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Why Is There Not Many Natural Vintage Hairstyles For Black Women? As an African American pin-up myself, I've always wondered why there aren't many hair tutorials for natural black hair. I myself just rock a 70's style Afro but it seems like it's the only hairstyle that we have to choose from when wanting to rock a vintage hairstyle. Sadly, this is because back in the pin-up days such as the 1940's and 1950's it wasn't considered socially acceptable for black women to wear their natural hair. [Read more]

Is The Pin-up Community Really As Accepting As It Seems? When pin-up girls became popular there wasn't much diversity, But now, the fashion industry is embracing women of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. But is it really diverse and accepting as it seems? - I asked five Black pin-up models that are taking the pinup fashion world by storm, questions concerning their experience being Afro American pin-up models and the advice they had for aspiring pin-up models of color. [Read more]

What It's Like Being An Asian Pin-up Girl With the recent controversy surrounding a popular clothing brand in the pinup community. About a clothing line, they debuted to celebrate Asian culture. It highlights an important issue in the pinup community the lack of representation. And whitewashing that's been going on for years. Since I made this blog to help women of all races, shapes, and sizes find their inner pinup girl. I know how much representation matters. So I asked Asian pinup girls from all parts of Asia about their experiences being pinup girls [Read more]