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How To Get The Classic Headshot Look In 4 Steps.

Think back to the most famous headshots of the most beautiful women. Whether it's Hepburn, Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Bardot, or Hayworth, the classic headshot has always been their calling card. The unique turn of the face, looking over the shoulder, the curly hair, amazing teeth, beautiful skin and smoky eyes. It was a unique look that we don’t see anymore. Those who love the look as much as these women, will want to know just exactly how they can get that head-turning look themselves. Here are some simple steps.

1. Clear skin

Perhaps the most amazing thing about those classic women was their incredible skin. Nowadays we spend a fortune on skincare products to look smooth, silky and bright. However, you don’t need to put things on your skin to do this, rather just treat your pores correctly. A pore cleanser is something you should be using every other day. Kiehl’s white clay exotic cleanser is one of the best because it doesn’t strip your skin of natural oils. You need the oils your skin secretes to protect it from the sun and look alive. Dry but smooth skin like a matte finish is okay, but it doesn’t fit this look. 

2. Pearly whites

What drew the viewer to their lips was the pearly white teeth. Look at every classic headshot of the most beautiful stars, they always had great teeth. Speak with your local dentists to see if they do cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or full smile makeovers. Teeth whitening can last for about 12 months up to 3 years, depending on what you eat and drink. However, fully aligned teeth are an asset themselves. You look symmetrical when you smile, your teeth are in line, proportioned and it just makes your mouth look like an image of vitality.

3. The Hayworth curls

Perhaps the most famous of all the curls, Hayworth’s hairstyle is recognized around the world. The rumor is that Hayworth used lemon juice to brighten her hair and make it shinier. Although lemon juice is an acid, if used for a short while it can keep your hair shinier as it forces the scalp to secrete new natural oils instead of caking it on the existing layer. There’s shiny and then there is greasy. Her curls were not done by rollers, instead, they were wrapped around brush handles. Her hair was to the shoulders or slightly below, so the body and hang of her hair fit the angle of her curls too. 

4. Bardot’s eyes

Bardot invented the smoky eyes look. She used a thicker eyeliner and a greyish brown pallet for her eye shadow. It made the whites of her eyes smaller and her iris brighter. This gave her a really chic, mysterious, moody look that she used to full effect. Her famous sunrise headshot is one of the most recognizable of hers and in it, she has this powerful smoky eyes look.

Getting the classic headshot look is simple because it highly relies on natural beauty and not a lot of makeup. Take care of your skin, your teeth and follow these 4 steps to get the classic look.