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What It's Like To Be A Veterinary Researcher And A Vintage Fashion Enthusiast.

Being a vintage fashion enthusiast in a work environment can be difficult. You either get stared at or your coworkers assume you don’t know what you’re talking about simply because of the way you’re dressed. So I made it my mission to feature vintage fashion enthusiasts in various different careers and ask them for their tips. I spoke with Rosalynn; a vintage fashion enthusiast and veterinary researcher from South Africa.

Q: How did you come to love vintage style fashion?

A: “I was brought up by my mom and grandmother who both loved clothes and vintage fashion. They always wore clothes that did not fit the current fashion style and encouraged me to do the same. So from a young age I loved dresses, flowy materials and flowers – anything with flowers. My grandparents loved antiques and my mom had a fusion of styles. So we loved checking out thrift shops to find weird and old stuff.  In my teens, I had a brief gothic phase but then went back to my colorful flowy flower style. Only about 7 years ago did I realize my style fit in the concept ‘modern pinup / vintage’. I started to move within the pinup community then."

Q: Who are your vintage style icons?

A: “I love Marlene Dietrich. She was iconic in her own style. A fusion of both masculine and feminine styles and was of course a great actress. I often feel inspired by her in my own day to day style. She made herself unique and did not always fit the box people like to put her in both in what she said, did and dressed.”

Q: Where are you originally from?

A: “I was born in Durban, South Africa and moved with my parents to the Netherlands 25 years go. It was a great culture shock for me and took me quite a while to adjust. I also did not speak the language which required hard work to achieve.“

Q: Do you incorporate your vintage style into your work? If so, how?

A: “Yes, I wear vintage style every day. Mainly pencil skirts and dresses inspired by the 40-60s. I wear my heels, lipstick and have my hair done in vintage style. I have natural curly hair so I need to sleep with rollers in my hair for a fast prep in the morning. People love it at work and are always asking me where I got my clothes from. I work in a lab so most people have to wear jeans. They say I cheer the place up in my colorful clothes. I am lucky that i do not spend my time in the lab as most of the time I do office work so I can wear dresses. They can always hear my coming with my heels.”

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Q: Do you have any tips?

A: “Don’t be scared to stand out. Most people love it! Just show up in your dress and hair done up. You also enjoy seeing people all styled up and so do most other people. We are just so scared to get judged. I don’t care. I look professional and work appropriate, only just not like everyone else. “

Q: What’s your must-have in your wardrobe?

A: “Hats hats hats, I am obsessed with vintage hats. Probably about  100 of them. They really finish an outfit with that extra vintage flair and make you feel so stylish. Every vintage girl needs at least one hat!"

Q:What era do you usually dress in?

A: “Really depends on my mood. I have suspender pants from the 20s, long dresses from the '30s. Suits from the '40s. Swing dresses from the 50s and pencils from the '60s. Even have a few maxi dresses from the '70s. My taste is eclectic."

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: “If you love this style try and become part of the vintage community as well. It's so inclusive and kind. There are so many ladies and gents out there that love you and your style and are happy to help you explore it. You need to find your own happy place. Also I suggest doing a photoshoot in vintage style at least once. The results are amazing and really pick you up. They show you how beautiful you are and how amazing this style looks on you!”