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"We Wanted To Be A Brand That Focused On Making Women Strong" Why This Brand Chose A Pin-up Girl As Its Cover

You've heard of products such as "Fit Tea" the product that's supposed to slim your stomach down that's promoted by almost every girl on Instagram. Well, let me introduce Pin-up protein. It's a protein powder that focuses on making you stronger, not slimmer. I wanted to know more about it so I asked the owners various questions concerning their product.

Pinup protein protein powder for strong women

Q: How and why did you start "Pin-up protein"?

A: ”My wife and I were looking to combine our love for fitness and commerce experience into a new project and started focusing on the supplement industry. That quickly led to protein supplements, specifically protein. From the start, we were not thrilled with the "bro-tech" branding of nearly all supplements and knew we wanted to go in another direction.

Organically, my wife came up with the imagery of classic and strong, which led to the Rosie The Riveter inspired character as the brand basis. Looking further into the existing available products, we found that the women's protein market was severely underserved compared to the men's options. The women's options that did exist focused on being "skinny" or "thin" which we did not feel were the healthiest images that should be promoted. We wanted to be a brand that focused on making women Strong.”

Q: What’s in Pin-up protein? Besides the obvious, Protein.

A: “Our protein only has four ingredients. A full breakdown can be seen here.”

Q: Can men use it as well?

A: “Men can use our protein as well. The ingredient list really is not particular to women. We had considered adding additional ingredients that benefited women specifically but felt that a pure, high-quality protein is more important. A portion of our sales benefits women's focused charities as well.”

Q: What made you choose a pin-up girl for the face of your brand?

A: “As mentioned above, we were looking for a classic, strong image for our brand. I had considered a vintage circus strongman for a male-focused brand. When we decided to focus on women, the brainstorming went to the "bombshell" style girls that would be painted on sides of World War II planes. While certainly sexy, they didn't convey the strength we were looking for which led us to the Rosie the Riveter imagery. We worked with a designer for packaging who selected the illustration and adjusted it for our packaging needs. As good as our protein is, it is our brand character that is really driving awareness. She captured everything we were looking for.

Q: I see you only have two flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate.  Are you coming out with any more flavors?

A: “We launched with Vanilla and Chocolate and are seeing near a 50/50 split in orders with a slight edge to Chocolate. We have formulations for other flavors like Ice Cream Sandwich and Cake Batter which taste amazing. We may even make a one that’s flavorless for baking, but for now, we are very happy with the existing Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. We may release a ready to drink version of those flavors before expanding the flavor options in the powder.”

Q: Are you planning to expand into selling more than just protein products?

A: “We originally envisioned starting with protein and expanding to other products like a Casein, multi-vitamin, etc. under the same branding. We then realized that protein is such an effective and useful supplement and that is where we should focus on educating women on the benefits and expanding our focus there. The only additional option being considered at this time is a ready to drink product which will greatly improve access to our product.”

You can learn more about pin-up protein on their website: