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Do Modern Pinup Girls Want To Live In Another Era?

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A question modern pin-up girls hear very often "Do you want to live in another era?" Well, I think for most of us the short answer is No. Just because we enjoy fashion, art, food, or music from a past era doesn't mean we want to go back to it.

Let me ask you something, have you ever heard a great song from a past era? Now let me ask you this: just because you like a song from that era, do you want to now want to live in that era? No. You probably don't. The same goes for most modern pin-up girls. Just because we enjoy the style in the 1950s, does not mean we enjoy everything from that era. Nor does it mean we want to go back to it. They’re some people in the vintage community who do believe in vintage values, but most people in the vintage community just enjoy the style.

This snippet from an interview I had with Pin-up model Angelique Noir pretty much sums it all up: "I am far from being the person who says that I was ‘born in the wrong time’. I was born at exactly the time I needed to be, which gives me the ability to shine now."