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Not Your Average Scientist: What It's Like To Be A Cognitive Genetics Scientist And A Pin-up Girl.

It is my mission to help women who major in STEM-related fields feel more represented. There’s this assumption that if you major in a STEM-related field that it has to become your entire identity. That you have to fit into the mold of what most people think a STEM major should be like. Male, simplistic style, and have no other interests except for the field you majored in. That assumption is what scares many women away from majoring in such fields. They feel like they would have to change who they are and part with all their other interests. But that’s simply not true. I spoke to Elisa ; a pink-haired cognitive genetics scientist who certainly does not fit into the mold of what most people think a scientist should be or look like. I asked her about her experiences as a pin-up in her field of work. Q: How did you know you wanted to become a scientist? A: "My brother was with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome; a genetic syndrome that causes severe mental, physical, and developmental impairm
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5 Skin Bad Care Habits That You Need To Avoid.

L ooking after your skin should be a top priority in your beauty routine. If you have clean and clear skin, the world's your oyster. Honestly, you feel so beautiful and confident - you can walk outside with no makeup and turn heads fast enough to catch a whiplash lawsuit! Image source. What's the secret to great skin? Good skincare habits . Or, more precisely, not falling into bad skincare habits! There are so many bad habits the majority of people are guilty of, and they're preventing you from achieving skin goals. While there are plenty to pick from, these skincare bad habits are the ones you have to stop right now: Choosing bad makeup brands You spend a lot of time wearing makeup, and it stays on your face for hours a day. Therefore, you need to be sure you can trust the products you use, ensuring they don't damage your skin any further. Unfortunately, there are so many makeup brands out there that use harmful chemicals in their products, creating skincare issues for

Classic Men: What It Is Like To Be A Male Vintage Fashion Enthusiast.

I t has come to my attention that there are a lot of males who follow me and that they feel like I never pay attention to the male side vintage fashion. That’s because, well, I’m a woman. So I don’t know much about male fashion. I’ve also noticed that a lot of men shy away from dressing up because they feel like it somehow takes away from their masculinity. I don’t know why some men feel like if they wear a nice button up white shirt and tailored slacks that women will just assume they’re not attracted to the opposite sex. I find it’s quite the contrary. Many women (including myself) appreciate when you take the time to dress up and take care of yourself. I spoke to two male vintage fashion enthusiasts, and I spoke to them about their experiences as male vintage fashion enthusiast as well as the fashion advice they had for males who are looking to step up their wardrobe game.  Dandy Wellington “My love of vintage came from my mother. Growing up in Harlem, surrounded by Jazz, theater an

5 Dermatologist Approved Tips That Will Help You Get Smoother Skin.

I f you’re a fan of fashion, then you’ll know how important it is to ensure that your skin looks the best that it can at all times. That being said, maintaining a smooth complexion isn’t easy and at times, you may find yourself dealing with breakouts and blackheads more than you’d like. If you want to put an end to that and if you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your skin clear and clean, then this is the guide for you. Image source . What Causes Rough Skin? Your skin’s health is very much influenced by a number of factors. This happens to include sun damage, pollution and stress. Over time, this can chip away at your complexion and it will make you far more prone to things such as age spots, sagging and wrinkles. If you struggle with genetic conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, then this can really make you susceptible to rough skin. If you want to try and combat this issue, then you need to try and make sure that you moisturize your skin. You also

"I Wanted To Bring Hats Back Into Style" – Meet The Parisian Milliner Bringing Hats Back Into The Forefront.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE headwear . I don’t care if they are hats, scarves, or turbans. If it’s eccentric looking and bright-colored I’ll wear it. So when I found this Parisian milliner's shop, I immediately had to interview her. Q : How did you start to design and why? A: “Since I was a little girl, I liked creative activities and I became passionate about vintage fashion. One day, I decided to learn how to create hats to match with my outfits because I couldn't find what I was looking for in the stores.” Q: Why did you choose to design hats? A: “I think they’re an essential accessory to complete an outfit; there are not a lot of milliners in France and it made me want to bring hats back into style here.” Q: Which of your designs is your favorite and why? A: “My favorite design is the silver hat with autumn leaves; It pays homage to this season which gives us such pretty colors! Q: Which of your hats do you recommend the most to buy? A: “It's this l

3 Non-budget Friendly Ways To Treat Yourself This Spring.

Luxury purchases have always been something to strive for. What luxury means to each person does vary, but they certainly go a long way in making people happy. The year 2020 saw the value of the personal luxury goods market soar to 217 billion euros, a huge amount of cash. Again, what’s luxury to one may not be to another. You can pretty much sum up luxury as something you buy because you really want it, not because you need it. But why do people do it? People might buy  luxury items  because they need to cheer themselves up and lend a bit of confidence . Maybe they do it because they’re interested in that niche industry. Luxury purchases can help you through a rough patch if used sparingly. Here are some great luxury niches for you to consider. Photo source . Buy A New Wardrobe. Clothing is a basic necessity, but it’s also a luxury item. You can go cheap, and you can go expensive. It’s regarded by many as the best way to display your personality and your flair for fashion can strey in

What It's Like To Be A Veterinary Researcher And A Vintage Fashion Enthusiast.

Being a vintage fashion enthusiast in a work environment can be difficult. You either get stared at or your coworkers assume you don’t know what you’re talking about simply because of the way you’re dressed. So I made it my mission to feature vintage fashion enthusiasts in various different careers and ask them for their tips. I spoke with Rosalynn ; a vintage fashion enthusiast and veterinary researcher from South Africa. Q: How did you come to love vintage style fashion? A: “I was brought up by my mom and grandmother who both loved clothes and vintage fashion. They always wore clothes that did not fit the current fashion style and encouraged me to do the same. So from a young age I loved dresses, flowy materials and flowers – anything with flowers. My grandparents loved antiques and my mom had a fusion of styles. So we loved checking out thrift shops to find weird and old stuff.  In my teens, I had a brief gothic phase but then went back to my colorful flowy flower style. Only abou