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Emmy Nominated Costume Designer Marion Boyce Talks About Her Love Of Vintage Fashion And More.

I n honor of the return of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries , I decided to speak to one of the former costume designers; Marion Boyce is an award-winning costume designer who’s known for her out standing work in movies such as the "The Dress Maker" and many others. I’ve always loved Miss Fisher’s outfits. They are always so fashionable, eccentric, and complement her perfectly. I often model a lot of my outfits after hers. So when I had a chance to speak with the women that designed them, I jumped at it. I wanted to know how she developed such a passion for vintage fashion and how she first came to love it. Q: You seem to have such a passion for vintage fashion and fashion in general. At what point in your life do you think you really started to realize your passion for it? A: “I truly do love textiles and fashion - especially vintage fashion. Designers truly knew how to make clothing shine back then. I spent my childhood rummaging through my great grandmother's tru
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"I Wanted To Bring Hats Back Into Style" – Meet The Parisian Milliner Bringing Hats Back Into The Forefront.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE headwear . I don’t care if they are hats, scarves, or turbans. If it’s eccentric looking and bright-colored I’ll wear it. So when I found this Parisian milliner's shop, I immediately had to interview her. Q : How did you start to design and why? A: “Since I was a little girl, I liked creative activities and I became passionate about vintage fashion. One day, I decided to learn how to create hats to match with my outfits because I couldn't find what I was looking for in the stores.” Q: Why did you choose to design hats? A: “I think they’re an essential accessory to complete an outfit; there are not a lot of milliners in France and it made me want to bring hats back into style here.” Q: Which of your designs is your favorite and why? A: “My favorite design is the silver hat with autumn leaves; It pays homage to this season which gives us such pretty colors! Q: Which of your hats do you recommend the most to buy? A: “It's this l

3 Non-budget Friendly Ways To Treat Yourself This Spring.

Luxury purchases have always been something to strive for. What luxury means to each person does vary, but they certainly go a long way in making people happy. The year 2020 saw the value of the personal luxury goods market soar to 217 billion euros, a huge amount of cash. Again, what’s luxury to one may not be to another. You can pretty much sum up luxury as something you buy because you really want it, not because you need it. But why do people do it? People might buy  luxury items  because they need to cheer themselves up and lend a bit of confidence . Maybe they do it because they’re interested in that niche industry. Luxury purchases can help you through a rough patch if used sparingly. Here are some great luxury niches for you to consider. Photo source . Buy A New Wardrobe. Clothing is a basic necessity, but it’s also a luxury item. You can go cheap, and you can go expensive. It’s regarded by many as the best way to display your personality and your flair for fashion can strey in

What It's Like To Be A Veterinary Researcher And A Vintage Fashion Enthusiast.

Being a vintage fashion enthusiast in a work environment can be difficult. You either get stared at or your coworkers assume you don’t know what you’re talking about simply because of the way you’re dressed. So I made it my mission to feature vintage fashion enthusiasts in various different careers and ask them for their tips. I spoke with Rosalynn ; a vintage fashion enthusiast and veterinary researcher from South Africa. Q: How did you come to love vintage style fashion? A: “I was brought up by my mom and grandmother who both loved clothes and vintage fashion. They always wore clothes that did not fit the current fashion style and encouraged me to do the same. So from a young age I loved dresses, flowy materials and flowers – anything with flowers. My grandparents loved antiques and my mom had a fusion of styles. So we loved checking out thrift shops to find weird and old stuff.  In my teens, I had a brief gothic phase but then went back to my colorful flowy flower style. Only abou

Pinup Of The Month Lana Moreaux Gives up Her Best Beauty Secrets.

I ’m starting a new series on this site called “pinup of the month.” Where I find new pin-up models and ask them for fashion and beauty tips. This month, I interviewed Lana Moreaux ; a pin-up up model and naturalist with a love for plants. How and why did you start dressing in vintage fashion? A: “I've been in love with vintage fashion, music, and decor for as long as I can remember. I call it a little nostalgia for an era I never took part in. It all started with my grandmother, I grew up living with her and I mainly listened to all of her favorite music from the 50s and 60s. We also watched 80s does 50s movies like Crybaby and Grease. I felt like that's where I belonged. As I got older, I dressed all modern but always found myself thinking about vintage fashion. I didn't even know that I could purchase true vintage and reproduction until I was in adulthood and trying to figure out how to stop dressing like a club girl. I never felt like this space wasn't for me until

Add A Spring To Your Step This Spring With These 3 Tips.

S pring is definitely on its way, and although there are still grey clouds out there, heavy rain and the threat of ice and snow, we are now on the home stretch of winter and ready for brighter days, sun and gorgeous spring blooms. However, winter can make us quite lazy when it comes to how we look and present ourselves and also we can forget that certain aspects of our home may need checking. This time of the year is the ideal time to really spend some time on yourself and on your home. With that in mind, here are some of the things to focus on now.     Model. Your hair and skin may need some attention! In the winter, we can easily cover up bad hair days by simply accessorizing our outfits with a woolly hat of some kind. It is the ultimate winter fashion accessory but it just won’t cut it in the warmer months ahead. Of course, hats don’t need to be discarded entirely, but you may find that you want to give your hair some love and attention. You might want to invest in some new haircar

5 Hot Makeup Trends That Have Come Back In Style Just In Time For Summer 2021.

S ummer is waving at us from a distance, which may cause you to need 24-hour air conditioning repair . Many are looking ahead to warmer days and longer nights. Now would be the perfect time to start practicing your makeup looks, so you are ready to slay at that first event. Luckily, you don't have to shop around for ideas because you will discover here a roundup of the trendiest makeup looks for summer 2021 that will soon be all over your social media feed. Rosy cheeks. Blush has made a comeback in recent times. Previously considered too girlish for the cool beauty queens in harsh bronzer, a rosy glow on the cheeks is the picture of youth and health. A splash o f pink brightens the eyes and gives the illusion you've just stepped in from a frosty walk or, paradoxically, a day in the sun. For best results, pinch your cheeks and match your blush to whatever color arises. For a subtler, translucent look, choose a cream blush. For a more dramatic, sweeping glow, a powder blush is

4 Ways To Instantly Dress up Any outfit.

A re you interested in making some choices to dress up a plain and dull outfit? Here are some of the key options that we recommend if you want to guarantee that you are styled to stun. Images source . Focus On Your Nails. First, you might want to consider dressing up your nails with the right choices. You can choose a shade for your nails that perfectly matches the outfit that you are wearing. Or, you can choose a shade that is going to clash beautifully. There are so many different choices here too from natural nails to stick on nails, it’s entirely up to you. You might also want to go to a professional nail artist. They’ll be able to complete some wonderful nail art that will be guaranteed to make an impression.  Wear A Belt. Next, you might want to think about adding a belt to your outfit. A belt is a great way to break up a plain or dull outfit and ensure that it looks absolutely terrific. You can get different styles of belts too. For instance, you might want to think about getti