Chrissy Metz Poses As A Pin-up Girl For Harper's Bazaar And People Have Mixed Feelings About It.

Popular plus-sized actress and singer Chrissy Metz was featured in a spread for Harper's Bazaar, in the spread she says "I'm paving the way for other women and men who know they're destined for greatness but they don't believe it yet" it sparked a debate on social media about health and beauty standards. Some love that a woman of a larger size was featured in a spread instead of seeing the same size women all the time. But others not so much, Stating that it's glorifying obesity and normalizing an unhealthy lifestyle. Which inevitably leads to the debate on whether or not you can be healthy at any size. People on both sides of this argument use various statistics and quotes from doctors and researchers to try to prove their point. Some say that some people have slower metabolisms, Others say that it's just an excuse for overeating, and even If that were true just eat less [Read More]

Is It The End Of An Era? The Rundown On #Boycottpinupgirlclothing

So I know I'm late on this but I did wanna do this article for pin-up girls such as myself who aren't in the know. so I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a post with the hashtag #Boycottpinupgirlclothing so of course, I clicked on it to see what it was about then did a little research afterward, basically a brand called "Pinup girl clothing" launched a collection called "Chinese New Year" some people found it offensive and culturally appropriating, resulting in the hashtag #Boycottpinupgirlclothing [Read More]

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