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The Teal Paper Box You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life

Sometimes, when things appear to be falling apart, they're really falling into place. At least that's how things worked out for Leigh Gil; a designer that specializes in making turban and pin-up style accessories. Who fell ill due to a chronic illness, little did she know it would lead to her opening up her own mini vintage empire.

Q: How did you start The Teal Paper Box?

A: "Teal Paper Box started as a hobby it was just me wrapping up gifts for friends and family. It was my way to make gifts what I could give special. The reason I started the shop is actually a little painful literally and figuratively. In short, I have an illness called "Ehlers Danlos" that causes chronic pain. I needed flexibility a standard job does have. So I fell back on skills from floral arrangements/gift boxes and applied them to hair accessories. I soon after opened an Etsy shop."

Interview with Leigh Gill owner of the brow paper box Vintage turbans and hair accessories,

Q: Why did you choose to design Hair Accessories?

A: "The decision to make hair accessories is because I was having trouble finding items I liked in person. They would look great online but I get them home and it just wasn’t me. So I’m looking at my idea to start a business selling custom gift boxes, I’ve got all these flowers already I couldn’t help but think why not try hair accessories too. She may not know it but will now the current reigning Miss Viva Las Vegas Pinup Fran Robertson buying one of my first pieces was a big confidence boost to open shop."

Q:What's your favorite design so far?

A: "I have two of the first design is the Dusty Rose Spiked Flower Crown, I actually almost pulled it from the shop page to keep for myself. In the end, I’m glad I didn’t as the photo was featured in an article by Refinery29. The second is a Spiked Rose Crown I made for the beautiful soul and disability advocate Ace."

Interview with Leigh Gill owner of the brow paper box Vintage turbans and hair accessories,

Q: I see that you also make earrings. Are there any other accessories you plan on making that we can look forward to buying in the future?

A:"It’s not something that I intended to do they were the shapes I was drawn to, and wanted to recreate with modern convenience. I have experimented with resin in the past and I hope to master the skill at some point. You’ll have to check back to see how that works out."