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The Girl With The Impossible Waist: Model Rachel Ann Jensen Talks Corset Training, Pinup Fashion, And More.

E ven though corset training has been around since the 1500s, it still has somewhat of a negative stigma surrounding it. Even more so now due to the very similar act of' 'waist training' becoming more mainstream. I spoke to Rachel Ann Jensen ; a Model and Blogger that's known for her small waist and classic style. (I like to call her a modern Betty Brosmer also known as " The Girl With The Impossible Waist " because of their resemblance in appearance.) Her husband, Eric Jensen , is a Designer who specializes in Bespoke. I wanted to know about her about her experiences with corset training, and how she felt about the stigma surrounding it. Q: How did you first get involved with pin-up fashion ? What has been your experience with it so far? A: “ I feel that this lifestyle is an evolution - it was for me, and I’m sure it is for most girls.  It’s not like I decided one day that I wanted to dress like a pinup, but rather little pieces of influe
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How To Slowly Incorporate Vintage Fashion Into Your Wardrobe.

Y ou may feel lost when it comes to fashion and aren’t feeling beautiful or your best at this moment. The good news is that there are steps you can take that will help you be more fashionable and, in turn, more confident in your own skin and with yourself. Being more fashionable takes time but why wait any longer. Start today by putting these tips into action and getting on the right track to finding success with this endeavor. Keep in mind fashion and your look can and will likely evolve and change over time as you change and evolve as a person. Model: Souykena Pick A Style The first step to being more fashionable and confident is to pick a style and stick with it. Instead of copying others, you can develop your own look and approach. Research possibilities and follow fashion icons to help you determine which way you want to head with your overall appearance. Once you have the base or foundation for your style you can begin to make it into your own and transform it in a way that hel

The Best Long Lasting Lipsticks For A Classic Retro Red Lip!

I f you’re like millions of women during COVID, you’re trying to save money while still looking and feeling your best. So you go out and buy a 1-3 dollar drug store lipstick only to have it smudge and bleed through. In the long run, it’s better to buy high quality lipstick that lasts rather than to keep spending 1-3 dollars every week for a low quality one. Here are two high quality red lipsticks that never fail me. Mon Cheri - Beauty Bakerie Ruby Woo - Mac 

5 Vintage Style Tips That You Have To Know About.

When thinking about the vintage look, your mind naturally wanders to thoughts of big dresses or an Aubrey Hepburn hat. Fashion choices are undoubtedly a major part of designing a winning style. Still, you should not forget that success is underpinned by beauty rituals too. Here are five simple steps that will allow you to build the foundation that makes subsequent fashion choices pop like you never imagined. Hairstyle As already mentioned, hats and headwear can play a significant role in building your vintage look. However, this should not detract from the importance of a winning hairstyle. The right choice can shape your face, set the tone for your outfit, and generally boost your confidence. This interview I did with Mrs. Dupuy will provide clearer insight into the best pin-up hairstyle for hair of varying lengths. When you equip yourself with 2-3 suitable solutions, you can build the right look day after day. Nails Your hands are a central feature of all non-verbal communication. T

How To Start Off The New Year With A Fresh Start.

T here could be any number of reasons why you’re not feeling yourself at the moment. Coronavirus has long term effects and it could be these taking their toll on you, it could be lockdown and having so much time spent at home that is making you feel unlike yourself. Have you lost your job and are looking for purpose, even a reason to get dressed in the morning? Or it could have nothing to do with the national pandemic , you may have just had a baby, be recovering from another illness or have just been through a breakup or bereavement, Whatever it is that is making you not feel yourself, here are a few tips for you to try to feel like yourself again. Photo source   Get Into A Routine. This sounds easier than it is when you’re feeling down but getting into a routine can really be crucial when it comes to feeling better about yourself and your life. Having structure makes you feel happier; so whether this is a regular morning workout , going for a walk then coming home and having a bath

Make 2021 Your Year With This Vintage Fashion Advice.

W e are almost in a new year already, and the motivation and focus of concentration around is there to be absorbed. We have had a crazy year this year, and many of us have struggled for various different reasons. It has been hard, there is no doubt about that. But the new year gives you some hope, a chance for a fresh slate and the promise that things are going to get better. Many of us need that hope more than ever right now.  Model: Thepinupdoll Whether you believe in resolutions or not, many people set themselves plans and goals for the year ahead. Whether that is career related or on a more personal level. But while you can keep yourself motivated, write them down, or even talk about them with your loved ones, it's worth thinking about whether there are more practical and psychological ways in which you can improve your chances of going through with your new year plans. One of the ways you can do this is by dressing the part. A great tip for this is to take a long hard look at

1940s Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look.

I’ve been experimenting with new looks ever since I've become more confident with my style. I’m happy to report that I can honestly say I don’t care not even one little bit what people think of what I wear; it makes me happy. And that’s all that matters. So, as a result, I've been becoming even bolder with my looks. And I'm going to start incorporating bold ‘30s and ‘40s inspired makeup looks into my daily outfits. Stay tuned! This outfit was the first time I wore a big hat on an outing. It shall be the first of many!

4 Issues That Are Stopping You Achieving Your Vintage Fashion Goals.

A re you thinking about embracing a vintage style? This can be a great way to ensure that you do stand out and a wonderful choice if you’re keen to reinvent your personal style. However, there are definitely a few roadblocks that you could run into when you’re perfecting this type of look. Here are some of the problems that you need to be aware of along with some of the solutions that you can keep firmly in mind.  The Body Shape. First, you should make sure that you are thinking about your body shape. It’s important that you do have the right body for the type of vintage style that you are attempting to emulate. There are various tricks to ensure that you do get the right shape. For instance, if you need that hourglass shape with the thin waste, then you can consider using a corset. While these are not recommended all the time, you can use a corset to train your figure and ensure that you do look incredible in a vintage dress. Alternatively, you might be opting for a plunging neckline.