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"If That's Hollywood's Idea Of Being A Woman Then I'm Ready To Quit" Maureen O’Hara's Stand Against Sexual Harassment

A lot of young and beautiful women in Old Hollywood would do anything for a chance to star in a big role, many directors and producers took advantage of this and would often ask for sex or sexual favors in exchange for such opportunities. Many women would just put up with it or just not tell anyone in fear of being blackballed - Not Maureen. The Irish starlet who's most famous for the role she played alongside John Wayne in the movie The Quiet Man, refused to be victimized. In return she was labeled as "A cold potato with no sex appeal" or in simpler terms not easy to work with - In a news article from 1945, she goes a little bit into detail about her experiences with some of Hollywood's most respected directors and producers. Stating that she was a helpless victim of Hollywood's whispering campaign; stating that Hollywood would only be happy if she divorced her husband and gave away her baby."If that's Hollywood's Idea Of Being A Women Then I'm Ready to quit."

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Even though she's famous for keeping her personal life private, she seemed to have a perfect family life. That is until author Aubrey Malone published a biography revealing the fiery red head's troublesome marriage. Labeling her first Husband Price as "Secretly gay and a drunken bully," Will Price was a dialogue director that Maureen had met when filming. According to Maureen, he was the perfect husband stating: "I knew I had found a real friend. I had traveled halfway around the world to find the one man I could love." Malone could beg to differ, in her book she claims that he was secretly gay drunken bully that was only with Maureen for her money.

Stating that one night he got mad at Maureen (who was pregnant at the time) about her antique doll collection. "I hate them! Get them out of here!" he yelled. When she refused, he punched her in the stomach. She kept silent because she thought the things he did to her were too revolting to tell. She eventually got tired of being quiet and divorced him in 1953. She eventually found true happiness with her third husband Charles Blair - Who tragically died in a plane crash ten years later.