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5 Tips For Throwing A Vintage Teamed Party.

Halloween is creeping up on us and there's nothing like a vintage style party to have some fun. By planning ahead of time you know that no matter what happens on the day, from a dental emergency to a last minute no-show, you are prepared for any eventuality.

5 Tips For Throwing A Vintage Teamed Party.

Get Creative With Costumes.

Think of all the ‘traditional’ characters that arise on Halloween, a witch, zombie or a mummy and then jazz them up with a vintage edge. For example, an old vintage wedding dress works perfectly for creating ghosts or mummies, loosely wrap yourself in scraps of white lace fabric leaving parts of your dress uncovered to create a vintage mummy look. There are lots of books and movies you can draw inspiration from. A few examples include Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, Meg and Mog and not forgetting Scream. 

Don’t Skimp On The Little Details.

Vintage-themed parties tend to be held in a garden, if it’s in your home try and set the scene with some retro decorations. Look for vintage floral napkins, hang some bunting and place some vintage Halloween centerpieces on the tables. Send out some vintage style invitations so your guests know you mean business. Make sure they RSVP so you can cater for everyone accordingly.

Jazz Up The Food.

Food is the way to every guest’s heart. Afternoon tea is usually the best choice for a vintage themed party. Make the food Halloween themed by making the crustless finger sandwiches look like fingers or make the cake pumpkin flavored. Don’t forget plenty of tea served in ‘bone’ china teapots. If you are going for more of a retro era order in some pizzas and pull out the chips and dips.

Organize Some Fun Games And Music.

Depending on the era you have chosen, pick some games that complement your theme. Dig out the old board games or if you are planning on going all out you could rent some arcade games. Don’t forget to organize some music, If outside hiring a swing band could make you a host no-one will forget. If budget and space are a problem don’t fret, invest in a record player and play some soft background music. If you’re planning an 80s themed party, find somewhere to hang a disco ball and stick on the Thriller music to get your guests moving. 

Don’t Forget The Party Punch

No party is complete without some punch. Try making a Halloween punch recipe or if you're feeling lazy pour some as spiced apple cider into a cauldron and voila your guests can then help themselves, this way you can enjoy the party and not be stuck making individual drinks all night. 

Following our steps should give you the confidence to throw the best vintage Halloween party going. Make sure your guests are all caught up with your plans to ensure there are no bumps in the night. 

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