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How To Slowly Incorporate Vintage Fashion Into Your Wardrobe.

You may feel lost when it comes to fashion and aren’t feeling beautiful or your best at this moment. The good news is that there are steps you can take that will help you be more fashionable and, in turn, more confident in your own skin and with yourself.

Being more fashionable takes time but why wait any longer. Start today by putting these tips into action and getting on the right track to finding success with this endeavor. Keep in mind fashion and your look can and will likely evolve and change over time as you change and evolve as a person.

Model: Souykena

Pick A Style

The first step to being more fashionable and confident is to pick a style and stick with it. Instead of copying others, you can develop your own look and approach. Research possibilities and follow fashion icons to help you determine which way you want to head with your overall appearance. Once you have the base or foundation for your style you can begin to make it into your own and transform it in a way that helps you have a more original look.

Update & Reorganize Your Wardrobe & Closet

After you’ve decided what type of style and fashion you like best and will look great on you then you can work on updating your wardrobe. For instance, if you’re trying to achieve a vintage look then you may want to find outfits and pieces that help you pull it off so you don’t look like you’re wearing a costume. Opt for items that look up to date and will mix and match well. Go through your closet and reorganize and try on your clothes so you can get rid of any garments that don’t fit the look you’re going for.


Another step to being more fashionable and confident is to accessorize and embellish your outfits. For example, if you’re going for a modern gothic look then you may want to consider shopping for and getting some magick jewelry. Accessories are an excellent way to make an outfit look more interesting and help you add a little sparkle and shine to your appearance. Remember to keep it simple by using a few accessories at once and not overdoing it with your hair and makeup so the focus isn’t taken away from your embellishments.

Be Unapologetically You

Finally, it’s essential that you focus on being unapologetically you when it comes to your fashion choices. Decide what you want to do and then take a chance and go for it. Remember, you can always change it up or go in a new direction if you’re not feeling your look as time passes. You’ll be much more confident and happy when you’re dressing for yourself and not doing what’s popular or what you think other people like. Follow these tips and then wear your clothes with confidence. This way you’ll have no regrets when you get dressed in the morning and look in the mirror.