Saturday, July 1, 2017

What Is A Modern Pin-up Girl?

Pin-up girls were models and actress who took photos to promote their product or movie. It quickly caught on people loved them so much that they pinned up their pictures on their walls hints the name "Pin-up girl".

What Is A Modern Pin-up Girl?

So are all actresses and models pin-up girls?

Well, In a way, yes.

just not with the traditional "Pin-up girl" look.

So she can be considered a Pin-up girl?

What Is A Modern Pin-up Girl?

Yes, yes she can be.

Some people get mad when modern actresses and models get "Pin-up girls" because of their appearance but by technically, by definition, they are.

Just with more of a modern twist.

What's a modern pin-up girl to you?
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Retro Fashion Trends That Came Back From The Dead: Corsets And Cat Eye Sunglasses

Trends come and go but today, I'm going to show you two trends that seem to stand the test of time.

Corsets/Waist trainers
Vintage corset
A popular trend among women since the 1600s women wore bodice stiffened with whalebone to achieve an hourglass shape. Nowadays, you can’t go anywhere without seeing this trend. Women are buying all kinds of fit teas, corsets, and waist trainers to try to obtain an hourglass shape.

For those of you who are probably asking "Why is she say corsets and Waist trainers? aren't they the same thing?" Well, no. Waist trainers are made of stretchier and more comfortable fabric so you can wear them while working out and doing various other activities. While Corsets are more restricting and not as easy to move around in.There is some controversy surrounding waist trainers and if they actually shrink your waist, And if Corsets are even safe to wear, But you'll find that many different opinions and at the end of the day it's up to you which one you want to wear or not to wear.

Cat eye sunglasses

Black cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses (known in the UK as Upswept glasses) were popular among women in the 1950s and 1960s they were commonly worn at the beach or with a Beehive like hair style. It has now become popular in recent times as well. there are so many styles to choose from. The one most common style are the ones with mirrored lenses.They add a glamorous touch to any outfit you wear so when you forget to put on your eye makeup you can just slap them on and you're ready to go!

Do you love these trends? or do you think they need to hurry up and go out of style?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

3 Ways Women In The Past Wore Scarfs

You can protect your hair and still be fashionable.

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Scarves are must-have in any woman's wardrobe but over the years scarfs are more commonly worn around your neck in the fall and winter time. But women in the past wore scarfs throughout the seasons in various different styles. So today I'm going to show you three ways women in the past wear scarfs in everyday life.

The turban
How women in the past wore scarfs
Wearing your hair in a turban was quite popular in the 1920’s and 1930s Celebrities such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford would wear turbans often, it's also one of the go-to hair styles when recreating looks from the past because it's so easy to do.

The rockabilly updo
How women in the past wore scarfs
A popular way to wear a scarf in the 1940s and 1950s in the war years when women began to work in factories and various other places and it has become the symbol of women's efforts during the war years.

Hand band wrap
How women in the past wore scarfs
In the 1960s women such as Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren wore headband wraps to protect their hair from harsh elements such as wind and rain.

All of these looks protect your hair but still look cute at the same time so you no longer have to choose between beauty and practicality.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What's The Real Reason Behind You Wanting That Louis Vuitton Bag?

Why do you want to get Louis Vuitton Bag?
You see women on Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere else you can think of flaunting these luxury bags, It's like if you have an expensive bag on your arm you've made it in life.

You even hear songs about buying women Chanel, Prada, and Gucci bags and it seems some women will buy these bags to shove them in your face and make you feel bad for not having one. Only to toss it aside whenever a newer version comes out or when another brand becomes more popular. It's like no one buys designer bags just to have a good quality bag anymore, they're symbols of success and since everyone wants to be successful (or at least appear to be..) is part of the reason these bags are selling like hot cakes. So today I'm going trough some common reasons for you wanting that luxury bag.

All your friends have one.
You go out to lunch with your friends and they all have a Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, or some other designer bag by their side, Talking about how much they love it. And there you are, with your Twenty dollar handbag that you are now trying to hide under the table while considering spending your rent money on the latest designer handbag.

