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Sponsored Post: How To Get Back to Building Your Winter Work Wardrobe

Yes, it’s the middle of August. Yes, it’s summer right now and you’re wearing smart dresses and off-the-shoulder cuts to feel cooler. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't be thinking ahead. In just a few short weeks, you’re going to find that the autumn and winter options are out there in the stores ready for you to jazz up your winter work wardrobe.

Going into the office isn't the easiest thing to do since the pandemic, and as much as you’d rather be at home with the laptop on the couch, you need to make sure that you are feeling good while you work. Dressing the part can help, from warm socks under knee-high boots to ensuring that the suit you wear is wool and not just simple cotton. Office outfit ideas aren't easy as it is, so we’ve put together some of the things that you need to include in your winter work wardrobe so you can feel warm and comfortable while you work.

Image source: Pexels

  • A tailored coat. Battling the climate this winter is so much easier when you have a slightly oversized but tailored coat. You need it to be slightly bigger to make room for your jumpers or suit jackets underneath it. A tailored coat is comfortable, crisp and it’s super smart to wear. You want to embody confidence while not freezing as you go, right? Get yourself a new work coat sorted early.

  • Thick black trousers. Dresses and skirts are nice, but it’s trousers that will win in the winter. If you don't have a pair of good black trousers already, a set of high waisted wool trousers will be your next move. You need to have a staple like this in your closet so that you can feel comfortable and warm this winter. Wool is the perfect material and thickness to do that, and you can bet that you can pair them with any top and coat to complete the look. Choose a flared leg for boots and a skinny pair for boots over the calf!

  • A good suit. Even in the winter, layers matter and a suit can help. Layering will make your body feel comfortable and warm and you can still feel that vibe of getting to the office without freezing. You’ll look great, and you’ll feel great. Under a suit, you can add turtleneck sweaters, leggings and even tights. A suit jacket and skirt add an extra layer, too!

  • Scarves. Scarves are going to be an essential on your working commute, but you can buy scarves that also can be worn inside the office. Pashminas folded into scarves are also going to work in and out of the office. Scarves can be the focus of your outfit and make you feel comfortable while you look appropriate in the office, too.

You deserve to have as much comfort as possible in the office when you are working and for that, you need to start planning and building up that winter wardrobe - now.