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"Natural Hair Is Beautiful" Black Pin-up Models Talk About The Lack Of Natural Vintage Hairstyles For Black Women

As an African American Pin-up myself, I've always wondered why there aren't many hair tutorials for natural black hair. Sadly, this is because back in the pin-up era (1940s-1950s) it wasn't considered socially acceptable for black women to wear their natural hair - so they often straightened it to be able to find jobs and to be socially accepted. Now, people are embracing natural hair; but there is still not many vintage style hairstyles for black women who prefer to stay natural. I reached out to some black Pin-up models to get their thoughts on this issue.

Velvet Jones
"My view is that natural hair is beautiful. I'm all about diversity and standing out from the crowd. I try to create vintage hairstyles for shoots but yes it's difficult to get that authentic 50's look with natural hair which is why I like to put my own spin on it. I'll either have my hair in a huge afro with a side flower or put hot rollers in my hair for some shape.

I definitely think there isn't that much inspiration for natural vintage hair- which is why you have to get creative and add a touch of your personality to it. Everyone is different and if you want to straighten your hair that's cool- just do whatever makes you happy. Life is too short."

Why Is There Such A Lack Of Natural Vintage Hairstyles For Black Women?
"I've also bumped into loads of POC (Pin-ups of color) who have these same conversations - it seems like. It's a mixture of not knowing how to do "black" versions of the hairstyles (finding source material for this is hard which makes sense considering the historical context of the time) also I think because black hair is so different in range it's like what works for one girl don't work for another- yet there are like zero tutorials online etc.

For me, I've found blow dry "straight, pin curl with heat, and hold in place with hairpins. But obviously, there are loads of women who don't like using heat or there are loads of ways to pin curl etc - in the process, I think, has to be unique for every hair type. Now, all we have to do is find out what works best."

Why Is There Such A Lack Of Natural Vintage Hairstyles For Black Women?
"As far as straightening the hair, I feel as if people should do what makes them happy. I would love to see more vintage styles recreated, but I also understand how difficult it is with textured hair. Sometimes it's hard to get the curl definition to achieve such styles. I just had someone recently comment on one of my photos that in the '60s their hair was shinier. She asked was it my choice to have it the way it was or was getting it to be shiny a challenge to come?

I told her that was as shiny as it was going to get especially with the humidity being so high lately. She didn't understand that my hair is textured and even if I were to straighten it and make it "shiny" it would revert back to its natural state. I love trying out different styles with my hair though. I like the thrill of a good challenge. I feel accomplished when I finally do nail a hairstyle. I think that's what keeps me going and why I will continue to do it because that's what makes me happy."

Just to clarify, I'm not saying that it's not okay for black women to straighten their hair, It's your own choice at the end of the day. I would just like to see some vintage hairstyles for black women who choose not to. Do you think black pin-ups should just straighten their hair? Or would you like to see them recreate retro hairstyles with their natural hair?