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1930s Full-Length Bow Gown Vintage Pattern Review.

I was walking through a store with my best friend when I saw this beautiful yellow poke-a-dot fabric, and I just had to get it! At first, I wasn't sure that I would use this vintage sewing pattern for a 1930s full-length gown, but I decided to try it anyways, and I'm glad I did! My best friend didn't like the fabric when she saw it at first, but when I showed her the final project, she loved it! I also made this pattern in another kind of fabric, and the dress came out perfectly that time too! I bought half a yard of black fabric to make the bows in black for contrast, and the bows paired beautifully against the yellow poke-a-dot fabric! I would totally make it again!
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1940s Full-length French Style Dress Sewing Pattern Review.

S o I was scrolling on Etsy, and I saw this 1940s pattern for a full-length dress, and I had to get it! The style reminded me of a vintage French dress I had seen in an old movie I had watched once before. I don’t know if it is really French inspired, but I call it that anyway.  It didn’t come with the facing, so I’m just going to use some seam binding to finish the raw edges. Also, it didn't come with the stay in the front, so I just gathered it. I chose to use a bright pink crepe fabric and it was the perfect choice for this pattern because it falls beautifully on your figure. I plan to make version A of the pattern as well, so I will come back and do a separate blog post for that one. I already bought some light pink fabric, but I don't know if 'll use it for this pattern.

Vintage 1950s Full Circle Dress Pattern Review.

I made a 1950s dress pattern, but this time, it was a full circle skirt instead of a regular 180 degree skirt, this one is 360 degrees! I decided to use some old pop art cotton fabric that I got at a real cheap price at my friend's thrift shop, and then I used an old bedsheet I found at the good will bins to use as the trimmings. For some reason, this fabric reminds me of Barbie, so I call it the "Barbie dress" even though it doesn't have Barbie actually on it. The fabric itself consist of pop art that says "I wear glamour or nothing at all!" The pattern itself was about a medium if I hade to rate it on the difficulty scale, but I think once you make it once or twice you'll get the hang of it.

1940s Vintage Full-length Bias cut Candy Striped Gown Pattern Review.

I was looking for a way to incorporate pink stripes into my next vintage sewing project when I found an early vintage 1940s sewing pattern that is cut on the bias, and I was in love with it! Then, I went on eBay and found this black and pink striped fabric, and I knew it was mean to be! A lot of people talked about the pattern matching when I posted this dress. They said it was amazing, but all I did was follow the instructions on the pattern and made sure the strips matched while I was feeding the fabric through the sewing machine.   I had trouble with the front facing, and I still have to touch it up a bit, but I feel like it’s not that noticeable. I also had trouble with the flower in the front, but I just added brooch pins to the back of a fake flower I made, then attached it to the dress instead of hand sewing it on. It was also supposed to have 6 buttons in the front, but I opted out of it because I think the dress already has enough with the flower piece. Over all the pattern wa

I Made A 1930s Dress Out Of Physics Equations And Calculus Equations.

  O ne day, I saw a dress made out of math equations at a boutique shop. I loved the dress so much, but there were two problems: the fabric was cheap, and the price was high. I said to myself " I can make that better!" So I did. I started by finding a pattern that I liked, then I started looking on Etsy. On the pattern I chose, the original colors were blue and white, but I decided to used black and white and I used the light pink for contrast. I quickly sewed the buttons on because I was so impatient, but I resewed them on tightly after the video. The hardest part were the sleeves and the middle part. The sleeves didn't look like sleeves in the pattern, so I didn't know how to assemble them at first. But, I got the hang of it. As for the middle part, I didn't know how to hide the raw edges, so I just folding them in and sewed over them. Gratefully , The sleeves and the middle part came out fabulously.

Advanced 1930s Puff Sleeve Dress Vintage Sewing Pattern Review.

I saw this 1930s dress  pattern on Etsy, and I just had to try it! It’s a relatively simple pattern, the only tricky part was the collar. I chose to do it in pink originally, and I did, but the collar on that one came out a little distorted, so I chose to make it again in blue. The pattern only has one version of the dress to make instead of three like other vintage patterns usually do. This dress would be a great maternity dress because without the belt, it is very loose fitting. Overall, it was a super easy pattern to make, and I will definitely make it in different colors in the feature!