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1940s Vintage Full-length Bias-cut Candy Striped Gown Pattern Review.

I was looking for a way to incorporate pink stripes into my next vintage sewing project when I found an early vintage 1940s sewing pattern that is cut on the bias, and I was in love with it! Then, I went on eBay and found this black and pink striped fabric, and I knew it was mean to be! A lot of people talked about the pattern matching when I posted this dress. They said it was amazing, but all I did was follow the instructions on the pattern and made sure the strips matched while I was feeding the fabric through the sewing machine.   I had trouble with the front facing, and I still have to touch it up a bit, but I feel like it’s not that noticeable. I also had trouble with the flower in the front, but I just added brooch pins to the back of a fake flower I made, then attached it to the dress instead of hand sewing it on. It was also supposed to have 6 buttons in the front, but I opted out of it because I think the dress already has enough with the flower piece. Over all the pattern wa
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Tips To Embracing The Evolving You

When we hear ‘body transformation,’ our minds often jump to dramatic physical changes. But what if we broadened that scope, embracing a myriad of changes both inside and out? So, let’s wander down this road and shed some light on how transformations can be personal milestones that deserve to be celebrated without an ounce of guilt. Via Pexels A New Perspective On Transformation What does transformation really mean? It’s easy to focus on the physical: weight loss, muscle gain, or changing hairstyles. However, there’s an internal journey that often goes unnoticed - the one where you grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Maybe you’ve taken steps to heal from past traumas , or you’ve found strength in vulnerability; whatever it is, this is part of your transformation journey. Every step you take in understanding and bettering yourself, be it physical or internal, is a transformation worth celebrating. #1. From Comparison To Self-Compassion  In a world that often thrives on compariso

Winters Coming! Here's How To Change your Lifestyle to a healthy one even when it's cold out!

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels You can jumpstart a healthy lifestyle to spring into your goals. These could be weight loss, more training, or eating better. Any of these are great for you and will help you gain the confidence and body you desire to fit into those dresses you were too scared to wear. From making changes to your diet to getting the sleep you really need, here are some useful suggestions. Consider Body Sculpting Some may say it’s like cheating, but there are genuine reasons for body sculpting. If you aren’t sure what body sculpting is, it is when you change the shape of a part of your body. For getting ahead of things like losing weight, this refers to body cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks. These can help define your shape and give you a massive confidence boost. It isn’t uncommon for people who have these done to maintain a healthy lifestyle afterward. Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle with Dietary Changes Of course, it all begins with changing

How to Boost your Confidence by Keeping up with Your Style Daily

Feeling beautiful will help assist your confidence. There are so many people out there who will tell you that it doesn’t matter how you look and other things along these lines, but it’s not always true. We’re not saying that it matters for anyone else though, but it might matter for you. Sometimes the way that you look is directly linked to your confidence depending on who you are, and that makes it necessary for you to look your best. There’s nothing wrong with this, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In this article, we’re going to be giving you some advice on how you can look your best and boost your confidence at the same time. Are you interested? Let’s go then. Learn To Do Your Makeup Image Credit - CC0 License First, we’re going to suggest that you learn how to do your makeup the way that you like. This does not have to be following the trends right now, and it doesn’t have to look anything like the models on magazine covers. But, you can find your own style with this and c

Sponsored Post: 3 Surprising Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery.

According to the Harley Clinic, nearly 18 million Americans underwent cosmetic surgery in 2018. In 2020, researchers found breast augmentation was the most sought-after cosmetic surgical procedure, followed by liposuction and eyelid surgery. Although several Americans have opted for cosmetic surgery options, many are unsure how they feel about this form of beauty routine. Simply put, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is an elective operation that improves one’s features. Over the years, this form of surgery has been given a bad rapport. Contrary to what you may believe, cosmetic surgery has several benefits. Here are five of the surprising benefits of cosmetic surgery. Improved mental health Image Credit Although you may love yourself, there are some physical features you do not like and wish to change. And there is nothing wrong with that. Being unhappy with certain physical appearances can make you uncomfortable, shy, or reluctant to be social. This would negatively affect the well-bei

Sponsored Post: How To Get Back to Building Your Winter Work Wardrobe

Y es, it’s the middle of August. Yes, it’s summer right now and you’re wearing smart dresses and off-the-shoulder cuts to feel cooler. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't be thinking ahead. In just a few short weeks, you’re going to find that the autumn and winter options are out there in the stores ready for you to jazz up your winter work wardrobe. Going into the office isn't the easiest thing to do since the pandemic, and as much as you’d rather be at home with the laptop on the couch, you need to make sure that you are feeling good while you work. Dressing the part can help, from warm socks under knee-high boots to ensuring that the suit you wear is wool and not just simple cotton. Office outfit ideas aren't easy as it is, so we’ve put together some of the things that you need to include in your winter work wardrobe so you can feel warm and comfortable while you work. Image source: Pexels A tailored coat. Battling the climate this winter is so much easier when yo

I Made a Dress Out of an Old Bedsheet. Here's How I Did It:

I found an old bed sheet while digging through the bins at goodwill, and I decided to make it into a dress. I found a 1940s pattern online, and I decided to use it to make this dress: I also made a matching bow to go with it. I had some problems with the seams coming undone at first, but then I just switched to stronger thread. Besides, that it was pretty easy to make!

I Made A 1940s Pink Double Bow Dress. Here's How I Did It:

I made this 1940s double bow pattern with light pink and dark pink poke-a dot fabric. I decided to alter the sleeve length, and make it just until it reaches my elbow. I also decided to leave out the shoulder pads because I thought the dress didn’t need them. Overall, the pattern was very easy to read and follow, and I would totally made it again Here's the final result: