3 Viral Old Hollywood Stories That Are Fake

In this list, you’ll probably see stories that you’ve heard about and even believed but sometimes it pays to do a little research, in this list we’re going to look a 3 varial old Hollywood stories that are fake [Read more]

3 Things You Didn't Know About 3 Of Old Hollywood's Most Iconic Actors That May Surprise You

With everything coming out about Harvey Weinstein, It really opened my eyes and made me think differently about Hollywood. It made me realize that everything that glitters isn't gold. I don't know about you, but when I think about the actors from the golden era I think they're some perfect beings that could do no wrong. So it's safe to say I sometimes forget that they're humans that have flaws just like anyone else. So here are some things that may surprise you about Old Hollywood's most iconic actors [Read more]

Is It Really Degrading To Be a Burlesque Dancer? 

Burlesque dancing has been around for quite some time, But the negative stigma that comes along with being a dancer still remains. Here on this blog, I want to encourage women to find their inner pin-up girl, no matter what profession they choose to go into. And since burlesque Is a common profession in the pin-up community, I wanted to talk to real live burlesque dancers to help women who are looking to get more of an understanding of burlesque and interested in becoming a dancer themselves - so I asked two burlesque dancers questions concerning burlesque such as how they felt being a burlesque dancer, If they ever performed in front of children, and the advice they have for women who want to become dancers themselves. [Read more]

Vintage plus size pin-up art is hard to find, The most famous vintage plus-size pin-up girl is Hilda, A fun feisty redhead created By Duane Bryeres. But not many know about Fannie and her friends, A brunette with a love for chocolate and her various friends created by Walter Borden for a calendar issue Called "Fannie and her friends" Sadly, it was never used [Read more]

The Modern Woman In Vintage Clothing

A woman turned to Reddit to express her feelings about being a modern woman that wears vintage fashion, And it really made me think about how I felt about wearing vintage fashion and the vintage lifestyle. Here's what she wrote [Read More]

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