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About Thatpinup

Well hello there! My name is Sophia. I'm a Pin-up Girl whose mission is to help women from all walks of life find their inner Pin-up Girl. I grew up in a place where it was discouraged to be feminine in any way. If you were, you were seen as "fast” or trying to get attention or validation from men. It was around that time that I got into Pin-up fashion and lifestyle. I fell in love with the freedom, feminity, and style of it. It taught me not to be afraid of my femininity but to embrace it. It taught me that dressing up is not always about attracting attention or looking for validation from other people, it's about the art of self-expression.

Pin-up girls went against the grain, they were themselves in a time when it was looked down upon to do so. And in doing so helped pave the road for modern day women and fashion. They found power in their feminity and embraced it. In a world where there's so much pressure to "fit in" and be the same as everyone else, I think it's time to find your inner Pin-up Girl.