Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What to Expect At Your First Pin-up Shoot (Interview With Autumn Luciano)

I started this blog to encourage women to find their inner pin-up girl. No matter their race, shape, or size. I find that it's a common fear when women first get into the pinup community or lifestyle of l having their first pin-up shoot. Because they think they have to look or be a certain way or that it's going to be awkward. I decided to talk to the owner and photographer of Decadencedolls (a pinup photography studio) Autumn Luciano about how she makes sure every woman that comes into her studio feels look and most importantly feel glamorous.

What to expect when going to your first pin up photography session or pinup photo shoot,
How and why did you start Decadencedolls?
I was just starting out my own portrait business when I inherited a bunch of vintage clothes, for fun I styled my friends as vintage pin-ups and took their photos. I put them online and got some requests for pin-up shoots, after that it just took over my life.
Do you get a lot of women who are nervous or camera shy that come into your studio? If so, how do you make them feel comfortable?
All the time, usually just talking with them about the process helps, once they have hair and makeup done and we are going through the wardrobe to pick something out at their shoot they're already more at ease, just having spent some time with myself and the stylist. Also, I always assure them that they don't need to know anything about modeling, I handle all the posing from head to toe. By the time they've seen the first pose on the back
of the camera, they are usually completely warmed up.
What can women expect when they come into your studio?
To have a fun day being glammed up, feeling like a bombshell, and leaving ready to tackle their next challenge. When they return for their portrait reveal most ladies get to see their
themselves in a way they never thought they would, and that's really the best part of my job.
What do you have to say to women who think they have to look a certain way to have a pinup shoot?
I hear all the time that women believe they are not photogenic, and I've yet to photograph anyone who was right about that. There is no such thing as being photogenic. It's all about having the right photographer, stylist, and just enough self-confidence to get yourself in front of a camera, let your creative team handle the rest. Pin-ups come in all shapes, sizes, ages. It doesn't matter if you're covered in tattoos if you don't believe you're tan enough, thin enough, or young enough, There is only one person in existence keeping you from feeling gorgeous, and that's you. Get out of your own way and go make magic happen.
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Meet The Titanic Survivor Who Changed Your Sex Life

Pinup style lingerie
Ah, lingerie. One of the most important parts of your outfit and one of the most exciting to put on (and for your lover to take off) Most women have worn it at some point of their life either to spice things up in the bedroom or they just simply want to feel sexy for themselves. Some can't even wait until they're of-age to start wearing it, Burlesque star Dita Von Teese recalled when she would sneak in her mom's lingerie drawer (and her grandmother's too!) But who invented such a revolutionary garment?

Well, Meet Lucy Christiana:

Yes, this is the women who changed everyone's sex life for the better.
Nope, she's not some exotic dancer who came up with a great Idea to get more people to come to her show. She's actually was a leading fashion designer from London England. She also was a survivor of the Titanic. She was in one of the last lifeboats lowered from the Titanic "Everyone seemed to be rushing for that boat" she recalled.

Back in the ninetieth-century women wore heavy corsets with several laces for two reasons, one to get an hourglass shape. And two so on their wedding night their husband would have to undo every lace to show self-control and constraint. But when women started to play sports ride bikes and work after world war one they needed more practical undergarments to wear. Lucy wanted to make lingerie that freed women from wearing such from such a restrictive garment. So she started making corsets smaller but still visually appealing. She also polarized silt skirts and other risque lingerie.

Well, now you can tell people that a titanic survivor changed your sex life.
Now that's what I call a conversation starter!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Russian Teacher FIRED After Posing As A Pin-up Girl

Apparently, THIS is the picture that started it all...
Russian pinup girl
This Russian teacher was fired after some angry parents found the picture and complained to the school. This plus size teacher was just trying to boost her confidence by wearing this swimsuit. But according to the school, the picture caused "Irreversible damage to the reputation of the teacher" (I'd hate to see what they'd do if she was wearing a bikini) the school also stated that by spreading such "frivolous" images online to promote a commercial project, she hurt the image of the school. Apparently, she broke a school code that supports "morals and ethics"

girl bye goodbye GIF

For obvious reasons The 26-year-old teacher didn't understand why she got fired Stating things such as "I do not understand why I'm getting blamed. And "It's not like I was posing in underwear or stockings" apparently she didn't even want the pictures posted on the internet but the pictures were posted on to the shop's website.

But even If she did post them online herself, who cares? I mean have these people never seen a gal in a swimsuit before? Anyways, this whole thing started a massive uproar on the internet with teachers from all over the world starting the hashtag #TheachersArePeopleToo where teachers post pictures of themselves in swimsuits to show their support for the 26-year-old teacher.

