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Why This Fashion Designer Fell In Love With Pin-up Fashion And Lifestyle

The modern queen of Pin-ups Dita Von Teese once said: "High heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people," and she was right. Once you start to express your feminity and find who you are as a woman, some people start to get intimidated by you can label you as "loose" or trying to get attention. On the other hand, there are people that embrace it. Like Nadine - She's a German designer that specializes in Pin-up style fashion. I spoke to her to get to know more about her and her shop.

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Why did you start Lola Blossom Boutique?
"I Graduated in 1999 as a dressmaker and in 2003 I made my diploma in fashion design. After a personal stroke of fate, I emigrated to California, in 2004. There I worked until 2009 as a designer for an online shopping channel. In order to be more creative, I decided in 2008, if I should not do anything of my own."

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How did you start Lola blossom clothing?
"As already mentioned, I started in 2008. I lived near Los Angeles and worked there as a designer. Since I got a lot of requests from the Hollywood scene asking if I could not make original 50’s dresses from the old Hollywood days, I started reading about Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, Grace Kelly and a lot more famous women from the era. I quickly realized that demand was increasing and I needed a name for my creations. This style means female sensuality for me. The silhouette of the garment emphasizes the sensual shapes of the woman in a very natural way. Accordingly, a name had to match that fits. At that time, women from the Pinup Scene had stage names…I myself have always been called Lola, because I looked very similar to the actress Franka Potente, from Germany. So I already had the first part of my brand. For me, every single woman in this world is an extraordinary blossom. Each has its own form and sensuality. And there it was, Lolablossom was born."

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What inspired you to start designing?
"The Pinup, Burlesque, and Rockabilly Scene in Hollywood inspired me. Suddenly beautiful unusual women like Dita von Teese stood before me, unlike the women of today. They were also self-confident but feminine and sensual and had a sense of their body and how it affected people. I was blown away by this hidden eroticism and dealt with old cuts and designs from Dior. The “new look”, developed by Dior back in the 50s, embodied that feeling. And I was inspired by old magazines and stories of burlesque dancers."

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What's your best design so far?
"I have not found the best design yet. Unfortunately, there are still many women who are afraid of there own sensuality. Often I only sell standard clothes. Clothes that I wear myself or design that stand out are usually too elaborate and conspicuous for the "general" woman. Therefore, I still design every day. Many clothes I create are for returning customers are not in my online shop. Those designs I make, are most of the time unique old Hollywood Glamour pieces. Therefore, I don’t think I have a best design. I would say my best design is when my client feels like an irresistible woman, no matter what type of dress it is."

How do you want women to feel when they wear your clothing?
"My goal is that my clients feel like a stunning flower, sexy and confident, a feeling that they can conquer the world. I am not a fan of today's models who struggle to be super skinny … no chest, no waist, no butt… just being androgynous. I think it's great when a woman looks like a woman and has the courage to take that strength to the outside. That's what I want to achieve."
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What design do you recommend buying the most?
"I'm often asked this question because many women do not feel comfortable or have never tried petticoat dresses or pencil dresses. For these women, I recommend trying a simple dress first, with a petticoat that does not have that much volume. Just to get a feeling for this garment.

Women from the pinup, burlesque and rockabilly scene usually already know what they like and want to wear. Those women do special requests often with self-drawing inspirations which I try to unite with my designs. This goes from elaborate dresses with embroidery, to latex pencil dresses and much more."

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Any upcoming new designs, sales, or projects?
"I am currently working on wedding dresses. In the 50s, the wedding dresses were elaborately embroidered. I have a diploma in couture embroidery, this is what I am currently working on: to embellish opulent chiffon wedding gowns. The collection is likely to hit the market in 2020."