To Make you look rich.
Some women will actually go trough with spending the money left over for their rent to perches one of these bags to make their bank account appear bigger than what it really is, But there is a cheaper way to do this, Women also buy fake bags to the create the illusion of a large bank account. But if you get one realistic looking enough it's going to cost half as much as the real deal though, But at the end of the day it's your decision. 

The sales clerk says you need it.
We all know that one pushy sales clerk you step one foot into the door and all of the sudden you have a sales clerk saying you need this new 800 dollar bag or all future your outfits will be incomplete. But now you're buying a bag that you weren't even planning on buying in the first place.

You want to look like your favorite celebrity.
Celebrities always have some designer bag on their arm, Which intern makes their fans want to go out and get them.

You just want to treat yourself.
You've worked hard for your money and you just want to treat yourself with a good quality bag as a reward for all your hard work.

What's that reason you're planning on buying a luxury bag? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Give An Old School Twist To Your Modern Wardrobe (For Men And Women!)

Get the classic look.

How to get the classic lookContrary to popular belief, my audience is 50% women and 50% percent men, but I really don't have any Retro style advice for men on this blog because you know I'm a girl and I really don't have any experience in menswear but I did some research on it so today I'm going to focus on the men who read my blog as well as the women (I didn't forget you ladies!)

So if you're looking to dress like a "classic man"
(or woman) this blog post is for you!

Retro style tips for men.
How to get the classic look

If you're buying a suit get it tailored.
Nothing looks worse than a poorly fitted suit.

Quality is worth the money.
While you can find some suits for a relatively reasonable price many do cost a pretty penny but there is a reason for that it's made out of better quality material so you won't have to buy suit after suit.

Figure out what kind of tie you like.
Would are you a bow tie kind of guy? or maybe you prefer a bolo tie? it's important to know this so you can pair it with the right kind of suit or outfit.

You don't need a suit to look, classic.
You can always just wear a white button up shirt with black pants and loafers. 

Retro style tips for women.
How to get the classic look

Always keep a scarf in handy.
Bad hair day? no worries just throw your hair up into a classic vintage turban and bam out the door!

Lip liner is your friend
Line your lips with a slightly darker shade of red before applying your lipstick, it gives your red lips an extra pop of color.

Always have a little black dress 
Have a date but he didn't mention where you'll be going and don't know whether or not you're going dancing at an upscale club to wear your fanciest dress and highest heels or just going out for a bite to eat and to just wear a nice Tee shirt and jeans? No worries!  just throw on a little black dress and keep some bold jewelry in your handbag so if you do end up going to that upscale club you can just put it on or if you don't just keep it in your bag.

Now my Dapper Dans and Vintage Vixens go on and dazzle the world with your amazing style!


See you in the next post!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Do Modern Pin-up Girls Want To live In Another Era?

Do you wish you could go back in time?

Do Modern Pin-up Girls Want To live In Another Era?A question modern pin-up girls hear very often "Do you want to live in another era?" Well, I think for most of us the short answer is "No"  just because we enjoy the fashion, art, food, or music from a past era doesn't mean we want to go back to it.

Let me ask you something ever hear a great song from a past era?
now let me ask you this, just because you like a song from that era do you want to now want to live in that era? No, you probably don't.

The same goes for most modern pin-up girls. just because we enjoy the style in the 1950s does not mean we enjoy everything from that era nor does it mean we want to go back to it.

What do you think?
Do you want to live in a past era? or do you just enjoy the style?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Get the Pin-up Look: How To Get Those Famous Curls (For Most Hair Types)

Get the head-turning curls you've always wanted.

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Ever wonder how pin-up girls like Dita Von Teese and Rita Hayworth always have perfect curls? In this short post, I'm going to show you how to get bouncy head-turning curls like your favorite pin-up girls of all hair types!

Straight Hair
How to get vintage style curls

Frist, you'll need hot rollers look on eBay or Amazon for the best prices.
then you'll need to part your hair. how you part your hair depends on what style you want.
 after you add the rollers wait 15 minutes or until the hot rollers are cooled down then take the hot rollers out and brush the curls out the curls out until you reach your desired look then set with hairspray of your choice. if you don't know what kind to use try "Big Sexy Hair ".

Pin-up tip of the day 
 Always roll under not over the curls come out better this way.

