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I Made A Bias-cut 1950s Two Piece Crop Top Set.

I saw this crop top pattern on Etsy, and I just had to buy it! It didn’t come with a pattern for a matching bottom, so I adapted a pattern that I already had for a 1940s bias-cut dress. Here's how the sewing process went:

1950s two piece sewing pattern.

I decided to sew my whole wardrobe this summer, and I kept getting an idea to make a striped bias cut two-piece set. I went to my local fabric store and found this cute pink striped fabric that I thought would go perfectly with what  I envisioned.

1950s two piece sewing pattern.

I also decided to buy some Lilies and convert them into hair clips. I thought they would go perfectly with the fabric I picked out to make the crop top set.

Overall, I think it turned out perfectly! I love the end result.