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Infection Prevention And Control Nurse Gabriella D'Amato Talks About Her Experiences As A Plus Size Vintage Fashion Enthusiast

During these challenging times, I wanted to take time to recognize and thank the amazing men and women on the front lines who risk their lives everyday for us. So, I interviewed Gabriella D'Amato; she's an Infection prevention and control nurse from the UK with a passion for vintage fashion. I asked her questions concerning her job, style, and the advice she had for women of a lager size who want to start dressing in vintage/pinup fashion.
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Preparation is key! Surely you have heard this many times in many different genres over your lifetime. But honestly, if you don't build a good solid foundation, you will end up fighting a losing battle as the years pass by, be it in your diet, exercise regime, or even yourskincare routine.Flawless glowing skin may seem like an elusive dream, but honestly, it is never too late to get the skin of your dreams, but the key to silky soft and smooth skin is to adapt better skincare habits earlier rather than later. Your 20s and 30s are the ideal time to pay more attention to your skin and what works best when it comes to lusciously soft skin all over your body, not just your face. Art by: Alice Negri 1: Hydration! Making sure your skin is hydrated correctly is easier than it seems. Banishing dry patches and combination skin may take some time, but make sure you are building healthy skin habits now will reward you in the future. Drink enough water, and regularly each day is a great place t…

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Thankfully, improving your skin is usually a matter of adopting better, consistent habits, so it is something that you can work towards. The current lockdown situation has brought a lot of skin challenges - stress, sleeplessness, lots of unhealthy snacks - but the good news is, we also have the extra time to address bad habits and create a good skin care routine. So where should you begin on your journey to great skin? 

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6 Tips For Dressing In Vintage Fashion For The Workplace

Dressing for the workplace is something that’s very important for a lot of people who are trying to make a good impression. Workwear can often be a lot more polished and sometimes very different to what we’d wear casually at home or out and about. It’s important to distinguish your wardrobe and to have workwear that’s defined specifically for your job, rather than mixing workwear and casualwear together. Here are some tips for dressing for your workplace.
Photo Source: Unique Vintage
Tip 1: Focus On Accessories & Minor Details
Sometimes, it’s the minor details and accessories that can make all the difference. For example, if you wear glasses, having ones that suit and frame your face are going to help present you in a more clean-cut and professional way. Spending time on the smaller details is important so you might want to explore the glasses available andfollow this link to find the best options for the look you’d like to go for.
Jewelry can also make a certain impression, and what …

The Ultimate Guide To Embracing Your Eccentricity With Lydia Ross

Every vintage dresser knows the struggle. You go outside, and you suddenly are met with stares, people taking pictures, and various questions: "Why are you so dressed up?" "Are you doing a movie?" "Can I take a picture with you?" Etc. Not to mention some of the negative comments as well. It can be tiering. And sometimes, you will just want to revert back into jeans and a T-shirt. 
But then, you find yourself disliking yourself because you compromised who you are to please other people. The people who really care about you will accept you for who you really are - Not for who they want you to be. In this article, I interviewed Lydia Ross. A vintage fashion enthusiast from the UK and asked her about her vintage fashion journey. And her tips for embracing your eccentricity - Unapologetically.
Tip 1: Find Yourself.Q: How did you start dressing in vintage fashion? A: “I first started wearing '40s/'50s style clothes in my early 20s - I was introduced to it …