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4 Ways To Dramatize Your Outfits With Accessories

The most stylish women know that the secret to looking stylish is all in the details. Any outfit, whether you wearing jeans or a gown, can be lifted to look more chic and interesting with the right accessories. Add personality, style, and interest to your outfits with jewelry, shoes, and headwear

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  1. Mix Your Metals

It used to be fashionable to keep your accessories matched together. You had to match your shoes to your handbag and never mix metals in your jewelry. Now, being that matchy-matchy can look old-fashioned and overdone. Instead, mix together a few different metals in your jewelry. A warm-toned metal will stand out beautifully against silver. Choose a standout piece, and contrast it with other pieces. This works well if you have body piercings. If you want to learn about unusual piercings, you can get neck piercing information from UBJ

  1. Balance Style With Practicality

Looking fashionable shouldn’t mean having to lose out on practicality. For example, when choosing your shoes, balance the heel height with comfort. Block heels are usually easier to walk in so you can add a couple more inches to your heel height. If you prefer the way a thinner heel looks, go with a lower heel, so they stay comfortable. If you’ll be sitting down all night, you can get away with high, thin heels like stilettos.

For accessories like sunglasses, make sure that they will actually work to keep your eyes safe from the sun as well as looking nice. 

  1. Choose Complementary Pieces Instead Of Matching

The days of carefully matching every part of your outfit are over. Instead, you can pick something more interesting. A more interesting option is to pick a bag in a bold color, like a rich red, and then pair it with a shoe in a different shade of the same color. The pieces will complement each other without looking too matchy. It’s a more modern, cool option. You can mix different colors as well. Wear a leopard shoe with a black bag, or a navy bag with a nude shoe. 

  1. Always Add Something

Put on at least one accessory with every outfit. You could wear one statement piece like a chunky bracelet, a statement handbag, or shoes in a bright color. By doing this, you will get more wear out of your accessories. The more you wear them, the better you will get at accessorizing and combining different pieces together.