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Why Wasn't Barbara Payton As Successful As Marilyn Monroe?

Barbra Payton dated Black football player Willie Payton,Barbra Payton dated Black football player Willie Strode, barbara payton actress, barbara payton and tom neal, barbara payton autobiography, barbara payton and lloyd bridges, barbara payton actress photos, barbara payton autograph, barbara payton age, barbara payton i'm not ashamed, Barbara Paton Was a successful actress who would have been as successful as Marilyn Monroe if it wasn't for her 21st-century like love life. Barbra was famous for her notorious love-life, she dated two Billionaires, Howard Hughes, and Bob Neil. She's also rumored to have a short fling with her fellow actress; Ava Gardner. Her list of rumored lovers goes on from Marlon Brando to Gregory Peck. She was rumored to sleep with successful men and movie moguls to boost her fame and career.

She was supposedly black ballad because of the affair she had with Tom Neal while she was engaged to Franchot Tone, (Who was previously married to John Crawford) but for me this wasn't really reason enough for her to be blackballed, I mean, Marilyn Monroe allegedly had an affair with the president and she still wasn't blackballed. So why was Barbara? Well, I did a little research and I found this post on Tumblr stating that Barbra Had a relationship with a black Football player and actor Woodie Strode. (Pictured beside her above) that is conveniently left out of her Life's story.

When the interracial rumors surfaced she allegedly said:

"So what If I'm seeing Willie? I love black people! and you can quote me!"

After she uttered that single sentence her career ended. She started to get into trouble with the law. She tried to pass fake checks, she started to suffer from mental illness, drug, and alcohol abuse. She also resorted to prostitution to get by, her 9-year old son was also taken away and she never saw him again.

Later she was so scarped for money that she accepted 2,000 dollars to publish a tell-all titled:

"I Am Not Ashamed."

In the end, her mindset proved to be too modern for her time.