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Russian Teacher FIRED After Posing As A Pin-up Girl

Apparently, THIS is the picture that started it all...
Russian pinup girl

This Russian teacher was fired after some angry parents found the picture and complained to the school. This plus size teacher was just trying to boost her confidence by wearing this swimsuit. But according to the school, the picture caused "Irreversible damage to the reputation of the teacher" (I'd hate to see what they'd do if she was wearing a bikini) the school also stated that by spreading such "frivolous" images online to promote a commercial project, she hurt the image of the school. Apparently, she broke a school code that supports "morals and ethics"

A Russian teacher fired for posing as a pinup girl.

For obvious reasons The 26-year-old teacher didn't understand why she got fired Stating things such as "I do not understand why I'm getting blamed. And "It's not like I was posing in underwear or stockings" apparently she didn't even want the pictures posted on the internet but the pictures were posted on to the shop's website.

But even If she did post them online herself, who cares? I mean have these people never seen a gal in a swimsuit before? Anyways, this whole thing started a massive uproar on the internet with teachers from all over the world starting the hashtag #TheachersArePeopleToo where teachers post pictures of themselves in swimsuits to show their support for the 26-year-old teacher.
What do you all think? Was the picture too risque? or was the school overreacting?