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Pinup Of The Month Lana Moreaux Gives Up Her Best Beauty Secrets.

I’m starting a new series on this site called “pinup of the month.” Where I find new pin-up models and ask them for fashion and beauty tips. This month, I interviewed Lana Moreaux; a pin-up up model and naturalist with a love for plants.

How and why did you start dressing in vintage fashion?

A: “I've been in love with vintage fashion, music, and decor for as long as I can remember. I call it a little nostalgia for an era I never took part in. It all started with my grandmother, I grew up living with her and I mainly listened to all of her favorite music from the 50s and 60s. We also watched 80s does 50s movies like Crybaby and Grease. I felt like that's where I belonged. As I got older, I dressed all modern but always found myself thinking about vintage fashion. I didn't even know that I could purchase true vintage and reproduction until I was in adulthood and trying to figure out how to stop dressing like a club girl. I never felt like this space wasn't for me until I started learning about how things were for Black people in the US in the 50s. I felt crushed initially, but as I got older and my confidence, self-assuredness, and passion grew... I got over it. I was inspired by others in the space like Angelique Noire, Ashleeta, and Tannie (The Pinup Doll). I felt that there were probably other WOC like me who went through the same process and that I had an obligation to participate and show that BIPOC can be represented in fashions of era bygone and look damned good doing it. “

Orchard Corset, Collectif, Sarparilly, Style Camp, Bonsai Kitten, Rocket Originals.
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What’s your favorite era to wear?

A: “My vintage style clothing is mostly of the 50s/early 60s, when sex appeal brought tops cut lower and clothing much tighter. I love everything that accentuates the female figure. I also like silhouettes and styles from the 30s and 40s, but I'm not great at styling those eras.”

What kind of 1950s/1940s style dresses do you recommend wearing? 

A: “Nice full skirts and dresses from the 40s/50s are flattering on every figure and can be versatile depending how you style it and what the fabric is. Wiggle dresses from the 50s are absolutely delicious when you want to feel sultry. “

What are your style tips for beginners?

Start with one era that you adore and slowly add pieces, check out the vintage communities on Instagram. Explore small shops that purvey true vintage pieces if you feel called to do so, but know that buying reproduction is absolutely fine too. 

Where do you usually shop for your clothes?

A: “I usually buy from shops like Collectif and Unique Vintage. I also like to peruse local thrift stores, estate sales, and vintage shops.”

Q: Where do you usually shop for your shoes?

A: “Shoes are a touchy subject for me. I'm 5'11 with large feet to match, I wear a size US 11 which is usually not even a topic when talking about vintage shoes. I've noticed that some popular vintage reproduction shoe lines don't accommodate large or wide sizes. It's disappointing. I have seen that B.A.I.T., Remix, and Bettie Page have larger sizes.I typically go for modern brands for shoes like Pleaser (very inclusive sizing and tons of styles among their different lines).

Do you have any beauty tips?

A: “ I have lots. My best is that moisture is the key to living your best life. Drink more water, mist your face, put on lotion. I use a light oil or body butter every day after I shower. If I use oil, I'll put it on while my skin is still wet and lightly pat dry. I have long, kinky textured hair (4c for those into hair typing) that forms nicely into updos with little manipulation. The best way to keep kinky natural hair soft and healthy is moisturizing often.”