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1940s Full-length French Style Dress Sewing Pattern Review.

So I was scrolling on Etsy, and I saw this 1940s pattern for a full-length dress, and I had to get it! The style reminded me of a vintage French dress I had seen in an old movie I had watched once before. I don’t know if it is really French inspired, but I call it that anyway. 

1940s French Dress pattern vintage.
It didn’t come with the facing, so I’m just going to use some seam binding to finish the raw edges. Also, it didn't come with the stay in the front, so I just gathered it. I chose to use a bright pink crepe fabric and it was the perfect choice for this pattern because it falls beautifully on your figure.

1940s French Dress pattern vintage.

I plan to make version A of the pattern as well, so I will come back and do a separate blog post for that one. I already bought some light pink fabric, but I don't know if 'll use it for this pattern.