My advice to Viktoria is don't sweat about it you did nothing wrong, and in a year you'll probably forget this ever happened and probably be working at some other school. Or some other better job.

Keep your Chin up, girl!

fabulous christina aguilera GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

What do you all think? Was the picture too risque? or was the school overreacting?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thatpinup Of The Month: Summer Wildes

So I'm starting a new series on this blog called "Thatpinup of the month" where I feature a pin-up every month If you'd like to be featured click here or on the "Submit to Thatpinup button" to be featured.

As you all know, I love it whenever I find designers who infused their designs with vintage/pinup style fashion So when I found Summer's store I just had to find out more about it so I decided to talk to the owner of Summer Wildes:
Pinup lingerie designer, that pin up, vintage pinup fashion designer, Retro pinup lingerie,

Here's how it went:

I love your pinup name, how did you come up with it?
aubrey plaza smile GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Wildes is actually my middle name and I think of Summer as being this cheerful, fresh-faced All-American beach girl with a retro flair – very much a pinup!

How and why did you start your online store and what inspired you to Start it?
jiggle GIF
I created Summer Wildes because I couldn’t find what I was looking for – an attractive, good-fitting, high-quality bra, sexy but not trashy. I took a course in bra development at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and worked with a specialist consultant figuring out how to construct bras (and swimwear) and source components to my specifications. From the lingerie and bikinis, it made sense to add in other essentials such as tees, lounge pants, leggings, beach cover-up, and sweatshirts, all very much in Summer’s style.

How did you get into the pinup community? And what’s your advice for people who want to as well?
 Having spent 18 years in the magazine advertising world, I came up with the idea to invent a character who would be the face of the brand. I was inspired by images of bathing suit models from the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, and commissioned a famous British pin-up artist to create Summer’s look. For anyone thinking about joining the pinup community, I’d say follow your dreams and go for it.
How do you want women to feel when they wear your products?
confident gentlemen prefer blondes GIF

First and foremost, women should feel sexy and confident in everything from Summer Wildes. Superior fit, high-quality fabrics and stylish fashion (made in the USA) is the trifecta at Summer Wildes.
What product do you most recommend buying on your store?
Since it all started with the bra, that’s most certainly my favorite item to recommend. But, hey, now it’s summer beach season and a luxurious terry cloth bikini along with the accompanying goodies such as beach cover-up, lounge pants, hoodies and tees are fabulous too.
Any up and coming products we can look forward to?
Soft cups bras are arriving in a few weeks and there is golf/tennis attire on its way too. You can sign up for our newsletter here to get the latest happenings at Summer Wildes.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

How to Look Retro AND Stay Comfortable

By: Adrienne Luther

It’s Sunday morning, last night’s makeup is still caked on your cheeks, you’ve got a splitting headache, and your feet hurt. Fashion is pain, and you’ve got the blisters and bruises to prove it. (The Instagram pic was totally worth it, though!)

Nothing sounds better than staying in your pajamas, but alas, you’ve made brunch plans. Your vintage wear isn't quite hitting the mark when it comes to comfort levels, and you already know Ashley is going to show up hangover-less and glitzy.

If only there was a way you could don something cozy, vintage, and fashionable...

There is! Grab some Advil and a cup of coffee and check out these simple ways to add a hip, retro spin to your comfy clothes.

1) The Go-To: A Sloppy Updo And Scarf
How to be comfortable wearing vintage clothing, becoming a pinup girl
This look can be a little tricky at first, but for experienced pin-up gals, it can be a great go-to for some easy styling and accessible classiness. If you’re needing some help with the bandana, check out this great tutorial. There are many awesome ways you can tie up your hair with your little scarf, but if you can’t quite get the hang of it, opting for a little neckerchief can also be a solid bet. This look is great for a retro vibe with any outfit.

2) 80’s Style

becoming a pinup girl, how to be a pinup girl,
For this look, break out your slouchiest sweater, leggings, and ballerina slippers (otherwise referred to as flats these days). Bonus points if you have some of your mom’s old stirrup pants. The 80s is your best bet for comfy clothing on the fly – these are the true origins of athleisure thanks to the era’s generous use of polyester and spandex.

3) 60’s Spirit

This outfit is great if you’re feeling like a breezy look on a spring morning. The trick to achieving a 60s essence is accessorizing carefully and owning drapey natural fibers like some light cotton. Donning some inexpensive costume jewelry is an easy way to add to the look. If you’re really shooting for authenticity, stick to neutral colors that occur in nature – browns, tans, and whites are your best bet.

