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How To Grow Your Natural Nails. (With Alicia Vintage.)

If you’re looking to grow your natural nails, you’re probably tired of paying insanely high prices every two weeks to a month for acrylic ones just to have your natural nails deteriorate and rot underneath. At least that's why I decided to grow my natural nails; I've been posting my results on my Instagram page, and I've been getting requests to write a tutorial about how I grew them. I've enlisted the help of Alicia; a fellow vintage fashion enthusiast with beautiful natural nails for this tutorial.

How To Grow Your Natural Nails
Alicia's Nails

1. Use kitchen or work gloves when cleaning.

The cleaning products and dirt are extremely damaging to your nails. Make sure to wear gloves every time you clean.

2. Remove your cuticles every three to five days.

To make it fast and easy, use Instant cuticle remover and then just cleanly scrape your cuticles off with a cuticle scraper.  

3. Moisturize your nails.

I can not stress this enough: moisturize your nails! Just like your skin, your nails need to be moisturized daily or they will break and split. Castor oil, Coconut oil, or Shea butter would do just fine.

4. Invest in a glass nail file.

A glass nail file puts less stress on your nails than a regular nail file. It also seals your nail instead of just shaving it down. You can find one for about three dollars on Amazon.

My Nails

5. Use eyebrow scissors to cut your nails instead of nails clippers.

Like the glass nail file, eyebrow cutters are gentler on your nails, and put less stress on your nails when cutting them.

Use a ridge filling nail polish.

A ridge filling nail polish does exactly what it’s name entails: it fills the ridges in your nails and protects them. (Which makes them harder and more durable.) 

Repaint your nails once every week. (And paint your whole nail.)

I recommend painting your nails with the ridge filling nail polish at least once a week for fresh, clean looking nails. Paint on the sides of your nails as well the bottom of your nail; wrapping it in the polish.

Do NOT use nail polish remover with acetone in it.

Acetone is EXTREMELY damaging to your natural nails. Do your nails a favor and use nail polish remover with no acetone in it.

Take vitamin supplements.

Alicia recommends taking a collagen mixed with a cup of juice, Aqua greens, Spirulina, and Chlorella. She also uses a power called greens+.