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How To Look Retro AND Stay Comfortable

It’s Sunday morning, last night’s makeup is still caked on your cheeks, you’ve got a splitting headache, and your feet hurt. Fashion is pain, and you’ve got the blisters and bruises to prove it. (The Instagram pic was totally worth it, though!)

Nothing sounds better than staying in your pajamas, but alas, you’ve made brunch plans. Your vintage wear isn't quite hitting the mark when it comes to comfort levels, and you already know Ashley is going to show up hangover-less and glitzy.

If only there was a way you could don something cozy, vintage, and fashionable...

There is! Grab some Advil and a cup of coffee and check out these simple ways to add a hip, retro spin to your comfy clothes.

1) The Go-To: A Sloppy Updo And Scarf
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Model: iddavanmunster

This look can be a little tricky at first, but for experienced pin-up gals, it can be a great go-to for some easy styling and accessible classiness. If you’re needing some help with the bandana, check out
this great tutorial. There are many awesome ways you can tie up your hair with your little scarf, but if you can’t quite get the hang of it, opting for a little neckerchief can also be a solid bet. This look is great for a retro vibe with any outfit.

2) 80’s Style
For this look, break out your slouchiest sweater, leggings, and ballerina slippers (otherwise referred to as flats these days). Bonus points if you have some of your mom’s old stirrup pants. The 80s is your best bet for comfy clothing on the fly – these are the true origins of athleisure thanks to the era’s generous use of polyester and spandex.

3) 60’s Spirit
This outfit is great if you’re feeling like a breezy look on a spring morning. The trick to achieving a 60s essence is accessorizing carefully and owning drapey natural fibers like some light cotton. Donning some inexpensive costume jewelry is an easy way to add to the look. If you’re really shooting for authenticity, stick to neutral colors that occur in nature – browns, tans, and whites are your best bet. If you want something that will add personality to your outfit, then you can also try a custom name necklace. Personalized jewelry has been adored even during prehistoric times, where humans created pieces for themselves using materials like feathers, stones, and wood. Today, custom name jewelry has been reinvented to become a new way fashion designers help their clients reveal a facet of their characters that ornaments and gems must reflect.

4) Worn Graphic Tees
This look is especially easy to pull off – all you need is a worn vintage graphic t-shirt and some comfy pants of your choice. In this case, it’s some good ole jorts (super easy to make, by the way!) Ask your ‘rents if they have some good tees from their youth laying around – you’d be surprised! If you have a shirt that’s not quite cozy enough, there are several ways to wear down the cotton fabric to give it that true “vintage” feel. Pair your look with some adorable little saddle shoes to create a retro look that mix-n-matches vintage fashion (always fun in the 21st century!)

5)  Palazzo Pants
Step aside leggings, these are THE comfy pants. With lots of regal fabric, this bohemian look can be styled however you please. Pair these beauties with a crop-top or a slouchy sweater. Some styles may require hemming, so be wary of length if you snag a pair! These pants are especially great if you’re bloated, too.

So there you have it – fashion doesn’t always have to be painful. Achieving a retro look can be as easy as a headscarf on a Sunday morning, or as involved as a full get-up for a night out on the town!
By: Adrienne Luther