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5 Skin Bad Care Habits That You Need To Avoid.

Looking after your skin should be a top priority in your beauty routine. If you have clean and clear skin, the world's your oyster. Honestly, you feel so beautiful and confident - you can walk outside with no makeup and turn heads fast enough to catch a whiplash lawsuit!

What's the secret to great skin? Good skincare habits. Or, more precisely, not falling into bad skincare habits! There are so many bad habits the majority of people are guilty of, and they're preventing you from achieving skin goals. While there are plenty to pick from, these skincare bad habits are the ones you have to stop right now:

Choosing bad makeup brands

You spend a lot of time wearing makeup, and it stays on your face for hours a day. Therefore, you need to be sure you can trust the products you use, ensuring they don't damage your skin any further. Unfortunately, there are so many makeup brands out there that use harmful chemicals in their products, creating skincare issues for the wearer. Instead, you need to look for non toxic makeup brands that provide products that are easy on the skin. This way, you can wear makeup daily without having lots of chemicals or toxins seeping into your skin. 

Sleeping with your makeup on

On the topic of makeup, you should never ever ever sleep with it on. No matter how tired you are, always make time to remove your makeup. Leaving it on all night just increases how long your face is covered in makeup, leading to clogged pores, greasiness, and all sorts of other problems. In turn, this can cause acne breakouts or chronic skin conditions. Even if your makeup is non-toxic, it's not good for your skin to keep it on overnight. 

Constantly touching your face

A bad habit we're all guilty of, that's for sure! Try as you might, you can't seem to stop yourself from touching your face. You're not caressing it and feeling your skin, it's more of a subconscious habit to rub your cheeks, touch your forehead, and so on. The problem is...your hands are filthy! Unless you have recently washed your hands, you could have germs and bacteria on them. Imagine you're on the bus holding onto something, and then you touch your face with that hand. Think of how many germs are now on your skin, possibly causing infections or triggering breakouts. 

Or, another issue is when you pick at or touch a spot, then touch another part of your face. You're basically transferring the bacteria from that spot to another part of your face, causing a new spot to form! Get out of this habit as much as you can. Arguably the top tip is to keep your hands as clean as possible at all times. Carry hand sanitizer if you need to, just ensure that your hands are germ-free before touching your face. 

Which of these bad habits are you most guilty of? Regardless, you need to stop. If you want healthy skin, get into the habit of kicking your bad habits!