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Fit For A Queen: Her Majesty’s Milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan Talks All Things Headwear

Headwear is very important in the vintage fashion community; It often adds that last dramatic touch that is needed to make the outfit come all together - but many women don’t know the first thing about headwear, or how to wear it.
Headwear (more specifically hats) are dated as far back as the late 1800s.They were used more for necessity rather than a fashion statement. Even though many would assume otherwise do to their extravagant designs.
They went in and out of style for a while until their popularity seemed to plummet in the ‘60s. They are are now often only worn inchurches for religious reasons or in the winter for necessity.
I spoke to Rachel Trevor-Morgan; a Milliner granted a Royal Warrant to design for the Royal family -  I wanted to know how she felt about hats not being as popular as they once were and the advice she has for women who want to start wearing them.
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But when the cameras shut off, they were often anything but. 
Here is a snippet from a book called: “Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again” detailing Bettie Page’s alleged hook-up with Katherine Hepburn:
It was during her stay in Hollywood that Bettie received a mysterious call from a woman who claimed she worked for a photographer who wanted to hire Bettie to pose in lingerie at an address in Hollywood.
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“You Need To Have Confidence In Yourself” Jet Setter Ratt Talks All Things Travel Wear

Traveling can be a very stressful thing to go through; especially as pin-up girl. So many things to pack but so little room to put everything. On top of that, trying to find something to wear on the plane ride that’s comfortable but also stylish as well can be overwhelming - I asked travel blogger and graphic designer Kitcharat Nartetamrongsutt (Ratt for short) how she maintains her look while traveling and the advice she has for maintaining your look while traveling.
Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? How did you to get into vintage fashion and lifestyle?
“I have always loved vintage fashion - I loved fluffy skirts since I was young. Especially ribbons! (most of my shoes have ribbons) I wear modern vintage to fit with the lifestyle in my country. However, with the encouragement from many other pinups and ‘50s vintage influencers on Instagram, I started to practice how to do vintage hairstyles rather than follow modern hair trends.”

How is it like to be a pinup girl in Thailand…

“Stop Worrying About What People Think” Pinup Model MissBeeTown Talks Self-Confidence And More

Self-confidence is something a lot of women struggle with. We often feel immense pressure to follow trends and conform to what society says we should be or look like, instead of embracing who we truly are. 
That’s one of the main reasons I find women are reluctant to wear vintage fashion, they’re afraid of judgment.
I spoke to vintage fashion enthusiast and YouTuber that goes by the name of MissBeeTown and asked for her advice on dealing with such judgment, and her tips on dressing in vintage fashion.

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In a recent article of mine, I interviewedKasumi Yoshino - The owner of a popular vintage-inspired clothing store located in Tokyo Japan, where she mentioned the judgment she faced in her native country because of the way she dressed. I decided to speak to Alice, a makeup artist and alternative model from Taiwan who frequently models for Kasumi's shop about her experiences as a pin-up girl and the advice she had for dealing with such judgment.
Q: When, how, and why did you start dressing in pinup fashion?  A: “I remember seeing pin-up girls on old war posters when I was little. The classic vibrant colors drew me in immediately -  as did their bouncy hair and bold outfits. As much as I loved it, I never thought I could actually dress that way or pull off that look. That all changed when I met my husband, Larry. He encouraged me to pursue my interest in it and soon enough, I was totally sold on pin-up! There was no looking back!” Q: How did you first develop your style? A: “I've lo…