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Becoming A Modern Bettie Paige: ModBettie

Getting into the pinup community can be a bit daunting at first. One way to build your confidence is to have your own pinup shoot - I know this may seem even more daunting for some, but seeing yourself all dolled up in a professional setting can really do wonders. But don't just take my word for it, I spoke to Nicholette, a pinup model for a Photography studio called ModBettie. I asked her various questions on her journey to becoming somewhat a Modern Bettie Paige.

How did you get into pinup fashion and how did it lead you to model for Modbettie? "Getting into pinup and modeling at Mod Bettie actually went hand in hand.  I had made a bucket list of things I wanted to do before turning 30. One of the things on it was to participate in a pinup contest. I went, had a good time. Definitely did not place. After that, I did a Valentines themed photo shoot. The photographer told me I should look into modeling.  I scoffed. I was 30, curvy and way to short ( Exact words the modeling company told me!). Feeling horribly discouraged and ready to throw in the towel, Mod Bettie was holding a model call.  On a whim, I sent in a selfie, because that’s all I had. Next thing I knew, I was in the studio! That snowballed into a life as a pinup!"

Which vintage pinup model ( such as Marilyn Monroe)Inspirers you the most when you pose?  "I take my inspiration from lots of different pinups.  Bettie Page, for when I’m feeling feisty. Jane Russel when I’m feeling glamorous. Vargas Girls when I’m feeling classic pinup and Hilda the redheaded plus size pinup for when I’m feeling cheesecake!  However, I take inspiration from all of the gorgeous modern pinups. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing women. "

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Can you tell me about your first shoot with Modbettie and how it was like?  "I was so nervous the first time I shot with Mod Bettie. I hadn’t really modeled before, but Elise, the owner of Mod Bettie, has a magical way to make you feel at ease. She knows how to pose all body types and just make you feel like a hot little number! Before long I was in a black bustier and matching panties, strutting around like I owned the place. "

What’s your advice for women who are thinking about having a pinup shoot? Take the jump! I still get a little nervous.  I have had tons of shoots since that 1st one. I’ve walked the runway, but I still get those little excited, nervous butterflies.  Here’s the thing though, There is nothing to be afraid of! You have more to gain then you ever have to lose. Stop waiting until the right moment Happens.  You are beautiful, sexy, strong, and amazing just the way you are.

How did you feel after your first shoot? "I felt amazing, I still feel like that after every shoot.  I felt empowered. Strong. Sexy. I saw myself in a way I had never seen myself before, beautiful. "

Do you think you have to look or be a certain way to have a pinup shoot? "Absolutely not.  Pinup embraces all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. It also covers so many different types of pinup.  Some prefer horror, cheesecake, traditional, glam, boudoir, rockabilly. The list goes on. As long as you feel safe with your photographer, let loose! I definitely recommend doing your research.  Make sure you check out the photographer prior to shooting. You should always be able to bring a friend. Make sure their work reflects what you re looking for.  Once you have your photographer picked out, research different types of pinup. You don’t need to spend a lot of money either. There are lots of affordable options out there for pinup clothing.  Most importantly, have fun! Then print those pictures off and hang them in your house with pride. You are amazing. You are worth it. "