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I Made Changes To A 1930s Puff Sleeve Pattern. Here's How I Did it:

I had a 1930s dress pattern just laying around in my pattern bin, and I just kept getting this idea to recreate this pattern and add bows and pockets to it. So, that’s what I ended up doing! I took a pocket piece from another pattern and added to this pattern, then I made four bows. One for the top, two for the pockets and one to make a matching hair bow. I wanted to make something with a pop of color for the easter holiday. I was originally going to use orange fabric for the bows, but I went with pink fabric instead. I feel like the pink fabric contrasts better with the teal fabric than the orange fabric does. When I was making the base of the gown. I had to change the length of the zipper. The original pattern called for a short zipper in the back, but due to the shape of the gown and its small waist, I had to install a zipper that goes all the way down the back. It just making getting in and out of the gown easier. At first, I thought I wouldn't like this pattern because of how
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How I Made A Pink And Dark Blue Poke A Dot 1940 Full-Length Gown. ( Collaboration with Serintyscott)

I made this 1940s style dress in blue and white poke a dot with a pink accent bow. I originally wanted to made the pattern with long sleeves, but I though short sleeves would be more suitable.This photo was in collaboration with a local brand. I had my makeup done by them in a 1940s style which complemented this outfit perfectly. I also made a little hair bow with some of the extra pink fabric that matches perfectly with it! This is a little sneak peak of the photoshoot I had. I will update this article when the rest of the photos comes out.  

I Made A 1930s Color Block Dress. Here's How It came out:

I kept envisioning making a color block dress. At first, I wanted it to be based on a 1940s pattern, but I thought it would look better with a 1930s pattern as the base. I chose to use dark brown and light pink because I saw a 1930s dress advertisement that used the same colors. I decided to add some pink buttons I had on hand to add a little something extra that I thought the garment needed. This is the result: Click here to see another variation of this garment!

I Made A Bias-cut 1950s Two Piece Crop Top Set.

I saw this crop top pattern on Etsy, and I just had to buy it! It didn’t come with a pattern for a matching bottom, so I adapted a pattern that I already had for a 1940s bias-cut dress. Here's how the sewing process went: I decided to sew my whole wardrobe this summer, and I kept getting an idea to make a striped bias cut two-piece set. I went to my local fabric store and found this cute pink striped fabric that I thought would go perfectly with what  I envisioned. I also decided to buy some Lilies and convert them into hair clips. I thought they would go perfectly with the fabric I picked out to make the crop top set. Overall, I think it turned out perfectly! I love the end result.

Sponsored Post: Fast-Track Methods For Feeling Incredible About Your Natural Beauty.

Source   If you feel insecure about the way you look, you’re not alone. Practically everyone has wobbles from time to time, based on their outer appearance.  Fortunately, though, there are several things you can do to make yourself feel better about the way you look. It’s all about being kind to yourself and taking the time you need for self-care.  This post explores some fast-track methods for feeling incredible about your natural beauty, and even celebrating it.  Ignore Media Beauty Standards Rule number one is to ignore the beauty standards you see in the media. They are nearly all fake and involve photoshop, filters, makeup, lighting, angles, and other tricks that make celebrities and models look flawless .  But, as you might expect, they don't look like that in real life! If you don’t believe me, just watch them on a catwalk and see for yourself.  Remember, you don't need to fit into a narrow mold of beauty that is defined by someone else. You can create your own definitio

1940s Full-length French Style Dress Sewing Pattern Review.

S o I was scrolling on Etsy, and I saw this 1940s pattern for a full-length dress, and I had to get it! The style reminded me of a vintage French dress I had seen in an old movie I had watched once before. I don’t know if it is really French inspired, but I call it that anyway.  It didn’t come with the facing, so I’m just going to use some seam binding to finish the raw edges. Also, it didn't come with the stay in the front, so I just gathered it. I chose to use a bright pink crepe fabric and it was the perfect choice for this pattern because it falls beautifully on your figure. I plan to make version A of the pattern as well, so I will come back and do a separate blog post for that one. I already bought some light pink fabric, but I don't know if 'll use it for this pattern.

Vintage 1950s Full Circle Dress Pattern Review.

I made a 1950s dress pattern, but this time, it was a full circle skirt instead of a regular 180 degree skirt, this one is 360 degrees! I decided to use some old pop art cotton fabric that I got at a real cheap price at my friend's thrift shop, and then I used an old bedsheet I found at the good will bins to use as the trimmings. For some reason, this fabric reminds me of Barbie, so I call it the "Barbie dress" even though it doesn't have Barbie actually on it. The fabric itself consist of pop art that says "I wear glamour or nothing at all!" The pattern itself was about a medium if I hade to rate it on the difficulty scale, but I think once you make it once or twice you'll get the hang of it.