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Meet The Black Pinup Artist Challenging Racist Vintage Beauty Ideals One Drawing At A Time

You’ve heard of pinup artists such as Gil Evlgren, Bill Ward, and so on. But they never incorporated pin-ups of color into their designs; due to racist beauty ideals and standards the were held during the pin-up era (1940s - 1950s) that are still somewhat held today. I came across some art that show cast women of color in a classic and glamourus way. I did some research on the artist, and found out that not only is she an amazing artist, she's a stunning pin-up model as well. She goes by the name "The Urban Pinup" and I've already Interviewed her a few times on this site.

She first got involved with pinup fashion when she made a bet with her then boyfriend at the time to see who could take better pictures. She went for a more retro team and of course, she won! The photographer spent more time taking pictures of her than him.

She’s also an advocate for embracing natural hair, and for more vintage hair tutorials for natural black hair. She often experiments a lot with her own, and shares her looks on her instagram. She also focuses on drawing pinups of all races and she is now accepting commissions as well.

You can find her commission rates range from 30 to 125 dollars. You can contact her via instagram here.


  1. The styles are cute! I'd love to re-create these looks!


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