Friday, January 20, 2017

Why Some People Almost Always Save Money With Vintage party wear.

Art by Bill Ward.
So most people I've talked to think you have to be rich to wear vintage clothing, especially vintage party wear and I admit some vintage retailers do ask for a pretty penny. for instants William Vintage most (Not all) of the items they sell are 1,000+ dollars,  So if you have some spare cash laying around you might wanna check them out.  but for those of us who are not rich Here are some tips on how to not cry when you take a look at your bank account balance.

  • You'll need Creativity (and lots of it!)
You're not gonna get anywhere if you don't know how to be creative when you're dealing with vintage fashion 9 times out of 10 you're gonna need to change a few things up for instants I had bought a Vintage 1950's dress, It had a ribbon around the waist area but I didn't think that color of ribbon looked good in that dress, so I took it off and added a new one That complemented the color of the dress with vintage fashion you gonna have to make some adjustments. 

  • Know where to look.
Smaller shops tend to have lower prices.
If you have trouble finding some use The Vintage Map.
They have vintage stores listed from all over the world
I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

  • Keep it simple.
Don't wear a fur shawl and a diamond necklace if you're just going to a cocktail party a little black or dark colored dress will do, or if you want to mix it up you can wear a Sheath Dress to show off your curves.

In conclusion, you'll save some money (and tears..) if you:
  • Know where to look.
  • Do what cinderella did and use what you have to enhance your outfit.
  • Don't try to overdo it and end up spending 8,000 dollars and end up explaining to your family why you're faking your death.
Hope this helped! 
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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Dressing like a Rockabilly! (for girls)

Dan decarlo
Have a vintage themed party coming up? or just wanna get into the Rockabilly lifestyle but just don't know what to wear? here are 3 basic rockabilly looks to help you get started!

1. The Casual Rebel.
For this look, you'll need...

  • Petty coat.
It makes your skirt look fuller.
  • Full circle skirt, or poodle skirt.
Make sure it finishes right below the knee.

      • Bustier or Corset.
It makes your waist look smaller for an hourglass look.

            • Sneakers.
Unisex or women's sneakers.
            • A Cardigan
It doesn't really matter if it's long or short.

2. Dancin' Queen.
For this look, you'll need...

            • A Cocktail dress with a scoop neckline.
Make sure it stops just below the knee.

            • Pointed Toe Pumps.
You can have them in any color, print or they decorated with gems.

3. Rebel chic.
For this look, you'll need...

            • Denim jeans or capris.
If you don't wanna buy both, then just buy some jeans and fold em' up just above the knee.

            • Plaid Vest.
Tie it up midway.

            • Platform Heels.
If you don't like heels, then you can just wear some flats.

            • A Bandana.
Did I Miss anything?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It's all about the fitting.

Bill wenzel,vintage style,vintage clothing,
- Art by Bill Wenzel
Ever seen a girl walking down the street and wonder "what are her measurements?" her outfit complements every curve, it looks like it was tailor made just for her! well, it's because A. it probably was B. she made some adjustments herself or C. she knows her exact measurements and is really good at picking out clothes for her body shape.

Either way, The fitting of your outfit is very important. it can make or break your outfit, so here are some tips make sure your outfit so your outfit doesn't look sloppy.

Dave berg, vintage, fashion,fashion art,pinup art,
"She must be tired of answering
 the same questions
all the time." - Art by Dave Berg

  1. Know your measurements.
     This also comes in handy when you're shopping online just get a 10$/20$ measuring tape and measure your bust, waist, and hips.
  2. Learn basic sewing skills. Now unless you're rich you don't wanna trough away a 500$ dress just because a button popped off, or a ribbon fell out of place or the hem is showing, for me personally, I have a whole box full of extra buttons, ribbons, etc. for when that time occurs. 
  3. Be creative. Sometimes when a few buttons pop off a blouse, I see it as an opportunity to spruce it up! I take some new buttons that I think will look better on it anyway, and sew them on and bam It looks like new blouse! your wardrobe is your canvas, my friend. 
Hope these tips helped out!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Top Vintage shops of the week #4 Retro chic.

 I scoured the interwebs and found these lovely shops, 
and thought I should share them with you guys!
Bill Ward,vintage style,vintage fashion,
- Art by Bill Ward.
"I know it says they're stretchable
miss--but after all, there are limits." 
They sell clothing for all sizes, up to size 24 UK which is about a size 20 In the US, check out their " New in" section my favorite piece is the "Janie Rockabilly Diner dress" Go and show them some love!  

Need some casual vintage wear?
 they just put up a new collection for vintage trousers so
if you're looking for some retro casual wear go check 'em out!

More of a 1920s kind of Gal? they have a great 1920s style collection my favorite piece
Is the Deco floral cara bow dress I just love the pattern on it! go ahead and swing by their shop.

I hope y'all enjoyed!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Take The Stress Out Of vintage glamour!

Want to feel glamorous but don't want to go full on glamor girl?
here are some ways to feel glamorous in a more subtle way.

  • Red nails.

Vintage Revlon.
Vintage Revlon "fire and ice" Ad
A trend started by Pola Negri (1920's) it's one of the more subtle ways to incorporate a little vintage glamor, it may seem too bold for some, but just try it once! I don't why by every time I get my nails done in classic red I just feel more glamorous.

  • A nice hat.

