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Edwardian Elegance For The Modern Woman [Interview With Nataya]

I know I talk about vintage fashion on this blog, but mostly the popular era's such as the 1950s and 40's, but this designer mixes Edwardian elegance with era's such as the 1920's while still keeping the modern women in mind. I chated with Nataya, owner of and designer to see how she does it.

How and Why Did you get into designing?

Designing is both art and fashion, nearly every girly girl likes dressing and if you are creative, how do you not choose to be a designer?  

I See That You Recreate Edwardian, Victorian and 1920s fashion.
Will you ever branch out and create more eras of fashion?  
Styling and designing is a complex endeavor, and as any creation involves many layers of thought process and creative input, with that, said. I can safely confirm that all designs are implemented using influences of many fashion eras including 1950s and 1970s fashion.

Why Did you decide to fuse Edwardian style fashion with 1920’s and 30’s style fashion?
I love all sensually revolutionary and beautiful which 1920s and 1930s fashions brought to the century, but more than that, I love an element of surprise, a sense of wonder, miracle of some sort.
I think it is best achieved when a few uncommon elements are fused. For example take Italian pasta (comforting taste, where special quality of each ingredient brought to life) and Japanese food (exquisite, clean presentation, gorgeous eye candy color), each type is wonderful and delicious when done well, but fusing the two makes special modern magic, that gifts (in my humble opinion) a multi layered set of emotional satisfaction.

What's your favorite design so far?
This little Victorian/flapper fusion number from my new collection is lovely and I am taking a piece for myself, 

I interviewed a designer that designs Edwardian style fashion but still keeps the modern women in mind, Here's how it went....

I wear this Nataya vintage style a lot and have styled it with and without a slip 100 times over.
I interviewed a designer that designs Edwardian style fashion but still keeps the modern women in mind, Here's how it went....

Why did you choose to recreate Edwardian, Victorian and 1920s fashion?
We all come from childhood, I spent mine in urban Tashkent, Uzbekistan, that is covered in traveling dust in the summer and wet dirt in the winter, So you have to imagine grayish block buildings, dirt, and dust, and once in awhile locals from villages looking oddly beautiful in their colorful Ikut Mumu and velvet embroidered vest or a jacket with Gold teeth smile.

I spent endless hours admiring paintings of queens, baronesses, and princesses in crisp impactful and delicate gowns angels and goddesses in ethereal pastelsAnd watching vintage American made films.

Do you wear the styles you recreate?
Wearing my own pieces makes me feel delicate and very feminine, I love the comfort within beauty they provide. Each dress is designed with womanly body in mind, and still looks fantastic on even if I eat too much pasta, plus wearing those gives me a reason to get my hair and makeup done and put on as many rings and beads and other accessories as I like while looking outfit appropriate. Therefore I wear Nataya for most of my outings, dress those up with gloves and beads.

I interviewed a designer that designs Edwardian style fashion but still keeps the modern women in mind, Here's how it went....

or dress those down, with boots and a leather jacket or with my hair down, flat shoes and sunglasses.
I interviewed a designer that designs Edwardian style fashion but still keeps the modern women in mind, Here's how it went....

Will you ever branch out and recreate casual wear?
I was considering making active sportswear, as I finally joined the gym and had nothing pretty to wear for my squads, but since Nataya dresses have underlying slips in all the pretty colors that could be worn on their own with leggings and cozy sweaters and scarves, my closet is all set for mood to dress casually.

What Made you want to sell your designs on Wardorbeshop?

Nataya gets wonderful worldwide retail exposure at Wardrobeshop, while providing smooth and pleasant shopping experience, Wardrobeshop gives credit to our whole collection, if we have it, Wardrobeshop is quick to update their inventory to make sure clients are able to actually buy every piece we have produced, while pairing it with compatible shoes and other accessories in their photo shoots, thus providing more tips on how ensembles are to be put together.

