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Dita Von Teese Nail Tutorial: How To Get Dita Von Teese's Moon Nails For Less Than 10 Dollars!

Getting your nails done every two weeks can be very costly; One manicure usually costs about 45 dollars. Multiply that by 12 months, and you get a grand total of 540 dollars you spend every year. Imagine how much money you could save by just learning to do your nails yourself. In this article, I’m going to show you how to get Dita Von Teese’s famous moon nail manicure for under 10 dollars! 
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What you’ll need : 
Optional: ridge filling nail polish.
Paper reinforcement labels.
Red nail polish.
Optional: Top coat nail polish.
Optional: Instant Nail drying spray.

Frist, apply the ridge filling polish. This will help protect your nails and have the nail polish last longer without chipping. Then, stick the paper reinforcement labels on half of each of your nails.

Spray your nails with the instant nail drying spray (or wait for them to dry) then apply the red nail polish. Spray your nails again or wait for them to dry before adding a top coat  to give you nails a more shiny look. 
All Don…
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1. Use kitchen or work gloves when cleaning.The cleaning products and dirt from cleaning is extremely damaging to your nails. Make sure to wear gloves every time you clean.
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