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Man Who Claims To Be a Part Of The Vintage Community Claims He's Never Lusted After Another Woman Because His Wife Was A Virgin

A Woman shared on Reddit an email she got from a man who claims to be part of the vintage lifestyle.

“You spend any time in this world and you learn something very quick.

Men lose all respect for a woman when she walks around half naked catering to their egos and giving into their desires. Simply put men tend NOT to respect a damn thing they didn’t have to work hard to get. Additionally, a man refuses to grow up and be a mature responsible adult unless he’s forced to by his parents.

If you want proof of what I’m saying then open the door to your home and go for a walk. There number of people already practicing what the author is pushing by far surpasses the number of people that aren’t. And look at how downright dysfunctional and rotten today’s society is.

My wife was a virgin when I met her and so was I. I’ve never disrespected my wife and I’ve never lusted after another woman and I never will. I have nothing but respect for anyone that holds themselves to a high standard. But I had the benefit of having been raised by parents that were tough as nails. They set the demands high for their children and they punished us when we tried to be anything less than those standards.

And religion had NOTHING to do with our moral compass.”

Now I see why some people assume if you wear vintage clothing and are part of the vintage community assume you have the same views as this man. If this man was really in the vintage community he would know that they're a variety of women in the past such as Pin-up girls, Flapper girls,  Gibson girls, etc. Who weren't exactly holy virgins who wouldn't dare to even show their collarbones. Just because a woman is wearing something Like crop top or something YOU deem inappropriate does not mean a man will not have to work Just as hard as he would to get a woman who’s wearing a turtleneck. And I hate how you just spoke for all men. I Highly doubt that every man shares the same opinion as you.  

My problem with this is that if you're happy with your wife and have quote and quote "Never lusted after another woman"  why do you have such a problem with what other women choose to wear and express themselves? Is your solution to cheating to be a virgin before you meet your lover? For a woman to be respected she has to dress a certain way?  I'm glad you and your wife are so happy Sir. But there's no need to disrespect women who aren't the way YOU prefer them to be.