Any New Designs we can look forward to?
We are now working on our Fall and Spring 2019 collections, our Fall 2017-18 are already in stock.
I agree, if to thing are great alone why not fuse them toghter? and make somthing magnifcent.
You can Find Nataya's designes at
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Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Modern Woman In Vintage Clothing

A woman wrote a post about her being a modern woman that wears vintage fashion,
And it really made me think about how I felt about wearing vintage fashion and the vintage lifestyle.
The Modern Woman In Vintage Clothing I've always loved the vintage aesthetic, both in terms of fashion and interior design. A lot of the older consumer products were built to last, instead of fall apart like the modern versions. I also admire - and sometimes attempt to emulate - certain aspects of vintage life, such as social adroitness, simple living, and a slower-paced lifestyle.

But that being said, I still consider myself a modern girl, mostly because I don't really believe in tradition-for-tradition's sake. Rather, I believe in picking and choosing whatever traditions add value to your life, and letting go of all the others. I love the convenience of modern technology, consume (mostly) modern media, and identify more with modern values of equality, individuality, and tolerance.

Modern society is quite possibly more tolerant than any other time in history. We can walk around wearing 40's hairstyles and 50's frocks, and while we might get a few weird looks here and there - people generally let you do your thing. But what if you were living in the 50's and wearing clothes from the 1890's? I can imagine the social repercussions would be pretty harsh!

Even though I love vintage aesthetics, I'm glad to have been born in the 80's, and I wonder how many other vintage-styled people feel the same? Or, do you feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Do you hold traditionalist views on issues like family, community, and gender roles? And do you find people make assumptions about said views, based on your appearance?
Can't wait to hear your thoughts!"
She made a good point about how much more tolerant it is now than in let's say the 1940s.
Imagination wearing crops tops and high-waisted shorts in the 1920s. Even though we may face some backlash and scrutiny for wearing vintage fashion. It's not as bad as if it were the other way around.
As for my lifestyle, and mindset. It's very modern.
I do find that people make assumptions about my views because of the way I dress.
But it's been very mixed, some people think I must be stuck up and with outdated values. While others think I'm wild and crude. And some people just get outright offended when you dare to wear something different. and make fun of me for no reason.
But, I mostly get compliments on how I dress. Refuses to let the opinions of a few irrelevant people get to me.

What's your experience being a modern woman in vintage clothing?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Woman Gets Offended When Recommended A Drink With An Image Of A Pin-up Girl On It

Perhaps the picture was to spicy for her to Handel...
Photo credit:
A man recommended Sailor Jerry's rum to a woman and she declined. Stating She'll never buy the brand because the image of the pin-up girl on the bottled was terribly offensive. I don't know why she would feel this way maybe perhaps the way the pinup was dressed in the picture?

I wonder how she reacts when she goes to the beach and sees a woman in a bikini than...

Honestly, I don't see anything offensive in the picture. She's just wearing a hula outfit.

But maybe you'll be able to point it out to me.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Man Who Claims To Be a Part Of The Vintage Community Claims He's Never Lusted After Another Woman Because His Wife Was A Virgin

A Woman was speaking to a man (By email) who claims to be part of the vintage lifestyle.

Here's the email he sent her on his views on the modern woman's wardrobe and lifestyle.

A Woman was speaking to a man (By email) who claims to be part of the vintage lifestyle. Here's how it went
Marilyn Monroe 
You spend any time in this world and you learn something very quick.

Men lose all respect for a woman when she walks around half naked catering to their egos and giving into their desires. Simply put men tend NOT to respect a damn thing they didn’t have to work hard to get. Additionally, a man refuses to grow up and be a mature responsible adult unless he’s forced to by his parents.

If you want proof of what I’m saying then open the door to your home and go for a walk. There number of people already practicing what the author is pushing by far surpasses the number of people that aren’t. And look at how downright dysfunctional and rotten today’s society is.

My wife was a virgin when I met her and so was I. I’ve never disrespected my wife and I’ve never lusted after another woman and I never will. I have nothing but respect for anyone that holds themselves to a high standard. But I had the benefit of having been raised by parents that were tough as nails. They set the demands high for their children and they punished us when we tried to be anything less than those standards.

