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Rockabilly: It's Not Just A Style It's A Way Of Life

When you think of Rockabilly style fashion, you think of ripped jeans, tattoos, and lots of hair grease. And you’d be right to, but it’s more than just a style of clothing, it’s an entire subculture. “Rockabilly” is a term used to describe a type of music that is basically a mixture of Rock ’n Roll and Hill Billy music that was often listened to in the '50s. Hence the term “Rockabilly.”

Teens and young adults would listen to this music to forget about the struggles and social pressures of everyday life. It became a lifestyle of sorts, a lifestyle of fun and rebellion. The sub-culture still exist to this day, and has become international. With rockabilly subcultures in Japan, the United Kingdom, and Hungary to name a few places.

Speaking of Hungary, I found a shop based there that specialize in Rockabilly style clothing. I wanted to speak to the owner to see how they got into the style and subculture.

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Q: How did you start your shop and why?
A: I practically grew up in a sewing plant. Before I had my own shop, I already got orders from customers. Since I did not want a fashionable boutique, I created the style which I felt the closest to myself. Also, it was a market gap in the country at that time.

Q: How did you first get involved with pin-up style fashion?
A: I was fond of Elvis and beautiful women in his films even when I was a kid. Later I saw Pin-up girls in a tattoo magazine and they inspired me. I started using the hotline and had great success with the clothes I made for my friends.

Q: How did you start designing?
A: It also started as a child. It soon became clear what I was willing to wear and what not. And... I could easily buy my mom what to do for me  With her support I have been able to get the accolades for my clothes all my life.

Q: What's your favorite design so far?
A: "Definitely the Elvis dress I designed in 2014. There's a lot of manual work on it, but it's worth it."

Q: Which era is your favorite to recreate?
A:"It depends on the theme of the actual collection or the inquiry of the customer. I like the clothes of the original 50s, but that era is not really my own style. Of course, I make many 50s style dresses for my customers but I prefer wearing stray cats” almost punk style."

Q: What's your most popular design so far?
A: "I sell most of my Cherry Dresses, they are very charming and well-varied, whether you want to have something vintage or modern, it works. The Eve dress also has become very popular in the past few years. Many music bands order it and it was featured on 2016 Warbird Pinup Girls Calendar."

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Q: Do you wear pinup fashion yourself? if so what's your experience with it so far?
A: “Of course, I always wear the clothes I designed. I'm pretty tall so I'm not getting myself a confection anyways  That's why you can order your dress in my Etsy shop based on your own measurements. A lovely dress can open gates. If you only have to deal with an official affair, they will smile more favorably with you. And a man can feel like a man only with a lady on his side dressed as a woman. Try it out, if you wear sweatpants no one will open the door for you. If you are pretty, they will even pass the seat on the bus to get a smile from you”

Q: Any up and coming designs or collaborations we have to look forward to?
A: "I'm currently working on the new collection: I've always liked the style and I own some Mexican and Dia De Los Muertos clothing. The Spring 2019 collection will be a cheerful colorful one inspired by Mexican culture."


  1. Stunning dresses! I love the tiki & goth subculture of Rockabilly, too.


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