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Putré-Fashion: Modern Vintage Clothing With A Hint of Gothic Charm

The Gothic Vintage look is growing popular, epically in the Pin-up community. But it can be hard to find a store that sells it, especially for a reasonable price. I stumbled upon Putré fashion, a store that sells Vintage style clothing that has a hint of gothic charm to it. For a reasonable price, I spoke to the owner: Isabelle Drolet to get to know more about her amazing shop.

How did you start Putré-Fashion?
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"I began thinking about Putré-Fashion when I was in High School. Back then, I was into the gothic community. I was mixing the cute aspect of Gothic Lolita fashion (rocking horse shoes, hair flowers, and cupcake silhouette) with velvet and PVC. My style continued to evolve through punk, psychobilly, rockabilly, retro etc..."

Why did you choose to design retro style clothing?
Isabelle Drolet Altputrefashion Gothic-pin-up,
“I think the retro style is funnier than actual clothing style. It was a natural path in my alternative pursuit of fashion! haha.”

What's your favorite design designed so far?
Isabelle Drolet Altputrefashion Gothic-pin-up,
“I love all of my designs (cliché! lol), but Silly Girl skirt design is one of my favorite. The design is simple, a knee length pleated skirt with side pockets. The main attraction is the fabric that I designed myself. I do a sketch of what I have in my head, and one of my talented friends draw it for me.

So far, we have made 5 Silly Girl concepts: Trick or Treat kittens, Surfing Monsters, Space Kittens, Inferno Amusement Park, Playtime Kittens. The golden age of cartoon animation is one of my favorite eras.”
Are you active in the pinup community in Canada? If so how have they treated you so far?
Isabelle Drolet Altputrefashion Gothic-pin-up,
“The Pinup community is very wide! I do several car shows a year to feature my newest design and girls are very nice to me. My price is competitive and my size chart feels more like ''real women body shape''. I don't want Putré-Fashion to be put in a box of ''pinup exclusive''. I want to be free to design whatever I want.”
How do you want women to feel when they wear your designs?
Isabelle Drolet Altputrefashion Gothic-pin-up,
“I really love when women come out of my fitting room and have a little smile on their face... A lot of my customers weren't dress wearer until they try a Putré-Fashion dress!! I use very comfortable fabric and style that embraces women body! I want to make women love themselves and have fun!”
Falls coming soon, any new collections or designs we can look forward to?
Isabelle Drolet Altputrefashion Gothic-pin-up,
“The new season is just around the corner!! I already sent a shipment to Fluro Sugar, in Australia (Yes, Putré-Fashion is available around the world!) I find Fall fashion more difficult to design than Spring/Summer, but I think this new collection is my best Fall collection so far!! So many new styles!”

You can visit Isabelle's store Here.