And religion had NOTHING to do with our moral compass.

Now I see why some people assume if you wear vintage clothing and are part of the vintage community assume you have the same views as this man. If this man was really in the vintage community he would know that they're a variety of women in the past such as Pin-up girls, Flapper girls, Gibson girls, etc. Who weren't holly virgins who wouldn't dare to even show their collar bones.

My problem with this is if you're happy with your wife and have quote and quote "Never lusted after another woman" why do you have such a problem with what other women choose to wear and express themselves? Is your solution to cheating to be a virgin before you meet your lover? For a woman to be respected has to dress a certain way? I'm glad you and your wife are so happy Sir. But no need to disrespect women who aren't the way you prefer them to be.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Does It Make You A Bad Or Anti-feminist If You Like To Wear Vintage Fashion?

Should women admire vintage fashion?one of the common Questions women who wear vintage/vintage style fashion get asked frequently is "If you're wearing vintage fashion you must want to go back to that era right?" My retort is something along is "What in the actual fudge cake?" said in a much more eloquent way. Frist of all I'm black women so I know how much harder it would be for me than a woman from a non-ethnic background if it was the 1940's or 1950's so I'm not just going just be like "Oh yeah let's go back to the way it was in the 1930s!" I happen to see a post on Reddit of a woman who claimed that a man told her she was a bad feminist  because she took a liking to 1950's style fashion (I recommend checking the post out some of the comments had me rolling)  one comment that caught my eye is one from a user called mompants69  "Literally every fashion trend from that past (and present) Happened in that "patriarchal" era so he can go kick rocks!"  I understand where this user is coming from, but I also understand where a man (or woman) is coming from because the common attire Housewives wore is often 1950s style. Now is there a problem with a being a housewife? no. But back in the 1950s, that's all women were really expected to be. But with that said, just because you admire a style of clothing from a certain era, doesn't mean you want to go back to it nor does it make you a bad feminist. Women should be able to be whoever they want to be So you wanna be a housewife? be one! want to focus on your career? get it, girl! To me, it's very anti women's rights to tell a woman what she should wear or not to wear. But Enough of me blabbering, what do you think? Do you think women should stop admiring vintage fashion because it comes from a time when women were oppressed? or do you think that women should do and wear what they want?

The REAL Hight's And Weighs Of 5 Old Hollywood's Most Iconic Actors

Ever wonder about your favorite old Hollywood actors weight and height?  Sometimes us women focus a lot on our weight and wonder what our favorite actresses are doing to stay slim or at their goal weight with modern actors a quick google search will do,  But for actresses who have long past, you have to surf through rumors and speculations but I stumbled upon a post on reddit. A user claimed to have stumbled across an album of old heights and weights of old Hollywood actors. Here are five that might surprise you.

Dorthy Dandridge
How Much Did Female Old Hollywood Actors weigh?

Veronica Lake
How Much Did Female Old Hollywood Actors weigh?

Lauren Bacall
How Much Did Female Old Hollywood Actors weigh?

Marlene Dietrich
How Much Did Female Old Hollywood Actors weigh?

Joan Crawford
How Much Did Female Old Hollywood Actors weigh?

Which one surprised you the most?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Things You Didin't Know About Three Of Old Hollywood's Most Iconic Actors That May Surprise You

With everything coming out about Harvey Weinstein, It really opened my eyes and made think differently about Hollywood. and made me realize that everything that glitters isn't gold. I don't know about you, but when I think about the actors from the golden era I think there're some perfect beings that could do no wrong. So it's safe to say I forgot that they're humans that have flaws just like anyone else. So here are some things that may surprise you about Old Hollywood's most iconic actors.

