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Are You Using Lipstick The Right Way?

When it comes to makeup, it’s best to understand the impact that every individual weapon in your arsenal can have. With that in mind, one of the most potent of all is the power of lipstick. The lips and smile of a woman can be made even more show stopping with the right shade. However, that’s only true if you’re applying it effectively.

Below, we’re going to look at six tips on how to better use the lipstick in your arsenal. This will include tips on selecting the best lipstick, how to apply it, and how to keep it looking gorgeous throughout the day.

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Show your lips some care

You need to care for your skin, including the skin on your lips, to make sure that you get the best possible effect from any lipstick that you’re wearing. It only takes a few extra seconds before applying lipstick to make sure that it remains even and smooth for as long as possible. A good lip scrub, followed by a gentle lip balm will prepare your lips so that you’re able to apply it as smoothly as possible. Apply these treatments and then blot them off before putting on the lipstick.

How you apply it matters, as well

When you start, use a lip liner that’s a shade darker than the lipstick, before using the side end of its tip to lightly brush the color towards the inside of your lips. From there, you want to gently apply the color itself with your finger, especially if you find that the bullet and brush tend to make it look a little uneven. From there, lightly blot off any excess to make sure it’s not looking too heavy.

Find the colors that work for your tone

There’s nothing to say that you can’t experiment with any colors that your heart desires when you’re trying out different lipsticks. However, if you want to find something that works, then it’s recommended you take a look at the guides on sites like which can help you try out shades based on the natural color palette of your skin, eyes, hair, and more. When you wear colors that match your natural palette, not only does it have the benefit of making your smile stand out more, but it also brings attention to the most attractive parts of you, such as your eyes.

Utilize layers to your advantage

We know that applying too many layers at once can make your lips look a little heavy and lead to smearing as the day goes on. However, you don’t need too many to achieve a truly bold look that lasts. A great and thin matte balm or liquid lipstick at and then topping it with a regular lipstick can help you achieve much better color and texture, but without making it look like an overly thick coating on your lips. You shouldn’t need to do many more than two layers under most circumstances.

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Keep an eye out for ingredients that can hydrate

If you have dry skin, then you might have dry lips, as well, which can really affect the luster of lipstick in some unwanted ways. As such, keeping your lips moisturized without having to constantly rely on balm is the key. Some of the best ingredients in lipsticks to help moisturize your lips are jojoba oil and aloe vera. Similarly, you want to know which ingredients you should be avoiding, such as parabens, phthalates, triclosan, and more. Many of these can dehydrate and make your lips a lot more sensitive, which can not only affect how they look but even cause some harm.

Test them out properly

When you’re trying out colors, you should be sure not to test them solely on your hand. Your lips are a different color from the rest of your skin and, as such, different shades will look different on them compared to the rest of your skin. Of course, you might be worried about how hygienic it is to apply the lipstick directly to your lips. You can wipe it off with a tissue first, or you can instead use the stick on your fingertips, which tend to be a shade closer to your lips than the rest of your skin.

With the tips above, you can utilize the power of lipstick to its utmost effect, helping you achieve the kind of smile that can stop a person in their tracks. Glam up your lipstick game and you will have mastered one of the most important steps in the whole makeup process.