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"I Wanted To Bring Hats Back Into Style" – Meet The Parisian Milliner Bringing Hats Back Into The Forefront.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE headwear. I don’t care if they are hats, scarves, or turbans. If it’s eccentric looking and bright-colored I’ll wear it. So when I found this Parisian milliner's shop, I immediately had to interview her.

Q: How did you start to design and why?

A: “Since I was a little girl, I liked creative activities and I became passionate about vintage fashion. One day, I decided to learn how to create hats to match with my outfits because I couldn't find what I was looking for in the stores.”

Q: Why did you choose to design hats?

A: “I think they’re an essential accessory to complete an outfit; there are not a lot of milliners in France and it made me want to bring hats back into style here.”

Q: Which of your designs is your favorite and why?

A: “My favorite design is the silver hat with autumn leaves; It pays homage to this season which gives us such pretty colors!

Q: Which of your hats do you recommend the most to buy?

A: “It's this little button hat with a bow. It is both very chic and pretty simple!”

Q: Can you tell me a bit about the design process?

A: “I rarely draw my hats before I start them. I like to create a base and then try various things with it. I work my shapes with steam and heat. I do everything. I sew everything by hand – which takes a lot of time!”

Q: Here in the United States, hats are mostly worn in the winter. Is wearing a hat more common in France?

A: “Yes! In France, we like to wear pretty elegant hats at chic weddings as well as straw hats in summer and felt hats in winter. It’s very fashionable in Paris."

Q: Any Upcoming projects for your store?

A: “I am considering partnerships with designers of wedding dresses, and designers of vintage outfits. I also started to create hats for historical reenactments and short films. Many projects and ideas... It will be fun."