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How To Step Up Your Pin-up Fashion Game This Summer. (The bolder the better!)

When it comes to fashion, there’s no greater sin than being boring. You want your outfits to look visually stunning while also providing something new. 

Unfortunately, the quality of your outfits can decline over time. You start out, putting loads of effort into your fashion choices, but that fades over time. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the fashion vintage statements you’ve always wanted to make. Check them out below. 

How To Step Up Your Pin-up Fashion Game This Summer. (The bolder the better!)

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Animal Prints

Animal prints are something that seems to show up often in the bedroom, but not when we’re going about our regular day-to-day lives. It seems to be an unwritten rule of fashion, and very few people are willing to break it. 

If you want to break out of a fashion rut and go against the grain, then try donning a leopard-print dress. It’ll certainly get people looking in your direction. In fact, any kind of animal print will create raised eyebrows. 

Elegant Evening Dresses

If you really want to look great, then it’s time to start spending more. Remember, when you buy evening gowns from a reputable designer, you’re getting all of their skill and talent at the same time. You’re not relying on a third-party company to create an imitation design that won’t fit your figure as well.

Spending a lot of money also gives you a chance to wear something unique that nobody else has in their collection. It could be one of the best fashion choices you ever made. 

Oversized Accessories

Every year, fashion houses release a list of colours that they think are going to be hot in the season to come. And this year, red seems to be at the top of their list. 

Red has always been a great colour for making a fashion statement. But it also works well on accessories as well. A red clutch, for instance, looks great alongside a traditional black dress. 

You can also try experimenting with red jewellery. Rubies are the most elegant. But simple red-coloured lacquer can also have a massive visual impact, especially when worn around the wrists and neck.

Ripped Jeans

If you really want people to notice what you’re wearing, then dressing significantly younger is a great way to do it. 

The reason it’s so effective is that it disrupts expectations. Nobody expects you to have the courage to pull it off. But when you do, it keeps eyes fixated on you at any social gathering. 

Big Sunglasses

The reasons why celebrities wear big sunglasses varies. For some, it’s to protect their eyes from the sun. For others, it’s just for show. 

But, whatever the reason, it works. Celebrities that wear sunglasses automatically draw attention to themselves. 

Why this strategy works isn’t entirely clear. Part of it probably has to do with the fact that we love the mystery about the persona behind the shades. And part of it probably just has to do with our associations. Whatever the case, wearing sunglasses can do wonders for your fashion boldness.