsa dancing.  Whatever you do, your summer Is sure to be hot one in more ways than one with this  look.

Where I live, it’s still a little chilly. I often try t…