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Fit For A Queen: Her Majesty’s Milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan Talks All Things Headwear.

Headwear is very important in the vintage fashion community; it often adds that last dramatic touch that is needed to make the outfit come all together. Hats are dated as far back as the late 1800s.They were used more for necessity rather than a fashion statement. Even though many would assume otherwise - due to their extravagant designs.
They went in and out of style for a while until their popularity seemed to plummet in the ‘60s. They are now often only worn inchurches for religious reasons or in the winter for necessity.
I spoke to Rachel Trevor-Morgan;A Milliner granted a Royal Warrant to design for the Royal family. I wanted to know how she felt about hats not being as popular as they once were, and the advice she has for women who want to start wearing them.
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How To Fix A Broken Nail. (You Just need two things!)

Ever try to grow your natural nails out but they end up breaking? Yeah, me too. It happens to the best of us. In this tutorial I'll show you how I fix my broken nails with just two items!

Things you’ll need:
Silk wraps.
Ridge filling nail polish.
Or Nail glue.

Paint your nail with the ridge filling nail polish then cut off a small piece of the silk wrap and place it on the part where your nail is broken. Pain over the silk wrap until it dissolves, then wait for it to dry.
All done!

5 Tips For Throwing A Vintage Style Party.

Halloween is creeping up on us and there's nothing like a vintage style party to have some fun. By planning ahead of time you know that no matter what happens on the day, from a dental emergency to a last minute no-show, you are prepared for any eventuality.
Image source.
Get Creative With Costumes.Think of all the ‘traditional’ characters that arise on Halloween, a witch, zombie or a mummy and then jazz them up with a vintage edge. For example, an old vintage wedding dress works perfectly for creating ghosts or mummies, loosely wrap yourself in scraps of white lace fabric leaving parts of your dress uncovered to create a vintage mummy look. There are lots of books and movies you can draw inspiration from. A few examples include Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, Meg and Mog and not forgetting Scream. 
Don’t Skimp On The Little Details.Vintage-themed parties tend to be held in a garden, if it’s in your home try and set the scene with some retro decorations. Look for vintage floral napki…

Rocket Originals Review: 1940s Fairsale Sweater.

A company named Rocket Originals was kind enough to give me a sweater to review. They’re a small Family company, but they have very unique and authentic looking vintage products. Which makes sense, since they’ve been admirers of the eras they recreate since their teen years. Their aim is to make their products as historically accurate as possible.

I’ve worn it about three times now: when the weather is cool, but not quite cold enough for a jacket. It’s held up so far with no tears in the knitting or fatting away of the colors.
The sweater they gifted me Is styled after a popular 1940s design, which I find very cute but casual. Overall, it’s a nice quality sweater 

How To Wear Vintage Fashion Without It looking Like A Costume.

Vintage clothing is, quite simply, awesome. It is a fun and fabulous style, and almost everyone can pull it off, whether it is an entire outfit or elements, such as a vintage style skirt or a 50’s style headwrap. Whatever the occasion - school run or shopping trip, lunch date or lounging about - vintage can be the answer. Photo source
However, one fear that many people who are new to the style have is how to wear it without looking like they are dressed up for a fancy dress party. Of course, if that is your style - go ahead; we think it looks pretty ace, but if you want to be a little more subtle, here are some tips on pulling it off.
Pair your clothes with modern accessories.Accessories - and we are going to lump footwear into this category - can make or break an outfit. Pairing something a little more modern - cool sunglasses, a pair of Air Jordan retro sneakers, or a modern bag with clean, simple line can ground and tone down an otherwise eccentric outfit. Pick out one of the colours …

The Secret To An Old Hollywood Smile (it’s all in the teeth!)

The smile is undeniably one of the strongest weapons in the woman’s social arsenal, but there are a lot of people who don’t use it to the greatest effect for one reason above all: they’re not confident in it. Here, we’re going to look at tips that can help you both restore your smile and ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth out of it, to boot.
Photo source
Make sure it gleamsOne of the most common reasons that women hide away their smile is the fact that they might be dealing with discoloration. This isn’t something to be ashamed of, though it’s wholly understandable why it might affect someone’s confidence. A lot of people have to deal with discoloration due to age, foods and drinks, and lax dental hygiene standards. While keeping those standards up is crucial for maintaining results, teeth whitening treatmentsdone both with the help of your dentist and at-home whitening kits can help you brighten your smile by several shades, helping you regain some lost confidence in your ab…

Pregnant? Here's What You Need To Know About Vintage Maternity Wear. (With Serena)

Many women struggle with finding maternity wear that’s stylish and comfortable. Especially in the vintage/pin-up fashion community. So I asked Serena: a new mother and vintage fashion enthusiast, common question surrounding vintage maternity wear.
Q: How did you start dressing in vintage fashion? A: “I started dressing vintage after I had my first baby, and I lost all the weight but my body was not the same prior to pregnancy. I knew I would have to replace my wardrobe to fit my new normal so I made the decision to sew my dream wardrobe. I’ve always loved and admired vintage, and at that point in my life I had absolutely no reason not to go 100% vintage. I was teaching myself to sew in order to reproduce these timeless styles, so I was also very confident in my skills to take on original patterns from the past. Things just seemed to fall into place for me.”
Q: What’s your advice for pregnant women who want to start wearing vintage fashion?
A: “My number one tip for dressing vintage while …

The Best Pin-up Hairstyles For Short, Medium length, And Long Hair. (With Vintage Hair Don't Care)

Vintage hairstyles can be very time consuming, especially if you don’t even know which hairstyle to wear! I spoke to Mrs. Dupuy; A vintage beautyenthusiast and instagramer with new-found passion for vintage hairstyles. She has been sharing her tips and tricks on her instagram page and has agreed to answer some of the most common questions concerning modern vintage hairstyling.

Q: Why did you decide to start wearing your hair in vintage hairstyles?
A: "I have always loved vintage styles but never really took the time to try them myself until I was stuck at home during the pandemic. Prior to that, there were two instances in which I was inspired to try them myself: one was having a hairstyle for my wedding day and wanting something classic and old Hollywood. We had so much fun coming up; it's a unique style together.  But the first time I had to prep my hair for a vintage style in rollers was when I was an extra for a 1950s TV show. That was the first time I ever saw my hair set …