How To Look Like A Pin-up Girl (And Save Money While You're At It!)

Just a day ago I was talking to a friend about vintage fashion, and she said the following: "I would love to dress like a Pin-up girl, but I can't afford it!" Most Pin-up girls aren't rich by a long shot. Sure we might buy a pair of Louboutins to treat ourselves once in awhile, but most of it is knowing what to pair your clothes with what flatters your body shape, taking time to put together your outfits and some sewing skills it's like the quote said:"it's not what you have, it's what you do with it." You could all have the designer clothing in the world. But what good is all that if you don't know what to do with it?  In this post, I'm going to show some of my fashion hacks that will still have you looking glamorous and keeping your wallet happy at the same time. [Read More]

When pin-up girls became popular there wasn't much diversity, But now, the fashion industry is embracing women of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. But is it really diverse and accepting as it seems? - I asked five Black pin-up models that are taking the fashion world by storm, questions concerning their experience being Afro American pin-up models and the advice they had for aspiring pin-up models of color. [Read More]

A question modern pin-up girls hear very often "Do you want to live in another era?" Well, I think for most of us the short answer is "No"  just because we enjoy the fashion, art, food, or music from a past era doesn't mean we want to go back to it. [Read More]

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