Clark Gable
Secrets about old Hollywood's most iconic actors
Photo Credit:
Yes, this handsome dreamboat Knew he was handsome and used his fame and looks to get in the pants of Hollywood's most beautiful women And also impregnating them. Yes, he allegedly impregnated actors such as Joan Crawford and Loretta Young  Joan eventually had an abortion. Loretta, on the other hand, was a devout Catholic and refused to abort her baby. Instead, she disappeared from the public and resurfaced with a supposedly "adopted" baby girl. That was rumored to actually be Gable's  child. The rumors were finally confirmed to be true after the release of her memoir, after her death. But it gets even messier, Loretta's daughter in law Linda Lewis tells a troubling story after Loretta's death on how Loretta and Gable conceived their daughter. In an interview with Buzzfeed Linda says while Loretta was watching Larry King Live, Loretta heard the term "date rape" she became curious and asked Lewis about it. Once Lewis explained,  she said that it sounded a lot like how she conceived her child with Gable. Since Loretta was a devout Catholic, who wanted to save herself for marriage. But, after shooting a movie together, Gable went to Loretta's compartment and they did the deed, afterward Loretta felt guilty. But after learning what date rape was, and seeing the similarities in what happened to her, she didn't feel guilty anymore and gave her a new mindset on things. But the question everyone asking is "Why wait all these years to come forward?" Lewis replied, "I realized that it's almost every day, all these rapes, and the men just keep getting away with it."

So after reading this, I realized that what Harvey has "allegedly" done is nothing new it's just, been hidden. There are probably tons of women Like Loretta who been raped or harassed but are afraid that people won't believe them or don't know what different forms of rape are. Thankfully women are taking a stand against workplace harassment and coming out publicly with their stories with the hashtag "Me too" and hopefully, these men will no longer be getting away with it.

Kathern Hepburn
Secrets about old Hollywood's most iconic actors
Photo credit:

Imagine finding your brother's dead body after he committed suicide, Well that's what happened to Hepburn. Her brother Tom, who was only sixteen at the time, hung himself and Hepburn discovered the body. Years later,  after her death, her troubled grandson Andrew Embiricos was found dead in his apartment, he was battling drug addiction and had already attempted to commit suicide on a separate occasion. His body was discovered lying on his bed, with a plastic bag on his head. Talk about history repeating itself.

Rita Hayworth
Secrets about old Hollywood's most iconic actors
Photo Credit:

Rita was one of the most popular and beautiful actors of all time, she even popularised wearing red nails. But would you believe it if I told you she suffered extreme mental abuse from the hands of multiple men such as her first husband? and was forced to de-latinize and whitewash herself to become a star in Hollywood?  Racism is still alive and well industry but thankfully, you don't have to pretend to be another race to be a star anymore.

What was the most surprising thing you found out on this list?

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Top 5 Vintage Style Gifts For The Modern Women

Shopping for a classic lady but don't know what to buy? or maybe you just want to treat yourself but just don't know where to start. whatever the reason is, here are 5 must-have vintage style gifts for the modern woman!

1. 1940's Swing Pants
Photo credit:

The most comfortable and stylish pants a girl could own. 
just trough on a striped long sleeved shirt and some flats and bam! you vintage casual look that will turn heads.

2. Red lipstick
Vintage gifts for the modern woman
Photo credit: Youtube

We can never have enough red lipstick, it boosts your self-esteem and makes you look good at the same time! 

3. 50's Style Sunglasses
Vintage gifts for the modern woman
Photo credit: Aelida
Stayed up and partied too much? now you've got bags under your eyes? no worries! just slap on some cat eye sunglasses and you instantly look put together!

4. Chanel No. 5 (Or a cheap substitute)
Vintage gifts for the modern woman
Photo credit:
It's a classic perfume must-have, But if you're on a budget, a cheap knockof-I mean reasonably price substitute should do the trick.

5. Capris
Vintage gifts for the modern woman
Photo credit:

I can't travel anywhere with bringing a pair of capris with me, not too short if it gets a little chilly. and not too warm if it gets a little hot.

Whats your favorite vintage style gift?
Let me know in the comments below!


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