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I Made a Dress Out of the Galaxies.

I got a lot of questions about this galaxy dress that I had made recently, so I decided to make this blog post to describe how I made it. I got the fabric from Joann’s, it’s just plain old cotton fabric with glitter on it. I used a true vintage 1940s pattern for it. I loved it because it was long sleeved, and it was perfect for the coming winter/fall months. The pattern originally had buttons, but I didn’t want to ruin the fabric of my button hole machine wasn’t working. So, I used snap on buttons instead. I then added pink trim on the pockets and collar. If you want a dress like this for your self, visit my hire me page.
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I Made a 1930s Puff Sleeve Silk Gown. Here's How it Went:

A good friend of mine gave me this beautiful silk or at least silk like fabric, so I decided to make a dress out of a true 1930s pattern. I chose this pattern because it could double as a day dress and a night gown. Eventually, I started to solely wear it for sleep wear. Overall, the dress making process was very quick and easy since I have made the dress pattern so many times before.

I Made a Purple Puff Sleeve Dress From an Original 1930s sewing pattern. Here's How it Went:

I had made this 1930s pattern before, but I decided to make some adjustments to it. I made the waist smaller, and I removed two bows from the front. The dress is made from basic cotton, and I chose to use a simple poke a dot pattern for my fabric choice. I think it turned out lovely! I didn’t add in a zipper, so it was a little snug. I think i’ll add a zipper to it later.

I Made a 1940s Style Black and White Color Block Dress for The Winter. Here's How I Did it:

I had this idea of this color block 1940s dress in my head for a while, so I decided to make it. I wanted to have a set of winter dresses that were comfortable, but that I could still wear around the house. I chose felt fabric and a 1940s dress pattern with long sleeves to give the dress a more comfortable feel.

I Made a 1940s Gown in 4 Hours. Here's How I did It:

One day, I got bored. So I decided to sew a dress from a 1940s wrap dress pattern that I  had lost in my sewing drawer. I made some alterations to it by adding elastic to gather the top instead of just gathering it the old fashion way. I also added a little flap on the left side of it that made it look more like a vintage summer dress. I made a matching turban for it as well, but I decided to pair it with some handmade flowers I made instead. The dress also has an amazing v-neck back that I had to alter a bit as well. Overall, I love how the dress turned out, and it only took me about four hours to make!

I Made a 1940s Two-piece Crop top Set With a Matching Hair Bow.

I made this set from a 1940s pattern. It's not an original 1940s pattern, but rather a reproduction of a 1940s pattern. I made it from cotton fabric with a gingham pattern on it. I’ve decided to sell it because I'm a fuller chested woman, and the top rides up too much that it exposes my bra. So this would do good on a woman with a smaller chest, so keep that in mind when buying it. The back of the top is closed by snap on clips, while the back of the skirt is closed by a zipper.If you’re interested in this set, check out my shop page.

I Made a Dress Out of an Old Bedsheet. Here's How I Did It:

I found an old bed sheet while digging through the bins at goodwill, and I decided to make it into a dress. I found a 1940s pattern online, and I decided to use it to make this dress: I also made a matching bow to go with it. I had some problems with the seams coming undone at first, but then I just switched to stronger thread. Besides, that it was pretty easy to make!