4) Worn Graphic Tees
Pin up girl look, becoming a pinup girl,
This look is especially easy to pull off – all you need is a worn vintage graphic t-shirt and some comfy pants of your choice. In this case, it’s some good ole jorts (super easy to make, by the way!) Ask your ‘rents if they have some good tees from their youth laying around – you’d be surprised! If you have a shirt that’s not quite cozy enough, there are several ways to wear down the cotton fabric to give it that true “vintage” feel. Pair your look with some adorable little saddle shoes to create a retro look that mix-n-matches vintage fashion (always fun in the 21st century!)

5) Palazzo Pants
Becoming a pinup girl, 1950s pin up girlStep aside leggings, these are THE comfy pants. With lots of regal fabric, this bohemian look can be styled however you please. Pair these beauties with a crop-top or a slouchy sweater. Some styles may require hemming, so be wary of length if you snag a pair! These pants are especially great if you’re bloated, too.

So there you have it – fashion doesn’t always have to be painful. Achieving a retro look can be as easy as a headscarf on a Sunday morning, or as involved as a full get-up for a night out on the town!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Meet The Designer Bringing Fifties Style Elegance Back To The Runway


I love it when I find designers who recreated vintage fashion and add their own little twist to it, so when I came across Luna's designs I just had to know more about them. I mean just look at some of them:


after looking at some of her designs I wanted to find out more about them. So I asked Luna Joachim a designer located in Brookline Massachusetts With a passion for 50s style fashion, various questions about her designs here's how it went:

How did you get into designing clothes?
james marsden GIF

I got into designing clothes originally by modifying the clothes that I would purchase. But it was not until I opened my boutique that I began designing my own clothes.

How did you come to love 50s style fashion?
pinup GIF
I can't pinpoint that moment. I've loved the 1950's for many years. The things that draw me to the'50's are the actual design style of different pieces as well as the dignified way of that era.

Of all the eras to choose from why choose the 50s to recreate?
confident gentlemen prefer blondes GIF
I love the modesty and yet stylish classic style of the 50's. I also love the accessories of gloves and hats. They are a perfect accent to a beautiful outfit.

What’s your favorite collection so far?
peek a boo smile GIF by US National Archives
Summer 2016. I love the colors, fabrics, and styles from that collection in particular.

Do you wear your designs yourself?
retro classic film GIF
Yes, I definitely wear my designs. I love the fact that I can find unique pieces in my line.

Any up and coming collections we can look forward to?
interested ru paul GIF
I will be showing my fall collection on my show in October. I'm really excited about many of those. I will be doing some new things in that line that I haven't yet tried.

And I'm certain that we are all looking forward to it. I would also like to add that it really makes me happy when I see a person of color making such waves in the industry with retro-inspired designs I really hope that Luna continues to go far in the fashion industry.

Make sure to check out her designs and show her some support!
you can visit her website at L'

Saturday, May 26, 2018

4 Pin-up Girls Who Had Tragic Deaths

Pin-up girls always have a lot in common, sassy, funny, and sensual personality with a hint of innocents, a body with curves to kill, and impeccable style. But there’s one thing they also have in common that most people overlook. A tragic and horrific death.

Photo Source:
Pin-up girl deaths
She is known as the most sought-after pin-up girl in the world to this day. Marilyn Died of a drug overdose in the early August of 1962 in her house in LA. She had killed herself. She had problems with drug and alcohol abuse for many years. She used it to cope with her troubled past. And when her mental illness it didn't mix well needless to say.

Photo Source: Getty Images
Pin-up girl deaths
Known as the first internal black superstar at the time and also as the most famous women in the world at the time (1920s) She still had a VERY hard life. Back then it didn't matter how famous you were if you were black. You were still less-than. It was so bad that she had to move to France and become a French citizen were they treated blacks a little better. And that's when she really became a star. She eventually returned to the US. And Gained popularity there. But she still faced a lot of prejudice which she had a hard time coping with it. But even after all she went through she still truly believed that it wasn't the color of somebody's skin that mattered and that you weren't born with hate, you taught it.

Surely the day will come when color means nothing more than skin tone when religion is seen as uniquely as a way to speak one's soul;

when birth places have the weight of a throw of dice and all men are born free, and when understanding breeds love and brotherhood.

She died at the age of 62 of a stroke. She had many of them in her lifetime and this one proved to be too much for her body to handle.

Photo Source:
Pin-up girl deaths
Dorthy died of a drug overdose, her death was ruled an accident but some people don't think it was. Due to the phone call, she had with her ex-sister in law before her death saying things like "Whatever happens, I know you will understand" leaving many to think she killed herself like Marilyn Monroe did. She suffered from depression for many years and many think the stress of her hectic life drove her over the edge.

