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Meet The Dutch Youtuber Paying Homage To Vintage Beauty Icons.

I recently came across a channel called Lopsie. It's a channel run by Lucy - a 25 five-year-old from The Netherlands with a passion for History. She focuses mainly on modern fashion and lifestyle. But She also has a couple series on her channel such as "Beauty Beacons" and "The Pin Curl Dairies" where she tries to recreate different looks and hairstyles from style icons from the past. I spoke with her to get to know a little more about her and her journey to finding her inner pinup girl.

Lopsie, pinup youtuber, pinup girl, lucy lopsie

Q: Can you give some background on your life and how it led you to start your YouTube channel?

A: I've always had an interest in fashion and beauty, for as long as I can remember. When beauty blogs became a thing, I fell in love with them and started following a bunch. One day in high school, we were given an assignment in IT class to build a website. I knew straight away I wanted to make mine a beauty blog. This was around the time when YouTube was upcoming and the first "beauty guru's" were popping up.

I thought it'd be nice if I made a few beauty tutorials to go with my blog. They were filmed on a webcam, in Dutch, and in terrible lighting, but making them was a lot of fun. After the school assignment was done I decided to delete these videos and start over. I started making videos in English and focusing on hair rather than makeup this time. I wanted to share hair-friendly styling tips and there were barely any no-heat, no-dye, and natural products only hair videos out there at the time so I decided to fill that void. That's where it all started! Over time the topics I covered on my channel expanded to include more lifestyle content, less strict hair styling videos, fantasy-inspired hair tutorials and finally my historical beauty series.”

Lopsie, pinup youtuber, pinup girl, lucy lopsie

Q: How did you get into vintage fashion and history?

A: "History is something I've enjoyed for a long time. I had an amazing history teacher in high school who really got me into it, and I ended up studying medieval Celtic languages and culture in university. I've always been mainly interested in the more distant past though, and have only started exploring the style of the last century very recently.For the past couple of years, I've been recreating the looks of notable women in history on my YouTube channel, and I realized the styles of the more recent ones are the most wearable and they slowly but surely got among my favorites. It all kind of started when I discovered some early photos of Brigitte Bardot in the 50's and realized this was very likely to become my new fashion icon.”

Lopsie, pinup youtuber, pinup girl, lucy lopsie

You have a series on your channel called  “Beauty beacons.” What was your favorite vintage look to recreate and why?

A: “Beauty Beacons is the series where I recreate the hair and makeup of historical beauty icons. As for my favorite, I'm torn between the looks that end up resembling the original very well and the ones that actually look great on me. Obviously, the Brigitte Bardot episode is among my favorites, but I also really like the ones about Audrey Hepburn, Theda Bara, and Clara Bow.”
Lopsie, pinup youtuber, pinup girl, lucy lopsie

Q:Which beacon is your favorite? 

A: "Ah, back to BB, then! I find it hard to explain, but young Brigitte with the dark hair and 50's skirts is just my ultimate goal when it comes to looks. She's effortlessly beautiful, casually glamorous, and the style is right up my alley.”

Lopsie, pinup youtuber, pinup girl, lucy lopsie

Q:What era of fashion is your favorite? And why? 

A:"Honestly, my favorite is probably rococo which is just fabulous (that's the only right word for it, haha), but to stick with the vintage theme I'm going to say 1950's. I think 50's style is very feminine and elegant, but I also just really like it on me personally. It accentuates the female shape in a way that's flattering on my body type and most other body types too. I like that it's a little more extravagant than 40's fashion, but not as revealing and loud as 60's fashion. I also feel like 50's fashion is quite wearable still, and you can add little touches of it to your look without looking too costumey.”

Lopsie, pinup youtuber, pinup girl, lucy lopsie
Do you wear pinup/vintage style fashion often if so what has been your experience wearing it?
"I've only started slowly adding vintage style elements into my outfits over the past few years, but I'm loving it more and more! I've been trying to add more vintage-style basics to my wardrobe so that I can combine my modern pieces in more vintage looking ways. Wearing 50's inspired outfits makes me feel good, because I know it looks good. Somehow putting on a 50's inspired outfit instantly makes you look more put together. Whenever I do wear vintage style fashion, I get so many compliments. I feel like many people would love to wear that type of clothing as well but don't dare to, which is a shame because it doesn't take that much more effort than putting on jeans and a t-shirt, and the reactions I've gotten have always been positive!"

Lopsie, pinup youtuber, pinup girl, lucy lopsie

Q:You also have a series called “The Pin curl Dairies” where you try to get the perfect pin curls. All in all is this a hairstyle that you would wear often? And do you plan on making a series where you try to recreate other difficult pinup style hairstyles? 

A: "I'm still a pin curl newbie, hence the video series where I try to learn how to do pin curls and brush outs properly. At this point, it takes me a lot of time to get a good pin curl set, which is partially due to the fact that I don't have the right haircut for the authentic 40's/50's style. That does mean I don't wear pin curls very often. If I'm being completely honest, in my day to day life I tend to be really lazy with my hair and just wear it down in its natural texture most of the time. I would love to start doing them more frequently though. I don't have any pinup series planned as of yet, but I'm always looking for nice historical hairstyles to recreate on my channel so there'll certainly be a few up in the future!"