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I Made A 1930s Dress Out Of Physics Equations And Calculus Equations.

 One day, I saw a dress made out of math equations at a boutique shop. I loved the dress so much, but there were two problems: the fabric was cheap, and the price was high. I said to myself " I can make that better!" So I did. I started by finding a pattern that I liked, then I started looking on Etsy. On the pattern I chose, the original colors were blue and white, but I decided to used black and white and I used the light pink for contrast.

I quickly sewed the buttons on because I was so impatient, but I resewed them on tightly after the video. The hardest part were the sleeves and the middle part. The sleeves didn't look like sleeves in the pattern, so I didn't know how to assemble them at first. But, I got the hang of it.

1930s dress pattern

As for the middle part, I didn't know how to hide the raw edges, so I just folding them in and sewed over them. Gratefully, The sleeves and the middle part came out fabulously.