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How To Make Your Morning Routine Automatically Glamorous. (The secret is in your robe!)

If you’re like me, you look the complete opposite of glamorous in the morning. Messy hair, bare faced, and completely disoriented until you get that glorious first sip of coffee. Would you believe me if I told you that you could go from that to  a 1920s starlet in a matter of seconds? Everyone has seen those viral memes of overly dramatic robes with the caption “This is what I will wear when my rich husband dies of ‘unknown causes.’ ” I came across a designer that goes by the name Judith Nunan; she's owner of VelvetZephyr the store where she designs such robes. So you can finally achieve your dreams of becoming a 1920s starlet! (Without your wealthy lover mysteriously disappearing…) 

Q: How did you fall in love with vintage fashion?

A: "I guess I first remember being pulled into the wonderful world of vintage fashion when I was finally big enough in my teenage years to wear some of my mothers gorgeous outfits she had saved from the 1960's. Most of them had been made for her by my grandmother who was an amazing seamstress and because my mom's family, we didn't have a lot of money. My grandmother made all these beautiful dresses and jackets for my mom. I was thrilled when I finally fit into them and in fact I still have a gorgeous sequin bolero jacket of my moms."

Q:Why did you choose to design 1920s style fashion?

A: “I've also always loved Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods and the fashions of the 1920's; particularly Erte and after reading a biography of Paul Poiret I found his life very interesting and his designs to be very thought provoking. I especially love his hobble skirts and cocoon coats and when a friend asked me to make her a robe I was inspired by Poiret's design. 

I loved the fact that the cocoon shape is flattering on all body types, it screams Old Hollywood glamour, looks like an Erte painting and is also comfortable. My friend posted pics of herself in her gorgeous robe and next thing I knew my phone was blowing up with requests for commissions and custom orders. I opened my Etsy store in 2018 and have been having the best time designing for and creating custom robes and gowns ever since.“

Q: Do you wear your own designs?

“I do wear my own creations...I love the fact that I can throw on one of my robes and its instant, easy glamour and my favorite thing to do is wear them as evening coats over a simple dress or pantsuit.”

Q: Which robe is your best seller? 

My best seller is the Olive green robe with the faux racoon fur collar. I think its because the color is so eye-catching and it also looks like a beautiful vintage color that women would have worn in the 1920's.

Q: Which robe do you recommend buying the most?

A: “My recommendation for buying a robe would be to pick a gorgeous color you love and go for it. I see so many of my buyers go for black and yes, black is a classic color but the draping and texture of the velvet is so gorgeous in the other colors,especially the metallics like copper and gold and in the deep jewel tones. I always try to encourage people to branch out when it comes to picking a color."

Q: Will you branch out into design other eras?

A: "My next adventure will be a foray into the 1930's. Inspired by Old Hollywood movies filled with femme fatales and bias cut evening gowns so beautifully showcased in the movies and Hollywood glamour of that era. I also adore the wedding dresses of that era.”

Q: Any new designs we can look forward to?

A: “At the moment, I am working on designing a couple of 1930's evening gowns with big dramatic bishop sleeves and low cut backs and I also offer a gorgeous wedding dress based on an original 1930's pattern.”