Step Into Another Era: Royal Vintage Shoes
I know what you all may be thinking: "Step into another era? What exactly does she mean?" No, I'm not showing you some kind of magical portal that takes you to some bygone era and all you have to do is step into it. I'm showing you shoes, I know what you're thinking "You wrote that fancy title just to talk about shoes? Clickbait much?" Just hear or read. (Yeah, read. That's better grammar.) me out. [Read More]

How to Give An Old School Twist To Your Modern Wardrobe (For Men And Women!)

Contrary to popular belief, my audience is 50% women and 50% percent men, but I really don't have any Retro style advice for men on this blog because you know I'm a girl and I really don't have any experience in menswear but I did some research on it so today I'm going to focus on the men who
read my blog as well as the women (I didn't forget you ladies!) [Read More]

What's The Real Reason Behind You Wanting That Louis Vuitton Bag?

You see women on Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere else you can think of flaunting these luxury bags, It's like if you have an expensive bag on your arm you've made it in life. you even hear songs about ChanelPrada, and Gucci bags and it seems some women will buy these bags to shove them in your face and make you feel bad for not having one. [Read More]

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