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The Making Of Greta: A 1930s style Summer Dress.

At first, I was planning on making a totally different design,  but this one just came to mind as I actually started draping. I was talking to my friend and telling her how it’s one of my sewing goals to design my own wedding dress, and I guess that conversation led to me playing around with some leftover muslin. This is just a draft. I plan on making the real dress with striped fabric and with red or hot pink flowers.

1930s off shoulder summer dress.

I made the top on the dress form, but I cut out the measurements for the bottom on my sewing table, then attached it to the top on the form. 

1930s off shoulder summer dress.

Bref, it did not take long to put together, but it sort of came out looking like a wedding dress due to the super white muslin I used.