Curly Hair
How to get vintage style curlsFor this look, brush out all the curls in your hair and repeat the steps for the straight hair look above.

 Coily Hair
How to get vintage style curls
If you have Coily hair odds it curls very easily so you don't need hot rollers since Coily hair is hard to comb trough when it's dry always make sure your hair is wet first before adding in the rollers.  for the rollers if your hair is long or medium length use medium to large size curlers. if your hair is short and Coily use smaller rollers (using smaller rollers gives you a better curl) then fluff out with a wide-tooth comb.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Can You Wear Stockings Outside The Bedroom?

These aren't the kind you stuff...

Women in the 1940's and so on often wore stockings, to be more specific stem stockings. when women didn't have money to buy them, they would get some black paint and a small brush and paint a straight line up their legs. (It was very important that the line is straight.) but now Stockings are more known for being something you wear in the bedroom. Not as everyday or casual attire. so today I am going to show you 3 stockings that women in the past wore in everyday life.

Thigh High stockings
In a rush? just slip on some thigh-highs and out the door, you go!
Garter Stockings
Vintage stocking ad

This is a go-to classic look and the good thing about these stockings that at the garter part you can have a sexy lace or print design but at the bottom, it's simple pain nude, black, or white so you don't feel too bold.

Seamed stockings.
Seamed stockingsWanna feel like a vintage vixen? then seemed stockings are they way to go!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Vintage Trends : Tattoos Do They Ruin The Look?

Is it still considered unbecoming to have tattoos?

Is it unbecoming to have tattoos as a womenI was recently scrolling trough my Instagram feed when I saw a tattooed pin-up girl and looked at the comments on it. to my surprise, I saw a lot of comments saying that it was unbecoming for a lady to have so many tattoos on her body and it inspired me to write this article.

The trend.
A trend started in the 1800's and became even more popular after the Civil war and has gone in and out of style since then.

The obsession.
In the 1970's it became common for men and women to have tattoos now you see actors, Barbie dolls, models, and celebrities so naturally everyone wanted to look like their favorite celebrities and got tattoos.

The controversy.
Some people say it's a great way of self-expression, others think it makes you look unprofessional and that it sends a bad message to young girls.

The debate.
Some say that women can have as many tattoos as they want and others say that it ruins a women's look.

What do you think?
Do you think that women should be able to wear tattoos just like men can? or do you think that it's unbecoming?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Best Way To Wear Vintage Eye Wear.

Want to rock some vintage eyewear? but don't know how to wear it? 
here are 3 basic looks to help you get started!

) The Cat eye.
What's the best way to wear vintage glasses?
This model is wearing A hipbone
length all in one girdle.

Women in the 1950's 1960's such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor often wore Cat eye glasses worn with  B-52 (Bee-hive) hair styles, pair with a nicely fitted 1960's style suit and square-toed heels for the perfect 1960's look.

) The Hipster
What's the best way to wear vintage glasses?
The ever-popular hipster glasses a trend started in the 1920's that's come in and out of style trough out the years, pair them with gray or light colored suit pants, a nice white V-neck blouse Moccasins Flats.

 3 )  Round lens
What's the best way to wear vintage glasses?

One of the first frames glasses came in, pair these with a nicely fitted gray or black pencil skirt, wool beret and neutral colored flats for a simple but put together look.

Pin-up tip of the day.
There's no right or wrong way to wears these glasses mix and match and play around with different styles to find the right look for you.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chrissy Metz Poses As A Pin-up Girl For Harper's Bazaar And People Have Mixed Feelings About It.

Can plus size girls be pin-up girls?
Chrissy MetzPopular plus-sized actress and singer Chrissy Metz was featured in a spread for Harper's Bazaar, in the spread she says "I'm paving the way for other women and men who know they're destined for greatness but they don't believe it yet" it sparked a debate on social media about health and beauty standards some love that a woman of a larger size was featured in a spread saying things like  "Love this" "You look stunning" but some were outraged "How does someone let them selfs get that big?" "How is this socially acceptable and even praised?" etc.

What Do you think?
Do you think that women of a larger size should be represented more in the fashion industry? or do you think that it's promoting bad health?

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