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How To Accessorize With Style And Taste.

Accessorizing in the right way will help you enhance any outfit. Jewelry, handbags, shoes, used correctly, can complement your outfit and really enable you to create that wow factor. They are the finishing touches and make the outfit pop. They also make it look like you have put a little more time and effort into your look and the effect is far more stylish and unique. By using accessories, you can really highlight your individuality and personality. However, to do it correctly, you need to consider a few things detailed below:

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It Needs to be Balanced.

Accessorizing correctly means that you have created a balanced look. What this means is that you need to think about accessories that have the right proportions. If you have a particular area you want to highlight, then you need accessories to bring attention to these areas, and minimize the bad areas. If you are tall and want to appear smaller, a lower heel and large jewelry that makes you seem smaller is a good way to achieve this. Also, you need to look at each individual piece you are wearing and see if they balance each other out. If you have large earrings or a necklace, perhaps you need less on the other areas. Otherwise, it may appear too much like overkill. When it comes to statement pieces, try and limit it to one or two pieces maximum. 

What is Your Theme?

Accessories are supposed to accompany the outfit and harmonize with it rather than distract or take something away from the outfit. Harmony means that all the pieces are working together to create one overall look. There has to be a common element or a theme you are creating. The theme could be about fitting a certain color, or it could be about creating a rock look. Whatever your theme, all the pieces need to be coordinated. When you know you are going out, think about the theme before you start purchasing the accessories. Having a focus on a particular style that enhances your individuality can make the whole process a lot more fun as well as successful. Take a look at some of the best high end resale shops near me to get a feel for how to use accessories effectively. 

Consider Colors 

Color is so important when it comes to creating that perfect look. However, it is best to limit color to around three to four different colors maximum. Otherwise, it can be far too much. Although a lot of accessories can be subtle, they do give you the opportunity to play with color. If you are wearing all black, perhaps a splash of a bold red in your earring or your heels will enhance the look you are going for. You could use accessories to highlight a particular color that exists on your outfit. Gold and silvers always work with any outfit. Also, think about colors or prints that work well with your skin tone or hair color. The trick is to always harmonize everything together.