How I Became A Pin-up Girl

The Heels Of FreedomI was raised in a small town in North Carolina in a very conservative church, You had to dress and act a certain way to be well received. If not you were secretly judged, ridiculed, and scrutinized. But the very people who judged you had flaws themselves. Sure they went to church every Sunday. Hell, some of them even went every day. but as soon as someone does something they deem unbecoming they spread roomers and lies about you but smile in your face and ask how you are as soon as they see you Basically, false senses of superiority and hypocrisy were very prevalent in this church.

One day I found a video of Dita Von Teese I think it was some kind of interview, I just fell in love with her style because I've never seen anything like it before. Somewhere along the interview, I heard her say something about "Pin-up style" I didn't know what a pin-up was so I looked it up and immediately fell in love with the style, women, and message. That came along with being a pin-up girl. It seemed to me that they were true rebels they didn't care what people thought about them they just dressed and acted how they wanted to no matter what society thought about them.

So I slowly started to dress differently and let a little bit of my true sassy, crude, and perverted personality show. As you've probably guessed. it wasn't too well received. But you know what? The more they complained the more fun it got! šŸ˜œ 

Because I realized the people I was trying to impress were no better than me or anyone else.
I started wearing shorter skirts, bright red lipstick, poke a dot scarves and started adding more volume to my hair (which I've all ways wanted to do).Of course, they were rumors about me but I didn't care anymore ( I still don'tšŸ˜†) People said I just cared about getting attention from men. Just because I didn't go to bible study or know all the songs in the songbook. But it's funny how most of the girls who did were the fakest meanest people you'd ever meet. I was bullied by them in Sunday school simply because I didn't dress the way they did. But those were the girls I was supposed to be like? I don't think so.

Basically, I was tired of being who everyone wanted me to be decided To be myself no matter what people thought of me. Yes, I lost a lot of friends along the way but you know what? I'm happy.

I started this blog to learn more about the pin-up lifestyle and to get to know the women that inspired me to be myself and I'm glad to take you guys along for the ride.

I just think back to the scared insecure girl I once was and wish I would have done this sooner.

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