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I Made A 1940s House Coat. Here's How It Went:

I saw this 1940s housecoat pattern on Etsy, and I just had to get it! I made it in a relatively short time frame, but I did struggle with the color and the new kinds of darts. The darts were more so more elaborate pleats, which I was kind of puzzled by. I chose a cute floral patterned fabric that I found at Joanne's because it was what I envisioned for this pattern. This housecoat also has gathered pockets, which were new to me as well. The version I made is full-length and has lace trimmings. I used some lace that was given to me by a dear friend for the trimmings, and I ordered a long light brown and zipper for  the opening in the middle. The belt that came with the the pattern was missing, so I just used a pattern piece from a 1930s dress pattern that I already had. Overall, it's a great pattern that can also be made into a cute long sleeved dress if you please.  
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My Attempt At A 1930s Style Dress Pattern. (Simplicity Pattern 9360.)

A dear friend of mine gave me a few patterns to try out, and this pattern really caught my eye. It's a 1930s style Simplicity pattern, and it has many ways you can make the dress.  The pattern was somewhat easy to follow. I got a bit confused when it came to adding elastic to the waist band. I went with the second version of this dress, but I didn’t like the collar, so I left the collar out. I got one rude comment that I didn’t recreate the dress exactly, but that’s not what I intended to do anyway. I chose to use the pink poke-a-dot fabric because I thought it would look better than just plain blue and white.  ’m going to try this pattern again, but this time try to make it look like the first version with the bow neck tie. I don’t know if i’ll use the same color of fabric though! 

How I Made This 1940s Style Dress Gingham Dress With Only A McCall's Shirt Pattern.

S o, I went to the store in search of a puff sleeve shirt pattern. I looked throughout the sewing store for HOURS and when I finally gave up, it was literally on one of the counters right in front of me on display. I already bought the fabric I needed a day or two prior, and I went right to work making the dress. I did not buy a skirt pattern, because I can make a skirt myself by folding a piece of fabric in half after measuring my waist, hips, and desired length then cutting the skirt out. (Leave a comment if you want a detailed blog post showing how I did it!) This was not an easy project for me. Only because I did not listen to the sewing instructions on the pattern. So despite how it looks, there are a lot of mistakes with this garment. For example, I cut the facing down because I thought it looked too long, and I also cut the shoulders down. (Big mistake!) The pattern comes in three different styles. Without sleeves, puff sleeves, and long sleeves. I feel like it would have been a

The Making Of Greta: A 1930s style Summer Dress.

At first, I was planning on making a totally different design,  but this one just came to mind as I actually started draping. I was talking to my friend and telling her how it’s one of my sewing goals to design my own wedding dress, and I guess that conversation led to me playing around with some leftover muslin. This is just a draft. I plan on making the real dress with striped fabric and with red or hot pink flowers. I made the top on the dress form, but I cut out the measurements for the bottom on my sewing table, then attached it to the top on the form.  Bref, it did not take long to put together, but it sort of came out looking like a wedding dress due to the super white muslin I used.

How To Accessorize With Style And Taste.

A ccessorizing in the right way will help you enhance any outfit. Jewelry, handbags, shoes, used correctly, can complement your outfit and really enable you to create that wow factor. They are the finishing touches and make the outfit pop. They also make it look like you have put a little more time and effort into your look and the effect is far more stylish and unique. By using accessories, you can really highlight your individuality and personality. However, to do it correctly, you need to consider a few things detailed below: Image sorce It Needs to be Balanced. Accessorizing correctly means that you have created a balanced look. What this means is that you need to think about accessories that have the right proportions. If you have a particular area you want to highlight, then you need accessories to bring attention to these areas, and minimize the bad areas. If you are tall and want to appear smaller, a lower heel and large jewelry that makes you seem smaller is a good way to ach

The Best Advice For Starting Your Own Small Business With Pin Up Curl And Call Me Lucille.

S tarting your own business can be daunting, but it can also be greatly rewarding. Since COVID-19, more people are starting their own online businesses than ever before. Being able to work online and control you own schedule seems to be very common factors along side being able to earn a good income. I asked two small business owners in the vintage fashion community for their tips on how to get your very own small business up and running! Call_me_lucille "I was taught by my mom to always be different. At the time, I just wanted to dress like all the other kids on the playground. But as  I got older, I realized dressing differently to others made me feel good and I started to relish in it. Every day becomes an occasion to dress up and it’s turned a mundane Monday into a catwalk show.I experimented with a lot of different eras, but I was drawn to a '50s/'40s way of dressing because it was the only era that fit my body shape and flattered it. My body shape is not made for mod

"Take Your Time Building Your Wardrobe" – Pinup Emilia Gives Advice For Creating A Vintage Wardrobe.

R emember when I wrote a post on this cute couple? Well, I found out their names and managed to get an interview with them both . The woman is named Emilia . I interviewed her to get her style advice as she has impeccable style. Q: How did you start dressing in vintage fashion? A: “It all started five years ago when me and my best friend got into swing dancing at the age of 15. We instantly fell in love with the music from the 1930s-1940s. When watching old dance clips from that time we started to get really interested in the fashion of the era as well." Q: How do your friends, family, and the general public react to the way you dress? A: “My friends and family really appreciate the way I dress and see it as a normal thing now. I have to say that I am very glad to live in a capital city like Berlin since the people here are generally pretty open minded. When I go out in a full 1940s wardrobe I still get a lot of looks but most people are just very interested in seeing a