Trend (1940's-1950's)

Paulette Goddard.In the 40's and 50's, women wore a hat to complete their outfit berets, cloche, etc. but if you want to start out subtle, just get a basic black flop hat and work your way up.

  • Gloves
Marilyn Monroe.Trend (1950's-1940's) Women rarely left the house without gloves, but that's a little much (even for me). if you want to do this trend in a more subtle way, start by just wearing short length leather (or fo-leather) in the winter, then work your way up. 

  • A handy Handbag
(the 1950's)
Tired of carrying a heavy handbag around? 
Then try having at least 3 for different occasions a medium size handbag for work a small box-shaped handbag for a stroll in the city or grocery shopping, and a large bag for the gym.

Hope these tips helped!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Vintage shops of the day #3 A pop of color.

Need a Pop of color?

here are some vintage shops that sell stunning colorful pieces
that you'll just have to have!

thatpinup,vintage dress,vintage clothing,vintage clothing,

Gil Evlgren,pin-up art,vintage fashion,retro,vintage clothing,
Art by Gil elvgren.

vintage fashion,vintage clothing,vintage style,
Art by unknown.

Welp, those are my picks for this week enjoy!

Monday, December 5, 2016

You Will Thank Me - 3 Tips About traveling like a pin-up girl You Need To Know.

So if you're reading this post I'm guessing you saw how fabulous Dita Von Tese or Betty Grable look when they're traveling and wanted to know how to not look like a car/jet-lagged mess when traveling. 

travel,pin-up travel, vintage fashion,vintage,vintage style,Vintage clothing,
Art by Bill Wenzel

  • Keep your makeup bag in your purse.
I can not tell you how many times I have gone traveling and have overheard a girl say "left my makeup bag in my luggage! and I need to touch up my makeup!" at least have your compact, red lipstick and mascara in your purse  for easy access for touch-ups and a little tip if you have bags under your eyes or your eyes get red have you favorite cat-eye sunglasses in your purse too (you can thank me later.)

dark dress, vintage dress,fur, vintage fur shawl,vintage style,Vintage clothing,
  • Have your hair in a head wrap. 
Now if you plan to fall asleep in the plane/car nine times out of ten your hair will get messy and instead of taking extra time to fix your hair up you can have it in a wrap like this: 

vintage head wrap,pin-up girl,vintage makeup,vintage style,Vintage clothing,

It saves you the time and sometimes embarrassment if
you're traveling with people. 
  • Keep it simple.

Don't wear your highest heels or your tightest dress, keep it simple with flats and a black or dark-colored dress that you can dress up or down.

Black dress,vintage outfit,1950s,vintage style,Vintage clothing,

I hope these tips helped!
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Casual days (Pin-up art).

art by Stanley Rayon.
"which dress
 should I wear?"

vintage dress,pin-up,vintage fashion,1940s, vintage dress,Vintage clothing,
"Well don't borrow my dress
if you plan to resist
 that much!
Art by Forney Mumford"

Dog,pin-up,vintage style,vintage style outfit,Vintage clothing,
Art by bill Wenzel"

hour glass body,vintage pinup art,Vintage clothing,
"how do I look?"

 I had a laugh while going trough these
oh and if anyone knows the names of some of the artist leavethem down below!
 hope you guys enjoyed!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Vintage fashion illustrations (1950's).

thatpinup,vintage outfits,vintage fashion,vintage style outfit,fashion, vintage fashion illustration, 1950s,Vintage clothing,

vintage art,vintage fashion,vintage coat,vintage fashion,illustration,1950s,Vintage clothing

vintage fashion illustration,vintage art, pinup,1950s,Vintage clothing,

vintage fashion illustration,pinup,vintage art, 1950's,Vintage clothing,

Now I've tried to find the name of the artist but I couldn't,
so if anyone knows the name of the artist please leave it in the comments below!

Latest Coat, Up to 63% off

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vintage shops of the day #2 Trendy days.

  • Trend #1 Long  pearl neckless 1920's
pearl,pearls,vintage,1920s,vintage outfits, flapper girl,Vintage clothing,vintage style,vintage girl,
Mary Louise Brooks
Wanna feel like Anita page? (The queen of pearls!) then check out Pearlparadise,
 they sell almost every kind of pearl neckless I bet you'll find one that suits you best!

  • Trend #2 A good coat 1947-1962
Vintage clothing,fur coat,vintage style,Bill wenzel,1960s,Hipster,vintage girl,
Art by bill Wenzel
Wanna feel like Jayne Mansfield?( now that girl can rock a fur coat!)
check out Dressingvintage their coats are stunning!

  • Trend #3 1940-1950's creative hats.

vintage style,Vintage clothing,vintage hat,1940s,Hipster,vintage girl,
shot by Philippe potter
Wanna feel like bunny yeager? check out dandelionvintage 
they sell gorgeous vintage style hats so if your looking for some good hats go check em' out!

Those are my picks of the week,

Friday, November 18, 2016

Marc'Aurelio (Pin-up art).

So I was searching the interwebs and I found this Pin-up artist, and I fell in love with his work
So I thought I would share.
Pin-up,travel,in style,vintage travel style,
Travel in style.

Vintage nightgown,makeup,vintage makeup,redhead,
Powder room.


black pinup,pinup girl,black Pin-ups,
Just taking a peek.
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