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5 Modern Fashion Trends That You Didn't Know The Pin-up Girl Started Having a small waist has become all the rage again thanks to stars such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. But the Kardashian didn't start this trend by a long shot. The trend of having a small waist came in and out of style throughout the years, but it was the most popular in the 1910s and 1950s. In the 1910s  Instead of the Kardashians, People had the Gibson girl [Read More]

Why Wasn't Barbara Payton As Successful As Marilyn Monroe? Barbara Paton Was a successful actress who would have been as successful as Marilyn Monroe if it wasn't for her 21st-century like love life. Barbra was famous for her notorious love-life, she dated two Billionaires, Howard Hughes, and Bob Neil. She's also rumored to have a short fling with her fellow actress; Ava Gardner. Her list of rumored lovers goes on from Marlon Brando to Gregory Peck. She was rumored to sleep with successful men and movie moguls to boost her fame and career [Read More]

Step Into Another Era: Royal Vintage Shoes [Interview With Lauren Stowell] I know what you all may be thinking: "Step into another era? What exactly does she mean?" No, I'm not showing you some kind of magical portal that takes you to some bygone era and all you have to do is step into it. I'm showing you shoes, I know what you're thinking "You wrote that fancy title just to talk about shoes? Clickbait much?" Just hear or read. (Yeah, read. That's better grammar.) me out [Read More]

Edwardian Elegance For The Modern Woman [Interview With Nataya] I know I talk about vintage fashion on this blog, but mostly the popular era's such as the 1950s and 40's, but this designer mixes Edwardian elegance with era's such as the 1920's while still keeping the modern women in mind. I chatted with Nataya, owner of and designer to see how she does it. [Read more]