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How To Channel Your Inner Old Hollywood Diva.

When you look back at the Golden Age of Hollywood, the women ooze glamour and sophistication. It was a time when movie stars were glamorous 24/7 and were never seen with a hair out of place. 

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If you’re looking to channel the sultry style of Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardener, Elizabeth Taylor, then follow our glamour guide. 

The Hour Glass Figure

Old Hollywood was all about the curves. The good news is if you’re not naturally voluptuous, there are ways of giving yourself that classic hourglass figure shape. A good corset will pull in your waist and give the impression that your hips and chest are larger than they are. If you’re looking to create killer cleavage, then there’s either breast augmentation surgery or getting creative with some shaping bras. 

The Dress

It all comes down to the dress. It has to be long, and it has to be slinky. From floor-length gowns worthy of an oscar red carpet to knee-length, form-fitting little black dresses, there is a number to choose from. If you’re looking for the ultimate in Hollywood glamour, opt for a classic black number. 

The Heels 

It was said that Marilyn Monroe would make one of here heels shorter than the other to create that distinctive hip sway as she moved. There’s nothing like a good black high heel to make you feel glamorous. 

The Lip

The red lip is synonymous with Hollywood glamour. However, it’s fallen out of fashion in recent years. A strong red lip is still the ultimate glamour move. Find the right shade for your hair colour and skin tone, you can choose anything from an orangey-red through to a dark plum colour. 

The Hair

Most Hollywood actresses wore their hair in smooth waves. The length varied from a short bob to long flowing tresses and was almost always styled with a deep side parting. You don’t have to spend hours with your hair in curlers. The same effect can be achieved with a wide barreled curling iron and some hairspray. Accessories your hair with a beaded clip. 

The Accessories

Statement jewellery is the perfect accessory for your Hollywood style. Though real gemstones are probably out of your budget, you can find a number of striking costume pieces you can find. Think diamonds and emeralds. The bigger the better. 

If you’re going to be outside, a pair out oversized sunglasses will add that little bit of mystery to your outfit. 

When it comes to handbags, the smaller the better. You don’t want to swamp your outfit with an oversized bag.  A simple clutch is perfect to finish off an outfit. 

The Attitude

Pulling off a look all comes down to attitude. The beauty of this look is that it’s almost impossible not to feel confident when you’re wearing it. Keep your head high, your lipstick applied, and know that you look amazing. Everyone else will think so too.