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Nataya: Edwardian Elegance For The Modern Woman

I mainly talk about vintage fashion on this blog, but mostly the more popular eras such as the 50s and 40's - Mainly because I focus more on pin-up style fashion. That is until I found a designer that goes by the name Nataya - A designer who mixes Edwardian style fashion with other eras such as the 1920s, while still keeping the modern women in mind. I spoke with her to get to know more about how she fell in love with such a beutifull but underrated style of fashion.

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How did you start designing?
Designing is both art and fashion, nearly every girly girl likes dressing and if you are creative, how do you not choose to be a designer?

I See That Your Designs Are Inspired by The Edwardian and Victorian Era. Will you ever branch out and create more eras of fashion?  
Styling and designing is a complex endeavor, and as any creation involves many layers of thought process and creative input, with that, said. I can safely confirm that all designs are implemented using influences of many fashion eras including 1950s and 1970s fashion.

nataya, wardorbeshop, Edwardian fashion, 1920s flapper, Flapper girl, how to dress like a flapper girl,
Why did you decide to fuse Edwardian style fashion with 1920’s and 30’s style fashion?
I love everything that's sensually revolutionary and beautiful which 1920s and 1930s fashions brought to the century, but more than that, I love an element of surprise, a sense of wonder, miracle of some sort. I think it is best achieved when a few uncommon elements are fused. For example take Italian pasta (comforting taste, where special quality of each ingredient brought to life) and Japanese food (exquisite, clean presentation, gorgeous eye candy color), each type is wonderful and delicious when done well, but fusing the two makes special modern magic, that gifts (in my humble opinion) a multi-layered set of emotional satisfaction.

What's your favorite design so far?
This little Victorian/flapper fusion number from my new collection is lovely and I am wearing a piece myself, I wear this Nataya vintage style often. And have styled it with and without a slip 100 times over.

Why did you choose to recreate Edwardian, Victorian and 1920s fashion?
We all have a childhood, I spent mine in urban Tashkent, Uzbekistan, that is covered in traveling dust in the summer and wet dirt in the winter, So you have to imagine grayish block buildings, dirt, and dust, and once in awhile locals from villages looking oddly beautiful in their colorful Ikut Mumu and velvet embroidered vest or a jacket with Gold teeth smile.

I spent endless hours admiring paintings of queens, baronesses, and princesses in crisp impactful and delicate gowns angels and goddesses in ethereal pastels, And watching vintage American made films.
nataya, wardorbeshop, Edwardian fashion, 1920s flapper, Flapper girl, how to dress like a flapper girl,
Do you wear the styles you recreate?
Wearing my own pieces makes me feel delicate and very feminine, I love the comfort of the beauty they provide. Each dress is designed with the female body in mind, and still looks fantastic on even if I eat too much pasta, plus wearing those gives me a reason to get my hair and makeup done and put on as many rings and beads and other accessories as I like while looking outfit appropriate. Therefore I wear Nataya for most of my outings, dress those up with gloves and beads. Or dress those down, with boots and a leather jacket or with my hair down, flat shoes and sunglasses.

Will you ever branch out and recreate casual wear?
I was considering making active sportswear, as I finally joined the gym and had nothing pretty to wear for my squads, but since Nataya dresses have underlying slips in all the pretty colors that could be worn on their own with leggings and cozy sweaters and scarves, my closet is all set for the mood to dress casually.

nataya, wardorbeshop, Edwardian fashion, 1920s flapper, Flapper girl, how to dress like a flapper girl,

What Made you want to sell your designs on Wardorbeshop?
Nataya gets wonderful worldwide retail exposure at Wardrobeshop, while providing a smooth and pleasant shopping experience, Wardrobeshop gives credit to our whole collection, if we have it, Wardrobeshop is quick to update their inventory to make sure clients are able to actually buy every piece we have produced, while pairing it with compatible shoes and other accessories in their photo shoots, thus providing more tips on how ensembles are to be put together.

Any New Designs we can look forward to?
We are now working on our Fall and Spring 2019 collections, our Fall 2017-18 collections are already in stock.