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How To Wear Vintage Fashion Without It looking Like A Costume.

Vintage clothing is, quite simply, awesome. It is a fun and fabulous style, and almost everyone can pull it off, whether it is an entire outfit or elements, such as a vintage style skirt or a 50’s style headwrap. Whatever the occasion - school run or shopping trip, lunch date or lounging about - vintage can be the answer.

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However, one fear that many people who are new to the style have is how to wear it without looking like they are dressed up for a fancy dress party. Of course, if that is your style - go ahead; we think it looks pretty ace, but if you want to be a little more subtle, here are some tips on pulling it off.

Pair your clothes with modern accessories.

Accessories - and we are going to lump footwear into this category - can make or break an outfit. Pairing something a little more modern - cool sunglasses, a pair of Air Jordan retro sneakers, or a modern bag with clean, simple line can ground and tone down an otherwise eccentric outfit. Pick out one of the colours in the dress or skirt that you are wearing and try to tie them in that way. Another way of toning down an outfit is to pair it with classic black accessories.

Keep your hair and makeup simple and modern.

Pin up hairstyles and dramatic red lips look fabulous with vintage wear, but if you are trying to give it a more modern, edgy look, keep your hair and your makeup simple and contemporary. A simple slicked back bun, loose waves and braids can keep your hair looking cool, while nude lips and simple pared back makeup gives you a fresh look.

Opt for things that look up to date.

Much of today’s fashion is based on or takes inspiration from fashions of the past. Trends come in and out of fashion, and even new styles are a nod to something from twenty, fifty, eighty years ago. For example, the mini skirt. It first came intofashion in the 1960’s and has come in and out of fashion ever since. Look for a new take on an old trend to keep your look fresh.

Mix the old with the new.


We briefly touched on this when we talked about the accessories, but the same goes for the actual outfit itself. If you do not feel quite comfortable wearing vintage head to toe you could opt to wear a combination. Pair a vintage circle skirt with a plain vest top, or a 50’s style dress with a cardigan over the top. A great look is a frilled blouse and mom jeans! Mixing the old with the new can put an entirely different and unique spin on a look and can make vintage pieces a lot more versatile and wearable for everyday.

While head to toe vintage is an awesome look, if you want something a little more subtle for day to day wear, take these tips into consideration. You will look great!