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I Made Changes To A 1930s Puff Sleeve Pattern. Here's How I Did it:

I had a 1930s dress pattern just laying around in my pattern bin, and I just kept getting this idea to recreate this pattern and add bows and pockets to it. So, that’s what I ended up doing! I took a pocket piece from another pattern and added to this pattern, then I made four bows. One for the top, two for the pockets and one to make a matching hair bow. I wanted to make something with a pop of color for the easter holiday. I was originally going to use orange fabric for the bows, but I went with pink fabric instead. I feel like the pink fabric contrasts better with the teal fabric than the orange fabric does.

1930s vintage dress pattern.

When I was making the base of the gown. I had to change the length of the zipper. The original pattern called for a short zipper in the back, but due to the shape of the gown and its small waist, I had to install a zipper that goes all the way down the back. It just making getting in and out of the gown easier. At first, I thought I wouldn't like this pattern because of how it looked when I hung them up on the hanger, but when I put the gown on, it looked completed different! I plan to make this gown in purple, pink, and blue - all poke a dot fabric of course. I already made it out of fabric that had mathematical equations printed on it, and I also modified that one but taking out the middle part and adding pink buttons. Stay tuned for more of this pattern and many others!