Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Meet The Designer Bringing Fifties Style Elegance ๐Ÿ‘’ Back To The Runway ๐Ÿ’ƒ


I love it when I find designers who recreated vintage fashion and add their own little twist to it, so when I came across Luna's designs I just had to know more about them. I mean just look at some of them:


after looking at some of her designs I wanted to find out more about them. So I asked Luna Joachim a designer located in Brookline Massachusetts With a passion for 50s style fashion, various questions about her designs here's how it went:

How did you get into designing clothes?
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I got into designing clothes originally by modifying the clothes that I would purchase. But it was not until I opened my boutique that I began designing my own clothes.

How did you come to love 50s style fashion?
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I can't pinpoint that moment. I've loved the 1950's for many years. The things that draw me to the'50's are the actual design style of different pieces as well as the dignified way of that era.

Of all the eras to choose from why choose the 50s to recreate?
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I love the modesty and yet stylish classic style of the 50's. I also love the accessories of gloves and hats. They are a perfect accent to a beautiful outfit.

What’s your favorite collection so far?
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Summer 2016. I love the colors, fabrics, and styles from that collection in particular.

Do you wear your designs yourself?
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Yes, I definitely wear my designs. I love the fact that I can find unique pieces in my line.

Any up and coming collections we can look forward to?
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I will be showing my fall collection on my show in October. I'm really excited about many of those. I will be doing some new things in that line that I haven't yet tried.

And I'm certain that we are all looking forward to it. I would also like to add that it really makes me happy when I see a person of color making such waves in the industry with retro-inspired designs I really hope that Luna continues to go far in the fashion industry.

Make sure to check out her designs and show her some support!
you can visit her website at L'Accentfashion.com

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