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"I Think Being Tattooed Just Fits Into The Mold Of Not Fitting Into A Mold" YouTuber Cherry Doll Face Talks Pinup Fashion Tattoos And More

For those of you who don't know, there's a term in the pinup community called "Period Perfect" it means you have to have your look resemble everything in the era you're trying to mimic. Which means no tattoos. Back in the '40s and '50s (when the pinup look first became popular) it was considered "unladylike" to have tattoos. Pinup culture is all about expressing yourself, not fitting into people molds or standards of what you should or shouldn't be. I spoke to Cherokee, AKA Cherry Dollface - A pinup fashion and lifestyle Youtuber and Author of Dollface Vintage: A guide to vintage fashion and lifestyle. I wanted to see how she feels about the stigma of tattoos in the vintage community.

"I Think Being Tattooed Just Fits Into The Mold Of Not Fitting Into A Mold"  YouTuber Cherry Doll Face Talks Pinup Fashion Tattoos And More
Shot by Claire Seville
Q: How do you feel about there still being a stigma surrounding women with tattoos? Do you think it makes you any less “Ladylike” or ruins the vintage look?
A: "I think there are all kinds of traditions that we are breaking in the modern vintage world. Women have rights, we work, we don’t all do our hair and makeup every single day… I think being tattooed just fits into the mold of not fitting into a mold and that’s a lovely thing."

Q: How did your friends, family, and the general public react to you becoming a pinup model?
A: ”It didn’t really exist yet when I first started so when you would say the term “pinup” everyone thought you were a nude model so that was a funny thing to try to explain to people. But that had already been my style for so long that I don't think anyone really thought anything of it that was close to me.”

Q: How was your first pinup molding experience and what’s your advice?
A: "Honestly, it was 14 years ago and I can’t even really remember! I just remember having a lot of fun on my first few shoots because it was such a  new thing and we were all figuring it out. "
 YouTuber Cherry Doll Face Talks Pinup fashion Tattoos And More
Shot by Claire Seville
Q: I love your Pinup name how did you come up with it?
A: "It was by accident actually! Back then no one really had pinup names— everyone just kind of used their real name or a variation: Bernie Dexter, Sabina Kelley…etc. My real name is Cherokee so my nickname growing up was always Cherry and at that time my email was The first magazine that published me must have just assumed that was my moniker and I just rolled with it!"

Q: What’s your favorite pinup related project you’ve done so far and why?
A: "I got to go to the Bahamas in 2008 to work at a blackjack tournament and it was SO much fun and I got to meet so many lovely ladies."

What’s your favorite tattoo so far? And what’s the meaning behind it?
A: "Probably my back piece because it is the biggest and prettiest. No meaning, just pretty art!"

What’s your advice for fellow tattooed pinups?
A: "Just be you and ignore everyone else!"

Any up and coming projects we can look forward to?
A: "This is my last year of touring so if anyone wants to come to my shoots or classes, this is it!"