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1940s Vintage Full-length Bias-cut Candy Striped Gown Pattern Review.

I was looking for a way to incorporate pink stripes into my next vintage sewing project when I found an early vintage 1940s sewing pattern that is cut on the bias, and I was in love with it! Then, I went on eBay and found this black and pink striped fabric, and I knew it was mean to be!

1940s striped gown dress pattern.

A lot of people talked about the pattern matching when I posted this dress. They said it was amazing, but all I did was follow the instructions on the pattern and made sure the strips matched while I was feeding the fabric through the sewing machine.  

I had trouble with the front facing, and I still have to touch it up a bit, but I feel like it’s not that noticeable. I also had trouble with the flower in the front, but I just added brooch pins to the back of a fake flower I made, then attached it to the dress instead of hand sewing it on.

It was also supposed to have 6 buttons in the front, but I opted out of it because I think the dress already has enough with the flower piece. Over all the pattern was extremely easy to follow, and I will defiantly use it for more projects!