Pin-up girl deaths
Photo source:
Jayne died on June 29th, 1967 She was riding with her lover and 3 of her kids when a car crashed into their tractor-trailer. All everyone died but her three kids which one of them you may recognize from the popular show Law and order SVU Mariska Hargitay. Her death was not in vain. After her death A law was past requiring all semi-trucks to have a "DOT bar" or you may know it better by its nickname "The Mansfield bar" Jayne also with alcohol and drug abuse as well.

Friday, May 18, 2018

5 Things Pin-up Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

When you think of pin-up girls you think of sassy glamorous bombshells. But they are some people who think otherwise thus comes along some questions that can be a bit annoying here are five things that pin-up girls are tired of hearing.

1) "Do you want to live in a different era?"
Things Pin-up Girls Are Tired Of Hearing
Question, Let's say you enjoy a song made in the 1950s Do you now want to go back to the 1950s? Probably not. I love my Wifi and my freedom.

2) "You're degrading yourself"
marilyn monroe pinup GIF

Dressing how you want and living how you want is not degrading, It's the exact opposite.

3) "You'll never find a date dressed like that."Things Pin-up Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

You mean like this?

3) "You look like an old lady."

Things Pin-up Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

I'll take your word for it.

4) "Why can't you dress like a normal person?"
Things Pin-up Girls Are Tired Of Hearing
Being "Normal" is overrated.

5) "You're stuck in the past."
Things Pin-up Girls Are Tired Of Hearing
I love drag queens, trap music, and video games but somehow because my style is retro I'm "Stuck in the past" okay buddy.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Pin-up Protein: Add A Little Pin-up To Your Workout

You've heard of products such as "Fit Tea" the product that's supposed to slim your stomach down that's promoted by almost every girl on Instagram. Well, let me introduce Pin-up protien it's a protein powder that focuses on making you stronger, not slimmer. I wanted to know more about it. So I ask the owners and asked them various questions concerning the product. Here's what they had to say:

How and why did you start "Pin-up protein"?
Pin-up Protein
My wife and I were looking to combine our love for fitness and commerce experience into a new project and started focusing on the supplement industry. That quickly led to protein supplements, specifically protein. From the start, we were not thrilled with the "bro-tech" branding of nearly all supplements and knew we wanted to go in another direction. Organically, my wife came up with the imagery of classic and strong, which led to the Rosie The Riveter inspired character as the brand basis. Looking further into the existing available products, we found that the women's protein market was severely underserved compared to the men's options. The women's options that did exist focused on being "skinny" or "thin" which we did not feel were the healthiest images that should be promoted. We wanted to be a brand that focused on making women Strong.
What’s in Pin-up protein? Besides the obvious, Protein.
Pin-up Protein
Our protein only has four ingredients. A full breakdown can be seen here:
Can men also use pin-up protein?
Pin-up Protein
Men can use our protein as well. The ingredient list really is not particular to women. We had considered adding additional ingredients that benefited women specifically but felt that a pure, high-quality protein is more important. A portion of our sales benefits women's focused charities as well.

What made you choose a pin-up girl for the face of your brand?
Pin-up Protein
As mentioned above, we were looking for a classic, strong image for our brand. I had considered a vintage circus strongman for a male-focused brand. When we decided to focus on women, the brainstorming went to the "bombshell" style girls that would be painted on sides of World War II planes. While certainly sexy, they didn't convey the strength we were looking for which led us to the Rosie the Riveter imagery. We worked with a designer for packaging who selected the illustration and adjusted it for our packaging needs. As good as our protein is, it is our brand character that is really driving awareness. She captured everything we were looking for.
I see you only have two flavors Vanilla and Chocolate are you coming out with any more flavours?
Pin-up Protein
We launched with Vanilla and Chocolate and are seeing near a 50/50 split in orders with a slight edge to Chocolate. We have formulations for other flavors like Ice Cream Sandwich and Cake Batter which taste amazing. We may even do a flavorless for baking, but for now, we are very happy with the existing Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. We may release a ready to drink version of those flavors before expanding the flavor options in the powder.

Are you planning to expand into selling more than just protein products?
Pin-up Protein
We originally envisioned starting with protein and expanding to other products like a Casein, multi-vitamin, etc. under the same branding. We then realized that protein is such an effective and useful supplement and that is where we should focus on educating women on the benefits and expanding our focus there. The only additional option being considered at this time is an ready to drink product which will greatly improve access to our product.

You can learn more about pin-up protein on their website:
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