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"Our Designs Are Made To Embrace The Female Body" Fashion Designer Charlotte Peeters Talks Fashion, Body Positivity, And More

Curves are embraced more now than ever, especially in the Pin-up community. Due to the modern fashion industry not making clothing to complement women with curves. I spoke to Charlotte Peeters - A designer who focuses on designing clothes that enhance and embrace your curves instead of hiding them in an unflattering way. She's part of a team behind a British clothing brand called "Glamour Bunny" - I spoke to her to get to know more about her designs and her experiences with Pinup style fashion.

Model: Gia Genevieve
Q: How did you all start Glamour Bunny and why?
A: Glamour Bunny started in June 2008 to provide women all around the world with dresses that would fit perfectly and hug their curves in all the right ways. We are dedicated to creating beautifully tailored, high-quality pinup clothing with a perfect fit for the retro fashion scene that will make women stand out from the crowd!”

Q: How did you first start designing?
A: “I always loved drawing clothes and took sewing lessons when I was a teenager. Glamour Bunny was first owned By Gerry Roxby, but once she sold the company I started out doing the photoshoots for Glamour Bunny and got more involved in the design process up to where I am now.”

Q: In your opinion, what’s your best design so far?
A: “Ha! Good question, so hard to choose but I have a few from the upcoming winter (AW19) that belong to my absolute favorites. The Demi is a style that I absolutely love, she has cute slits on the sleeves and star details on the bust. Whitney is also one of my favorites; the draped chiffon that connects in the waist gives it a glamorous, vintage feel!"

Model: Gia Genevieve

Q: I love the name of the shop, how’d you all come up with it?
A: "Glamour Bunny started in 2008 with former designer Gerry Roxby and has since then been a brand that stands for playful, sexy and powerful clothing. For me, wearing Glamour Bunny makes me feel confident and hot as hell!"

Q: I noticed a lot of your designs are very curve-hugging, and the models you use are very curvy as well. Is that somewhat inspired by the 1950s era?
A: “Not really, it’s more coming from noticing a lack in the market for women with curves. Glamour Bunny is made by women for women and you can see that in our designs. Our designs are made to embrace the female body and there’s a dress for every body type!"

Q: Do you wear your own designs?
A: "Yes! We always get super excited in the office when our first samples comes in and we can finally see how the designs look “coming to life”. We do a lot of happy dances haha. Glamour Bunny is such a team effort, where everybody has their own tasks but we’re all such a big part of making the collection into a success!"

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Glamour Bunny Team

Q: Have any movie stars from the past inspired your designs?
A: "I think Jayne Mansfield is a bombshell who I could definitely see wearing Glamour Bunny, but it doesn’t necessary influences the designs. We rather look at women who are inspiring us now; who empower us and inspire us to work harder and do better. Gia Genevieve (the face of Glamour Bunny) is one of those women who is such an inspiration; she knows what she wants and works so hard to get it! Seeing our GlamHunnies (women who wear Glamour Bunny) is also inspiring every day in the design process."

Q: Any up and coming projects we can look forward to?
A: "We will be at Viva Las Vegas this year for the first time with Glamour Bunny! Come and say hi at our booth! Also, we just shot our AW19 collection in January and it looks amazing! Gia is as always an absolute Bombshell and Tory Smith has done amazing work on capturing that."


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